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The Roolz reiterated

On the sidebar you will see a document called “Da Roolz!,” which gives guidelines for posting at this site (you can also access it here). I guess I have to call attention to it from time to time, as people may not see it. I want to mention the two Roolz that continue to be […]

What we’re up against: Weekly roundup of creationist comments

It was a big week for creationists trying to comment on this website (there was lots of other craziness too), so I can present only a short selection: From creationist dentist Don McLeroy, once head of the Texas State Board of Education when it was trying to purge evolution from state biology textbooks. I asked him […]

Rankings boosted by strange post

Just once—once in my fleeting life—I’d like to be the #1 website on WordPress, even if it was just for a few minutes. Then I could die happy. (Not really: I could die happy if I petted a baby tiger and went to Antarctica to see the penguins and hiked the Milford Track and saw […]

Weekly craziness from readers

There were lots of bizarre and outright nasty comments this week; here are a few that didn’t make it to the threads, but are appearing here. (I’ve realized that the Freedom from Religion Foundation’s monthly newsletter always has a section detailing the abusive letters and emails they got, many of which are far nastier than […]

I need 25 more subscribers

My lucky number is 5, and my special lucky number is five-squared, or 25 (don’t harass me about this superstition!). I bet many of you have lucky numbers. And reader gravelinspector informed me that as of this a.m., I am only 25 readers away from 25,000 subscribers: Now they clearly screwed up by calling it a […]

Read the Roolz!

I don’t know how often I have to tell new commenters (or remind the old commenters) to read the rules for posting on this website (“Da Roolz!” posted on the sidebar, or here). See where they are? I will try to make this more obvious, perhaps changing the name to “Rules for commenting on this […]

Readers’ comments of the week

There were lots of creationist and hyper-religious comments this week, and here are three that I didn’t allow through (note, though, that if you claim this is “censorship,” the commenters did get their say! I don’t, however, allow trolling.). If you haven’t done this already, I urge you to read my “Roolz” (left sidebar) about […]

Jerry Coyne got adopted!

I’m both pleased and saddened to report that the ginger tomkitten Jerry Coyne, fostered by reader Gayle Ferguson in New Zealand, has been adopted. I can’t reveal the details except to say that his future parent is a cat-lover well known to Gayle, and lives in Christchuch.  His adoptive parent already has one neutered male […]

Readers’ comments of the week

I’m not sure I’m going to make this into a regular feature, but this week my comments box has been positively overflowing with contributions from creationists, atheist-bashers, and sundry others. They at least give us some idea of what we’re up against, and it ain’t pretty. Here are three comments that didn’t get approved (original […]

Website business

Two quick items: 1. The winner of the Cat Confessions Contest (see the six finalists here, and all entries here) will be announced on Monday morning. Remember that the winner gets an autographed book, but there may be an extra surprise. If you own one of those miscreant moggies, be sure to pay attention to […]


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