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Deaf woman hears her first sounds

Here’s a great example of how science works. Take this woman, who has been deaf her whole life. Prayer wouldn’t help her a bit, but science did, and it’s awesome science. I hadn’t really known much about cochlear implants until the video below video went viral, and was sent to me by several readers. Now I’ve learned some, […]

Saturday: Hili dialogue

I’m not sure why Hili considers the world “hostile,” since she gets ample noms, mice, and has a huge orchard to play around in, as well as two staff who service her and give her fusses. Maybe she didn’t get enough cream. . . A: What are you doing in there? Hili: I’m hiding from […]

A great basketball coach with a great atheist hero

As you know, I’m not much of a sports fan, except when it comes to football (soccer), and I’m really looking forward to this summer’s World Cup.  I don’t follow American basketball, but reader Hugo, who does, sent me this link, which included a surprising video. Hugo’s note: Probably you are not an NBA [National […]

Spot the ptarmigan!

by Matthew Cobb It’s not only nightjars that are hard to spot. Here’s a photo of a ptarmigan on a Scottish mountainside, taken by my one-time student, Dr Kate Morgan, and posted on her Facebook page. I managed to find it after a couple of minutes (it’s not the highest resolution photo – I guess […]

Ping pong cat

I guess you should think of this as a three-mammal game instead of an annoying interruption: h/t: Diane G.

Thursday: Hili dialogue

Professor Ceiling Cat will be occupied all day with a meeting, so expect very little. But, as always, we have Hili, who also thanks people for wishing Andrzej well on his birthday. A: Hili, what on earth are you doing with this carpet? Hili: It started it. P.S. Many thanks to everybody for wishing Andrzej […]

Wikipedia definitively rejects unsubstantiated woo

The “Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology” put up this petition at, demanding  that Wikipedia loosen its criteria for posting about alternative medicine. The petition argues that areas like acupuncture, energy psychology and other such mishigass “are being controlled by a few self-appointed ‘skeptics’ who serve as de facto censors for Wikipedia.” I’m not sure what “comprehensive energy […]

Should vaccinations be mandatory? A debate in the New York Times

Sunday’s New York Times had one of those “room for debate” features that feature short essays by a group of people on a single topic, but this one is of special interest to science and woo hounds. The topic was “Making vaccination mandatory for all children,” and four people weigh in with divergent opinions. Surprisingly, only […]

Tuesday: Hili dialogue

A: To work, time is running out. Hili: Can’t you really see what this attitude leads to? In Polish: Ja: Do roboty, bo czas ucieka. Hili: Czy ty naprawdę nie widzisz do czego to prowadzi?

My religion and morality piece in The New Republic

My March 19 piece on religion and morality (discussing a recent Pew survey of people’s attitudes about God and morality) has been rewritten and published in The New Republic as “Want to support secularism? Then fight poverty.” If you want to promulgate the secularist message of Professor Ceiling Cat in a mainstream venue, do go over and give ‘em […]


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