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Guest post: journalist Faye Flam tells scientists how to talk to reporters

UPDATE: If you have any questions you want to ask Faye about science reporting, especially on this topic, feel free to do so in the comments. She’ll drop by and answer some later. __________ I was recently talking to my friend Faye Flam, a science reporter, about how I’d just been interviewed by another science […]

My Old School & Bad Sneakers

The original Steely Dan, with Donald Fagan, Jeff “Skunk” Baxter, and Walter Becker, was moderately famous, but I contend it’s one of the best rock groups of all time: sui generis, with a unique mixture of jazz, rock, and other motifs. Although they’re in sad decline (Fagan’s lost that plaintive voice), I still revisit their […]

Crybaby Catholics

I think today will be about religion, for that’s most of the articles I have. If there’s a religion that takes the silver medal in the “I’m Offended” category after Islam, it’s Catholicism. Who is a bigger religious crybaby than Bill Donohue, President of the Catholic League, a man who had a public tantrum when the Empire […]

How does the week end?

Not with a squirrel but a cat. (A facepaw!) Have a good weekend, and don’t forget to try the roast beef!  

What is a “true” religion?

As ISIS slaughters its way though Syria and Iraq, it became inevitable that we’d hear from the apologists who claim that ISIS is not in fact “true Islam,” and that its depredations are due to something other than religious motivation.  Those motivations, say the apologists, are political (usually Western colonialism that engendered resentment), cultural (societal tradition), or […]

Sam Harris refuses to osculate the rump of Islam

As ISIS slaughters and beheads its way through the Middle East, the apologists for Islam are making their usual excuses: ISIS isn’t expressing “true Islam,” or, if it is, “the West brought it on through colonialism,” and so on.  I won’t have that, and, of course, neither will Sam. Unless you are so blinded by […]

A Twi**er exchange

Richard was nice enough to tw**t about my post on the fatuity of theology yesterday, which elicited a brief but funny exchange with an advocate of Sophisticated Theology™: How militant the man is! Can’t he just get down with the Ground of Being (or the Unity Behind Diversity)? People complain about Richard being hamhanded with tw**ts, […]

Sheffield evolution murals

by Matthew Cobb My daughter Lauren is about to go off to Sheffield University to study Zoology. She’s the third generation Cobb to go to Sheffield (I studied Psychology there, and my father studied Geography). I was very pleased to see on the Tw*tter feed of poet Ian McMillan (@IMcMillan), the Bard of Barnsley, that […]

Tuesday: Hili dialogue

Hili always looks so noble up in the trees, but her intent is base: Hili: I miss something in this ecosystem. A: What’s that? Hili: A bird nest. In Polish: Hili: Czegoś mi w tym ekosystemie brakuje. Ja: Czego? Hili: Jakiegoś gniazdka.

New Irish cat stamps (and a d*g cartoon)

What a long day, but four of the five bits of the Albatross have been edited. It’s time for some Feline Recuperation, and I’ll even throw in a d*g for you miscreants. Lucky you if you live in Ireland, because, as of TODAY, you can now put these on your letters: Note that all the […]


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