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Should I join Patheos?

The people who run Patheos and its atheist channel have asked me to join that channel. I haven’t made any decision, nor am I yet even leaning one way or another. I thought, then, that I’d ask the readers how they feel about this, both to see if people might abscond (I don’t want to […]

Diana MacPherson

This is the first post I’ve ever titled with a reader’s name, but it came to me instantly when I saw this picture. If you don’t know what this means, you ain’t been around long enough. But I’m sure someone will explain in the comments. Photo from Pet Stuff Web, in a series of ten […]

A new Rool

I’d like to add one more Rool to “da Roolz” list, and one that isn’t onerous. In fact it’s quite simple: please do not make any comments that consist only of a link.  That is often puzzling, because we don’t know why you’re putting up such a link.  Is it because you agree with it, […]

Read the Roolz

Traffic has continued to increase on this site—we’re up to between 25,000 and 30,000 views per day—but with that good news comes the bad. The influx of new commenters is, to my mind, changing the tone of this site. Perhaps used to the impoliteness and insults pervasive on other sites, some new commenters are engaging […]

Guerrilla Skeptics create and update Wikipedia pages (including mine)

About a month ago I received an email from Susan Gerbic—who helps run Guerrilla Skeptics on Wikipedia (GSoW)—telling me that they were revamping my Wikipedia page. I was surprised, as of course I hadn’t solicited this, and had no idea who started the page in the first place—nor who updates it.  And I’d barely heard […]

Jerry Coyne at 7 weeks

I am flying to Boston this afternoon for R&R and won’t return until Monday evening. Ergo, posting will be light—unless, that is, my readers don’t want me to have a life.  But as a fare-thee-well-treat, here’s a video of my namesake. Reader Gayle Ferguson took and uploaded this video of ginger tabby Jerry Coyne at […]

Wacko comments of the week

Some of the nastiest emails and comments I get are from defenders of woomeisters like Rupert Sheldrake (who complained to my provost about me a few weeks ago) and Deepak Chopra. There’s a penchant for woo that runs deep in some people. From reader “Someone who knows,” commenting on a post about Tanzi and Deepak […]

The 7000th post: A cat named Jerry Coyne

This is our 7000th post—can there really have been that many?—and of course it must feature felids. What better subject than a report that one of my readers has named a kitten after me? Reader Gayle Ferguson (that’s Dr. Ferguson) is a biologist who was Matthew Cobb’s postdoc, then a lecturer at Manchester, and now is is […]

We’re number 2 :-( and a note on roolz

As I’ve said, you can never predict which posts will get the most views. for sometimes someone links to something from this site on reddit, or another aggregator site, and all of a sudden we get inundated with views. Sadly, the stuff that attracts the most attention is never anything I write myself. Rather, it’s […]

Twitter problem fixed

Thanks to technological wizardry of friends, my Twitter problem is resolved. I suspect I’ve been hacked, but (claw on wood) it won’t happen again. We’ve been removing those people I involuntarily “followed” one by one, and they’ll all be gone in a day or two. If you’re one of them, it’s nothing personal! I simply […]


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