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Reader’s beef of the week

There’s only one beef this week, as I have a friend moderating the site and I am blissfully left unaware of the beefs (this one is actually a tiny filet)  I woke up this morning to find this nugget of sunshine from a clueless reader who will remain unnamed: If you move to Patheos, I will […]

Should I join Patheos?

The people who run Patheos and its atheist channel have asked me to join that channel. I haven’t made any decision, nor am I yet even leaning one way or another. I thought, then, that I’d ask the readers how they feel about this, both to see if people might abscond (I don’t want to […]

A note to my readers from Pharyngula

In a post in which I beefed about readers’ lack of comments on my science pieces (you remember that, right?), I said this: The lack of comments on science posts, leads me to wonder if people even read them, or read them but have nothing to say, or just skip them as seeming “too hard”…If […]

A milestone

Subscriptions have risen quickly over the last few days, and we reached this figure last night: I’m chuffed, but, sadly, am unable to identify person number 30,000.

Proprietor’s beef of the week

It takes several hours to write a science post, for when I’m reporting on a paper like the one about the cat genome yesterday, I read the paper twice, and then go over it again before summarizing it. In toto, that post probably involved four hours of effort, most of it in the evening. About […]

Moar bears

Even after the bear post was up, people continued to bring out their teds. What else can I do except put these precious (and often decrepit) childhood relics on display? I will put these up today in lieu of “Readers’ wildlife photos”. Reader Nick Hiltner sends a “traveling bear”: In 1991, an aunt gave me […]

Readers’ childhood plushies

For today I’m going to hold back on the “Readers’ wildlife photos” to replace them with a one-off feature (actually, I have two more bears to be shown later): “Readers’ plush toys.” To put this up brings me great joy. A few days ago I asked readers to “Bring out your teds”—that is, to provide a picture of […]

Read The Rules

. . . which are found on the sidebar of this site, called, in Chicago argot, “Da Roolz” (also here).  First-time commenters seem to be wading in these days oblivious to the conventions and strictures of this site, including committing the cardinal sin of incivility toward the host and other commenters.  Treat this place as […]

What I missed in New York

After the theists read my next book, the name of this New York City playground will be appropriate! (Thanks to reader Matthew for the photos): And here are Da Roolz!    

Readers defend Islam

I’ve trashed a bunch of either off-topic or incoherent comments this week, but perhaps you’d like to see a couple that didn’t make it past moderation. (I’m not including the insane personal emails I’ve gotten, either.) These Attempted Posts are pro-Islamic, which is no surprise given my recent criticisms of the faith. They weren’t trashed for that […]


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