Daily Archives: February 14th, 2012

Britain in danger from “militant secularists” :-)

Shoot me if I don’t know who Baroness Warsi is, but she’s made a dire pronouncement in the pages of The Telegraph: Britain is being overtaken by militant secularists. The good Baroness is leading a ministerial delegation from the UK to the Vatican (apparently reciprocating for the Pope’s visit in 2010), and she writes about […]

♥Say it with kittehs ♥

If your inamorato or inamorata likes cats, perhaps he/she would appreciate one of these photos for Valentine’s day.  And be sure to check out today’s Google logo (click on it to hear a song). Or, if they’re more primate-inclined, here’s an appropriate valentine: Finally, for a bit of science today, Steve Novella explains the biochemistry […]

Gazzaniga on free will

Almost all of us agree that we’re meat automatons in the sense that all our actions are predetermined by the laws of physics as mediated through our genes and environments and expressed in brains.  We differ in how we interpret that fact vis-à-vis “free will and “moral responsibility,” though many of us seem to think […]

Kitteh contest: Mei Mei

When I got the first photo below from alert reader J.D., which came with the following information, I thought it had been Photoshopped. Per your request of October 23, 2010, for photographs of “beloved felid[s]” in “winsome pose[s]”, I present for your delectation the above-attached jpeg.  This photograph may be of particular interest to you […]