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Readers’ wildlife videos: two honking woodpeckers

This is one of the first wildlife videos that have been filmed and sent in by readers, and in this case it shows two showy woodpeckers from South America. It’s a lovely video and comes from reader Pablo Flores, who writes: I’m just back from a trip to southern Patagonia and caught [he means on […]

Two nice animal videos: The most happiest elephant in the world and a lion whisperer

I may have posted this first video before, but I couldn’t find it by searching for “elephant.” At any rate, I don’t have much information except that it purports to show a baby elephant encountering the ocean for the first time. And that seems pretty accurate. It will raise your spirits unless you’re one of […]

Jesus visits Sarah Silverman

Everyone’s favorite Saviour pays a call on the very Jewish Sarah Silverman. They discuss women’s reproductive rights, and Sarah disses Texas’s insane anti-abortion restrictions.  Then, at the end, Jesus and Sarah appear to canoodle a bit—such blasphemy! This is a new video, but in the 5 days since its first posting it’s gotten 750,000 hits. […]

Sam Harris mashup

I usually don’t like mash-ups but this one appeals to me.  About three weeks ago, Sam Harris made two audio excepts of his talks available to his readers who wanted to mix them into videos.  volunteers to remix one of his audio clips into a video. The first one has just appeared, and I’ll post […]

Discussion in Cracow

You probably won’t want to watch this, as it’s long, the lights are dim, and half of it is in Polish, but I’m putting it up for the record. This is a series of four videos (I’ll embed one and give links to the other three) of a discussion I had in a coffee shop […]

Full moon rising over Wellington

You haven’t appreciated the Moon until you’ve seen this short but absolutely stunning video sent to me by reader Stan. It’s by Mark Gee on Vimeo, and is a single unmanipulated take. Gee gives the details below. And be sure to watch it on the biggest screen you can. Full Moon Silhouettes is a real […]

The only video of Anne Frank

She was only one of ten million victims of the Holocaust, but somehow her story, as recorded in her diary, can move us more than pondering the huge number of victims who left no testimony. Let her story, then, be multiplied by ten million, for though not every victim was young, all were loved. This […]

A nice anti-hate video from the Anti-Defamation League

The Anti-Defamation League, an American organization devoted to combatting bigotry of all sorts, and headquartered here in Chicago, just produced a touching and inspiring video. It took me a few seconds to catch on, but the 80-second clip is well worth watching. The ADL blub: Join ADL in our Centennial Year as we Imagine a […]

Bad owl hunting

Reader Michelle B. sends this short video of a boreal owl (Aegolius funereus) attempting to hunt under the snow in Minnesota.  (The action begins about 45 sec in.) It fails: the snow is too hard and the prey too deep.  The owl looks ticked off—but then owls always look ticked off! The notes to the […]

If only furniture came like this. . .

There are five finalists in the Catdance Film Festival, run by Fresh Step Cat Litter, which offers a $10,000 prize for the winner. Go here to see them all and vote for your favorite. This one, called “Catalogue,” is created by Alana Grelyak and directed by Michael Gabriele. I don’t have time to watch the […]


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