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Caturday felids: Reader’s report of a cat hotel in Malta

My friend Sarah Lawson, whom I met while visiting Malgorzata and Andrzej (she is a very old friend of theirs) is both an inveterate traveler and a lover of felids. That’s a felicitious combination, and makes for this week’s Caturday Felid, as Sarah encountered a “cat hotel” on a recent visit to Malta. When I heard […]

Holiday snaps: Davis (mostly noms)

Posting will be light today as I must catch up after my return to cold, rainy Chicago. Here are few of my holiday snaps (no work snaps) from Davis: Flying over the Sierra Nevada: . . and into California’s Great Central Valley, almost all farmland First meal out in Davis: lunch at Redrum Burger. Once […]

Friday: Hili dialogue

It’s Friday—which seat can you take? My talks in Davis are over now, and went well, I think. It was bittersweet to me that yesterday I gave what was almost certainly the last pure research talk of my career, but at least it was at Davis before many of my old friends. I have one more day […]

I’m in California: Part deux

Some people call Davis, California “The People’s Republic of Davis” because of its atmosphere as a refuge for hippies and New Agers. And indeed, it’s one of those places, like Portland, Oregon and Berkeley, California, that I’ve always thought should be declared “Natural Cultural Preserves,” where in many ways life goes on as it did […]

I’m in California

And this SUV greeted me in the airport parking lot. Check the upper right. It’ll be in the 80s (F) this week (call it 26+ Celsius) and sunny. A great respite from Chicago. If you’re in the area, I’m giving two talks, one on the incompatibility of science and religion (Wed) and a talk on […]

Jerry Coyne, on drugs, put in halfway house, and then released to forever home

Well, we’ve seen Jerry grow up from a suckling to an 11-week-old adolescent, we’ve been with him when he lost his testicles, and today he was formally adopted. Yesterday Jerry Coyne the Cat flew to the south island of New Zealand, and this morning was transferred to his new home. Gayle Ferguson, his Rescuer (and Rescuer […]

Holiday snaps, Boston

I usually put up one big post at the end of a trip, recounting my travels and showing the high spots, including noms.  But I often intend to add further posts, but never get around to it because of the press of time. (I still have yet to post my photos from Auschwitz, and that […]

I have landed

I am back from Boston, with more tales and holidays snaps, but those must wait. I have to share one experience, though: shortly after I landed at Midway Airport, a group of people with balloons and American flags were waiting outside the security barrier—waiting for someone who shared my name: Quite a coincidence! It turns […]


It’s nice to have some pure time off for R&R, especially in Boston, one of my favorite cities.  I’ll try to post as often as I can, especially since the readers have informed me that I’m only marginally entitled to a life! In the meantime, here are some photos from activities yesterday and the day […]

The TSA is even worse than we thought

Some of the strongest reactions by readers come when they discuss their experiences flying in the U.S., and have to encounter the agents of Transportation Security Administration, or TSA.  Those agents are the dictators who order you around when you’re passing through security, make you stand in the See-You-Naked Machine, and run their hands over […]


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