Daily Archives: June 24th, 2011

Jam session

Did a pick-up song ever sound so good, even with crappy video and so-so audio? The power of Joan Baez’s voice cuts through all the flaws. Here she is in her living room with the great Earl Scruggs (banjo) and his son Randy Scruggs (guitar) playing an extemporaneous version of  “Love is just a four-letter […]

Sloth defecation is for mating

A while back I put up a post and a video showing the bizarre behavior of sloths when they have to defecate: once a week they make the long, slow climb down to the base of their tree, dump their load, and then retrace their steps up. I suggested four hypotheses for this behavior, and […]

Cats are wilier than you think

A Friday felid break:  Matthew Cobb found this video of a barking cat, who, when caught making doglike vocalizations, quickly resumes meowing.  What’s that about?

BioLogos argues that religious claims don’t require evidence

After BioLogos wrote a three-part review of my book Why Evolution is True, I wrote a response, and one of their minions, Robert C. Bishop, has taken it upon himself to write a multipart response to my response. I’ve already discussed part one (see here), and now he’s come back with a jargony, postmodern part […]

Shame on our country: the complete answers to the Miss USA evolution question

Watch and weep; and you should watch the entire 14.5-minute clip.  For the record, I present a video of all 51 Miss USA contestants answering the question, “Should evolution be taught in schools?”  They’re in alphabetical order by state, and, as I noted before, Miss California, Alyssa Campanella, was the winner.  Below the video I’ve […]

Evening, Chicago

A sudden storm came up yesterday afternoon.

Scientists know nothing!

by Matthew Cobb Jerry is back in Chicago, but I thought I’d just slip this in before he gets back in harness later on today. This popped up on Twitter (@edyong209 and @alicebell). It’s a video by 25 year old PhD student Zara (@zanyzaz) who went round her department in Glasgow asking colleagues a set […]