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Seven kittens react in unison

When I first saw this video, I thought it had been edited as a loop, but now I’m pretty sure it’s a single cut. It’s clearly the Ultimate Kitten Squee, and thanks to the many readers who sent a link. Video notes: Kittens born April 10, 2014—GC Triskel Naomi Sun X GC Celtic Cats Helios of […]

Animal parents

I’m one day from finishing my book, so excuse me while I show you some animal parents from Bored Panda. There’s something here for everyone (except botanists)—even for herp lovers. My favorites are the lion cub trotting with the older ladies and, of course, the mother and baby squirrel. Identify the hard species if you can. […]

Just once, Lord, just once. . .

I’ve been a good boy, and I deserve to experience this at least once before I die. (A tiger would be better, but a bobcat will do.) What a lucky lad! The bobcat is described as a rescue animal, explaining why it doesn’t nom the kid.

A Friday cat hug

One thing is for sure: a three-cat day is better than a three-dog night.  Here, to end the weekend on a high note, is a lovely kitty asking its owner for a hug (and don’t you dare tell me that I’ve misinterpreted its behavior!). h/t: Blue

A tiny hamster eats tiny burritos

No matter how insane an idea is, you can find it somewhere on the internet, often on YouTube. Here’s one: somebody wondered what would happen if they made a VERY SMALL burrito and fed it to a hamster. This video is the result. It was put up two days ago, and already has 1.3 million […]

A baby rabbit with a backpack

I just know someone, somewhere, is gonna slam me for being “not serious” because I posted this, but really, I’m just as much a softie as anyone, and this tw**ted picture from Planet Earth was too cute not to share: I wish my students looked like that!

End-of-the-week squirrel squee

How can you not look at—or post—a piece from ABC 15 News in Arizona called “Baby squirrel falls from tree, wears little red cast, gets help from City Wildlife Rehab Center“? (It’s based on a Tw**t from City Wildlife.) First the photo, then the explanation: WASHINGTON DC – A tiny squirrel is recovering with the […]

Squirrel buries nuts in a guy’s clothes

This video, taken in Battery Park, Manhattan, shows a biological instinct gone awry. This squirrel, given several peanuts, buries them in the clothes of the guy who proffered the nuts, hiding them in his hood and his pockets.  What was that squirrel thinking—that the guy would remain on the bench all winter? h/t: Barry

A cat suckling ducklings!

I believe I’ve put up a shorter version of this video before, but this is the full one, and much better. It’s about an Irish cat who actually nursed a brood of ducklings along with her kittens, and the ducklings actually drank the cat’s milk! That’s unbelievable.  And watch what happens when the “yellow kittens” […]

Friday mammals: tigers and bears! (no lions)

It’s Friday! Which seat will you take? Tigers swimming! Filmed underwater, where they appear to be grazing on the bottom of the pool!  Well, who knows, but here, courtesy of reader Michael, is some nice video of. . . The Tiger Temple at Australia Zoo has the only glass underwater viewing in Australia! What better […]


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