The evidence for evolution

[The internet is down at the Kirksville Holiday Inn. The only other time this has happened to me was when I was in Russia. What this means is that posting may be light today. Fortunately Greg prepared a post on a recent talk he gave about evolution, which is below. JAC] by Greg Mayer Jerry […]

Darwin Day 2014 in Kenosha, Wisconsin

by Greg Mayer Just a reminder that Darwin Day events in Kenosha, the heart of the Chicago-Milwaukee megalopolis, begin tomorrow morning at about 8:10 AM, when yours truly will be interviewed by Greg Berg of WGTD 91.1 FM’s Morning Show. There’s a talk by Scott Thomson on symbiosis tomorrow night at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside […]

Darwin Day, 2014, events in Kenosha, Wisconsin

by Greg Mayer Darwin’s birthday, Feb. 12, is fast upon us, so, for those in the Chicago-Milwaukee corridor, I’d like to announce three upcoming events in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the approximate center of the megalopolis. First, on Darwin Day itself, Wednesday, February 12, Scott Thomson of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside will be speaking at 7 PM […]

Darwin Day at the Dinosaur Discovery Museum

by Greg Mayer If you’ll be in or near southeastern Wisconsin on this coming Sunday (instead of being on your way to New Orleans), you’ll want to visit the Dinosaur Discovery Museum in Kenosha (5608 Tenth Avenue,¬† Kenosha, WI 53140, 262-653-4450) for their Darwin Day event. Darwin Day Sunday, February 10, 2013; 1-4pm An international […]

Darwin Day resolution introduced in U.S. House

by Greg Mayer The New York Times reports that Rep. Rush Holt (D-New Jersey) has introduced a resolution in the House of Representatives to support the designation of February 12, 2013 as Darwin Day. Holt, a former research physicist and Jeopardy champion, represents Princeton, New Jersey, where his supporters, with a slight exaggeration, sport bumper […]

Why evolution is true (but not many people believe it)

by Greg Mayer Jerry regaled a packed house last night at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater’s Darwin Day with a talk entitled “Why evolution is true (but not many people believe it)”. Jerry spoke to the crowd of several hundred for just over an hour, and then took questions. Attendees included WEIT readers and Kitteh Kontestants. […]

Darwin Day in Wisconsin

by Greg Mayer The Darwin bicentennial year ends this week, as Friday, February 12th, begins the 201st year. The last event in the University of Wisconsin-Parkside’s Darwin 1809-1859-2009 commemoration is this coming Wednesday, Feb. 10, at 7 PM in Greenquist Hall 103, where I will be speaking on “The Origin of The Origin“. In the […]


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