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End-of-the-week squirrel squee

How can you not look at—or post—a piece from ABC 15 News in Arizona called “Baby squirrel falls from tree, wears little red cast, gets help from City Wildlife Rehab Center“? (It’s based on a Tw**t from City Wildlife.) First the photo, then the explanation: WASHINGTON DC – A tiny squirrel is recovering with the […]

Squirrel buries nuts in a guy’s clothes

This video, taken in Battery Park, Manhattan, shows a biological instinct gone awry. This squirrel, given several peanuts, buries them in the clothes of the guy who proffered the nuts, hiding them in his hood and his pockets.  What was that squirrel thinking—that the guy would remain on the bench all winter? h/t: Barry

A cat suckling ducklings!

I believe I’ve put up a shorter version of this video before, but this is the full one, and much better. It’s about an Irish cat who actually nursed a brood of ducklings along with her kittens, and the ducklings actually drank the cat’s milk! That’s unbelievable.  And watch what happens when the “yellow kittens” […]

Friday mammals: tigers and bears! (no lions)

It’s Friday! Which seat will you take? Tigers swimming! Filmed underwater, where they appear to be grazing on the bottom of the pool!  Well, who knows, but here, courtesy of reader Michael, is some nice video of. . . The Tiger Temple at Australia Zoo has the only glass underwater viewing in Australia! What better […]


From primatologist Frans de Waal’s public Facebook page, via reader Malcolm:

First steps of a polar bear cub

This video was online a week ago but took several more days to get to YouTube.  Since then it’s garnered nearly two million views.  This polar bear cub (Ursus maritimus) at the Toronto Zoo is two months old; here are some of the YouTube notes: Born on November 9th 2013, our adorable cub is currently […]

The world’s cutest animal

. . . or so thinks reader Barry, who sent me this photo: I have to admit it’s pretty adorable. First, identify it. Then, give us your choice of the world’s cutest animal. Don’t forget to specify whether its supremacy is limited to either the adult or juvenile stages. I suppose I’d choose a baby […]

Pregnant Irish cat adopts ducklings, plus bonus cat/ferret bonding

Time to end the week with a heartwarmer. A cat about to give birth adopts a brood of ducklings, and almost immediately produces her kittens.  One thing’s for sure: those ducklings ain’t suckling! A bonus: go over to The Metapicture and see a series of cute photos of a new kitten befriending some resident ferrets. […]

The adventures of Kingsford the piglet

How could I resist, especially on a holiday Friday (it’s Labor Day weekend in the U.S)? The cat is not impressed. And Kingsford’s difficulties descending the stairs remind me of an episode of Hill Street Blues (remember that?) when the cops were trying to remove a cow that someone had in a third-floor apartment. One […]

Baby panda reunited with mom

Ending the week on a mushy but happy note, here’s a video about Taiwan’s first zoo-born panda being reunited with its mom after a medically-mandated separation.  This video has gone viral (I think it’s on HuffPo, too), and if you haven’t seen it already you’re leading a life that’s too free from the Internet. Mashable […]


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