Stasis once again used as evidence against evolution

Picture 1

Figure 1 | Virtual fossils of Carboniferous Opiliones. Computer reconstructions of two new species of harvestman from the Stephanian Montceaules-
Mines Lagerstätte France. (a–c) A. scolos gen. et sp. nov. MNHM-SO T 076167. (a) Dorsal view. (b) Lateral view. (c) Ventral view. (d–g) M. cronus gen.
et sp. nov. MNHM-SO T 079398. (d) Lateral view, walking legs removed and proximal pedipalps outlined. (e) Ventral view, walking legs removed. (f)
Lateral view. (g) chelicerae, segments labelled. 9–13—segments 9–13; ch—chelicerae; ch 2–3—cheliceral segments 2–3; cx 1–4—coxae 1–4; fe—femur;
mt—metatarsus; oc—ocularium; pa—patella; pp—pedipalps; ri—dorsal ridge; sp 1–3—dorsal spines 1–3; ta—tarsus; ti—tibia; tr—trochanter. Scale bar,
a–c, 5 mm; d,e, 5 mm; f, 5 mm; g. 0.5 mm.

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