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Readers’ beefs of the week

There were a lot of angry and critical attempts to post this week; this is only a small selection. But my epidermis is thick, and sloughs them off. Reader “William” comments on “The Jesus Delusion” (about Don McLeroy and his claim of 500 witnesses to the Resurrection). The poor scoffers will never be able to explain away […]

Weekly reader beefs

For some reason, most of the non-published comments this week came from evolution deniers, although, as usual, a few trickled in from outraged citizens of Lebanon, Missouri. Here’s a selection of four that didn’t make it to prime time. Reader “Jimmy” comments on “Baleen whales: a lovely transitional form“: What a load of old cods!!! With this […]

Weekly emails

Besides the usual rants from believers, I’ve received a number of rude or nasty personal emails this week, including a couple from Michael Robbins, who (after I criticized his Slate piece on the evils of New Atheism), continued to email me despite my asking him to stop. He needs to be treated for Maru’s Syndrome stat: the usual […]

A new Rool

I’d like to add one more Rool to “da Roolz” list, and one that isn’t onerous. In fact it’s quite simple: please do not make any comments that consist only of a link.  That is often puzzling, because we don’t know why you’re putting up such a link.  Is it because you agree with it, […]

I get email

We haven’t had a posting of crank email for a while, and since I’ll soon be leaving for the big game (baseball), I’ll do a quick rundown. Besides, if you’re smart you’ll be watching footie today and won’t have time to read anything weighty. The first batch are all comments on the post “Another creationist drops […]

Do not enter World Cup contest!

The contest deadline for guessing the participants in (and score of) the final World Cup match ended on Monday at 5 pm, yet I continue to receive entries. These bespeak an ignorance of the Roolz and are are also unfair, since we now have new information about the finals (e.g., Spain won’t be in them). Please DO not […]

Weekly weird comments

As I said, as our readership grows the wingnuts, creationists, extreme religionists and other bizarros are coming out of the woodwork in increasing numbers. This is only a small sample of the comments that didn’t make it through this week. This first one, for example, might be a troll, but somehow I don’t think so. Reader […]

Read the Roolz

Traffic has continued to increase on this site—we’re up to between 25,000 and 30,000 views per day—but with that good news comes the bad. The influx of new commenters is, to my mind, changing the tone of this site. Perhaps used to the impoliteness and insults pervasive on other sites, some new commenters are engaging […]

Official website phrases

N00bs will have to pay attention, for I’m adding two new Official Website Terms™ to the argot used on this website. One has already come into use, and both are pejorative. I’ll be using them from time to time, so best get up to speed now. “Can’t spot the nightjar”: People too blind to see what’s […]

The Roolz reiterated

On the sidebar you will see a document called “Da Roolz!,” which gives guidelines for posting at this site (you can also access it here). I guess I have to call attention to it from time to time, as people may not see it. I want to mention the two Roolz that continue to be […]


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