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The Deepakity continues his “million dollar challenge,” and I have one for him!

The WooMeister is up to his old silliness, offering a million bucks to anyone who can explain how neuronal events become subjective experiences. (He did this a while back, and decided to keep himself in the public eye by making another video on Monday about exactly the same stuff .) That’s the “hard problem” of […]

Templeton, heaven, and the media

In August of 2012 I wrote about the Templeton Foundation’s funding of an “Immortality Project,” in which a philosopher at the University of California at Riverside was given 5.1 million dollars to head a consortium of academics studying the afterlife, its ramifications, its possible existence, and its influence on people’s behavior. The studies also included Near Death Experiences […]

Two physicists pile on Chopra

Resident guest writer/biologist Matthew Cobb is friends with physicist Brian Cox, and sometimes appears on his “Infinite Monkey Cage” show. Matthew keeps me filled in on Cox’s continuing Twi**er battle with Deepakity, which I’m very glad about since it means that someone who knows more than I about physics can keep Chopra busy tweeting nonsense. […]

Chopra and Cox enter the box

Well, Brian Cox has taken the heat off me, for he and Deepakity are going after it on Twi**er.  Cox even got invited to Chopra’s WooFest, but refused: The video Cox refers to in his first tw**t is Eric Idle’s new song for the Infinite Monkey Cage, Cox’s show: h/t: Matthew Cobb

Science shows that yetis and Bigfoots are just well-known animals

But we already knew that, didn’t we? Nevertheless, a new paper by Bryan Sykes et al. in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B (reference and free download below) used sequencing of mitochondrial DNA to examine the origin of hairs purported to be from various cryptozoological critters like Bigfoot and the yeti. You should be […]

Some people have fun on vacation, others pontificate

Don’t expect anything more substantive today; I’m on a deadline. And Deepakity is on safari, which has prompted him to Deep Thoughts: I wonder what the trees and grass are thinking. (I cannot help but enter.) Oh. . . and he’s promoting ESP, too:

A winner of Chopra’s Challenge!

Over on his Pictoral Theology website, reader Pliny the in Between made a cartoon that, I think, answers Chopra’s Million Dollar Challenge: explain consciousness as a result of brain activity.  

Woo of the day

Don’t worry; I’ll soon tire of this, but I was energized by Brian Cox’s exchange with Deepakity. How can a man on safari in Africa still want to tw**t, much less broadcast nonsense like this? If consciousness consists, as Chopra says, of subjective sensation, or “qualia,” then who gets your qualia after you die?

Deepakities: Chopra gets into the box with Brian Cox

Here’s a question: If Chopra were put in a box, could he pass the Turing test? After all, we do know he love boxes! At any rate, he’s supposed to be on a safari in Africa but he’s tw**ting as furiously as ever. The first tw**ts below weren’t generated by the automatic Deepak Quote Generator, but they could have […]

Dr. Oz sent to the woodshed by a U.S. senator

“Doctor Oz,” whose real name is Mehmet Cengiz Öz, is a cardiovascular surgeon who is famous—or rather infamous—for touting “alternative medicine” on his television show. Like the psychologist “Dr. Phil,” Dr. Oz was launched by Oprah Winfrey, and became sufficiently popular to warrant his own show, “The Dr. Oz Show.” He’s also written several bestselling books. His notoriety […]


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