Cat cafes are popping up all over

by Greg Mayer Cat cafes– places where you can get a cup of coffee, some pastry, and hang out with some cats (not the kind Adam Duritz had in mind, but the real thing)– have been around in Taiwan and Japan for some time, but they’re quite a new thing in North America. Jerry has […]

Kittehs and turkey

by Greg Mayer As an envoi for Thanksgiving, a visual composition of a turkey and two kittehs. While preparing Thanksgiving goodies, my wife found that candy corn is a scarce item after Halloween, but our local 5 and dime came through, with a variety of candy corns to choose from. The blend she selected, “Autumn […]

“Ohly-ohly-ohly” said the nude cat

by Matthew Cobb Vine of man spooking a nude cat by wearing an animal head. The cat responds “only-ohly-ohly”. If you can’t hear the sound, there’s a button on the bottom right of the Vine you can click. Be kind to people in your space – don’t leave it looping for too long or you’ll […]

The New Yorker event: Cats lost. . . :-(

Here’s a brief report on “You, the Jury: Cats vs. Dogs“, our debate at the New Yorker Festival about the merits of these pets. (Note the correct placement of the comma in the title, as is apposite for the New Yorker.) Despite our best efforts, Team Cat went to the d*gs last night, as the post-debate audience […]

Caturday felid: “Methinks it is like a catcerto”

Today we have a rare guest Caturday felid; I can’t remember one since I started this site five years ago (has it really been that long?). So here’s Greg’s contribution, which shows a concerto (“Catcerto”) composed by Mindaugas Piecaitis to embellish and complement the playing of Nora the famous piano-playing cat. (The score for “Catcerto” can […]

Cats in the “Museum of Corruption”

by Greg Mayer After security forces abandoned the Ukrainian presidential palace amidst street-fighting in Kiev, protesters seized control of the opulent mansion and its grounds (which include a zoo and a pirate-themed restaurant). The protesters, who seem well organized, did not loot the palace, but have opened the grounds for the people to tour, and […]

Cat versus caiman

by Greg Mayer Jaguars are the largest species of American cat, and are the top carnivore from the southwestern US to Argentina. In the Pantanal wetlands of southern Brazil, Justin Black took a series of extraordinary photographs showing just how top a carnivore it is, as a jaguar took on, and carried away to eat, […]

A felid and friend for 5000th Post Day

by Greg Mayer You may remember the Looney Tunes cartoon character Sylvester the Cat. One of his recurring story lines was that he mistook a kangaroo for an enormous mouse, which became his nemesis, as his efforts to catch it always ended in humiliating failure. In real life, while there are some big mice, the […]

Bonus Felid: Wallace and the Bornean Bay Cat

by Greg Mayer As part of our observations of the Alfred Russel Wallace Centenary, we have an extra felid this weekend, the Bornean Bay Cat (Catopuma [or Pardofelis] badia). It’s one the world’s rarest species of cat (see the IUCN Red List), endemic to the island of Borneo, and known (as of 2007) from only […]

The cats win, the cats win

by Greg Mayer The intertoobz has spoken: kittehs rool! By an online poll, a cat has replaced the iron as a new Monopoly playing piece. The Scottie dog’s nemesis now joins him in battle on the board itself, and a cosmic imbalance has been rectified.  (I never knew why an iron was a playing piece– […]


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