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Daily superstition: Indian woman marries a d*g

From the Torygraph’s “Pictures of the Day” section, via reader Roo: An 18-year-old Indian girl has married a stray dog as a part of a tribal ritual designed to ward off an evil spell. Village elders hastily organised the wedding between Mangli Munda and the canine as the teenager is believed to be bringing bad luck to […]

Chopra wants me to officially endorse his new paradigm of consciousness

I got an email from one of the Deepakity’s assistants two nights ago, which said this: Deepak wanted me to share this letter with you and wondered if you would consider signing it along with 1,000 others [sic] scientists. Of course I knew, based on experience, that this was something I would probably refuse; but I […]


Two cloud pictures, both authentic as far as I can see From the Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe Facebook page: But God is a jester, so we get this one, too (From PuffHo via photographer Jamie O’Connell) h/t: Hempenstein      

A short Twi**er exchange on evolution

From Deepakity: From Brendan Maher, a science writer and editor at Nature:  

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: anti-vaxer

What a comedown! Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (born 1954), son of the late RFK, senator and attorney general, has become an anti-vaxer, and a particularly invidious one.  I haven’t really followed his attacks on vax, but “Orac” (the web name of surgeon David Gorski, who’s given me permission to identify him) has, and Gorski has repeatedly attacked the […]

Lawrence O’Donnell takes out after Ark Park, and Bible as well

In the clip below, Lawrence O’Donnell, author, television writer (“The West Wing,” among other shows), and host of “The Last Word” on the MSNBC television channel in the US,  takes out after the Ark Park planned by Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis. He criticizes its unwarranted tax breaks from the state of Kentucky, its purveying fiction as […]

Stephen Fry on “How do we know what is true?”

This is one of severa excellent videos Fry has narrated for the British Humanist Association. Here Fry is talking about how we discover truths about the universe. As he says, “Science: there is no better method.” Fry’s contrast between science and religion as ways of “knowing” the truth is explicit. To me, the distinction between science-based and spiritual healing is especially striking. How […]

The news: the good, the woo, and the quackery

Thanks to several readers, I’m kept up on the latest news about religion, cats, woo, and so on.  I’ve collected three items here, which I’ll describe briefly (you can read more at the links). I could post them separately, but that’s an unconscionable division of posts, and I’m also tired. BBC Africa reports some good […]

The Deepakity continues his “million dollar challenge,” and I have one for him!

The WooMeister is up to his old silliness, offering a million bucks to anyone who can explain how neuronal events become subjective experiences. (He did this a while back, and decided to keep himself in the public eye by making another video on Monday about exactly the same stuff .) That’s the “hard problem” of […]

Templeton, heaven, and the media

In August of 2012 I wrote about the Templeton Foundation’s funding of an “Immortality Project,” in which a philosopher at the University of California at Riverside was given 5.1 million dollars to head a consortium of academics studying the afterlife, its ramifications, its possible existence, and its influence on people’s behavior. The studies also included Near Death Experiences […]


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