Why Evolution Is True

It’s the science, stupid.

by Greg Mayer

Nils August Andresen, at Frum Forum, argues that the Republicans did badly in the recent elections with college educated youths, especially those from top schools (Smart Youth Voters Shunned GOP in Midterms), and asks if “intelligent people who study hard dislike Republicans.” He answers in the affirmative, and proposes a reason: the Republican war on science and knowledge (Why America’s Top Students Tune Out the GOP). Money quote:

Today’s top students are motivated less by enthusiasm for Democrats and much more by revulsion from Republicans. It’s not the students who have changed so much. It’s the Republicans. … Under Presidents Eisenhower and Nixon, Republicans championed science and knowledge. But over the past 30 years, national Republicans have formed an intensifying alliance with religious conservatives more skeptical of science and knowledge. I don’t know whether discarding evolution goes against common sense; but I’m pretty sure it goes against most Ivy League-educated senses.

h/t Andrew Sullivan (“Stop Celebrating Stupidity”)