Felid Face of the Day

by Greg Mayer Not only did we find much commendable in Andrew Sullivan’s coverage of the pollsters vs. pundits dispute, but Andrew has now taken to posting felid pictures, too! He’s always been a diehard goggieophile. Plus, there’s relevance to readers of WEIT, or, even more so, Jerry’s first book, with Allen Orr, Speciation: the […]

Caturday felid: how the king cheetah got his stripes

by Greg Mayer and Jerry Coyne Our felid for today is actually five felids: a mackerel (striped) tabby, a blotched tabby, a spotted cheetah, a king cheetah and a black-footed cat. In a new paper in Science by Christopher Kaelin and colleagues, the physiological basis of these pattern variations in both domestic cats and cheetahs […]

A disturbing cat video

by Greg Mayer The following video, by British filmmaker Sam Huntley (who might be a one-eyed owl himself), is not your usual internet cat video fare. It does help us appreciate the world from the point of view of, say, a vole, though. h/t: Chas Danner at Andrew Sullivan

Internet Cat Video Film Festival

by Greg Mayer From the BBC’s Technology [?] section, comes news of the Internet Cat Video Film Festival at Minneapolis’s Walker Art Center. The festival will be held August 30, 2012, from 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM. (An hour seems a bit brief, but most cat videos are really short.) If you can’t go, you […]

“The most unconcerned cat on the Coast.”

by Greg Mayer As a bonus felid for this weekend, I present a denizen of Darwell’s Cafe, a Long Beach, Mississippi, eatery that we’ve had occasion to note favorably before here at WEIT. While in Mississippi last week, we had dinner there, and met this fellow (a culinary report will follow). He occupied a seat […]

Caturday Felid- Can your cat do this?

by Greg Mayer Today’s New York Times has an article about something I didn’t even know existed: cat agility competitions! The cats must run an obstacle course of tunnels, steps, hurdles,  etc., and competitions are held at the major cat shows (which are better known for the judging of pedigreed cats; for the dog version, […]

Caturday Felids

by Greg Mayer Alert reader Dominic has sent me a link to EarthSky, which features camera trap photos of five species of cats from the island of Sumatra. The  photos, taken by WWF-Indonesia, are further discussed at the WWF site. Here’s one of my favorites, a marbled cat, who seems to have noticed the camera, […]

Andrew Sullivan gets it right

by Greg Mayer Despite his blind spot when it comes to obscurantist theology, Andrew Sullivan is a good judge of other things, including cat videos. The cat, Oskar, was born without eyesight; a similarly afflicted cat is the subject of Gwen Cooper’s Homer’s Odyssey (Homer is the cat). Blind cats can apparently get along well […]

Caturday Felid: Lincoln and cats

by Greg Mayer During this 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War, it is edifying to recall that Abraham Lincoln was not only a great president, but a great cat-lover.  “Disunion”, the NY Times series on the 150th anniversary  (which is generally quite good), in a piece on regimental mascots and pets, notes […]

Caturday Felid: A-Kat-Aten

by Greg Mayer The ancient Egyptians would give anyone a run for their money when it comes to the care they lavished on their cats. Here’s a ca. 2000 year old cat mummy from the British Museum. Cats, miw or mau in Egyptian, were frequently mummified, along with other animals, and the cat Goddess was […]


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