Daily Archives: November 18th, 2011

Who has the largest huevos?

Since Professor Cobb has seen fit to drag in matters scatological during my absence, I offer the following fun biology fact, taken from the Animal Diversity Web of the Univesity of Michigan’s Museum of Vertebrate Zoology. It refers to the North Atlantic right whale, Eubalaena glacialis: Males tend to have the largest testes of any […]

Jesus appears in a dog butt

by Matthew Cobb We are all used to seeing The Saviour pop up on pieces of toast, but this visitation surely takes the dog-biscuit. Why would an all-powerful being choose to reveal themselves in such a way (and place)? The ways of the Lord are mysterious indeed… I was pointed to this photo at this […]

A whole book on the evolution of eyes

Here’s a useful book that, besides teaching you science, promises to be a potent creationism-killer: it’s Evolution’s Witness: How Eyes Evolved, by Ivan R. Schwab.  Sadly, it’s $50, even with the $25 discount on Amazon, but you can look inside for free, and maybe ask your library to order it. It’s published by Oxford University […]

Can philosophy or religion alone establish facts?

About two weeks ago I discussed an article in the Guardian by Keith Ward.  Ward’s assertion was in the title of his piece, “Religion answers the factual questions science neglects“, and I questioned Ward’s contention that faith or other non-empirical “disciplines” could establish facts about the world or universe. Those facts, I contended, could be established […]