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Cats (and other animals) on sports fields

by Matthew Cobb Jerry noticed this nice photo from Liverpool Football Club’s ground, Anfield, which was originally posted on Retronaut about 18 months ago, and for some reason has just popped up again on Tw*tter. The photo was taken in 1964, and shows a rather fine-looking cat running towards the stands. The photo is as […]

For those of a certain age

If you don’t get it, go here.   ~*~

I have landed

I am back from Boston, with more tales and holidays snaps, but those must wait. I have to share one experience, though: shortly after I landed at Midway Airport, a group of people with balloons and American flags were waiting outside the security barrier—waiting for someone who shared my name: Quite a coincidence! It turns […]

“The frisking is frantic and often futile”: David Attenborough provides commentary for women’s curling

We often hear about the “Martian zoologist”: a mythical creature who is invoked to show how baffling human behavior would seem to a non-Earthling. And here we see the venerable Sir David taking on that role—narrating, in his inimitable way, women’s curling at the Sochi Olympics. As PuffHo notes, The BBC somehow convinced the famed narrator to […]

Afternoon delight

I just watched the tail end of the Barcelona/Man City game (one of my colleagues subscribes online), in which Man City went down 2-nil, with one goal scored by Lionel Messi (sorry, Matthew).  That reminded me to put up this cute faceoff between Kobe Bryant and Messi in a commercial for Turkish airlines:

Ceiling Cat materializes at the Olympics

Reader Patrick called my attention to this video showing a rare manifestation Ceiling Cat in Sochi. His Felinity was chilling in an Olympic arena when, as this CCTV video shows, the roof came down. (Of course we all know about the many infelinities at the Russian Olympics.) YouTube gives a bit of detail. Sochi Olympic […]

Another Alex Honnold climb

Alex Honnold, whom I’ve featured on this site before, is probably the best rock climber on Earth, and here’s a slo-mo video showing part of his recent free solo climb of a huge wall in Mexico. The YouTube notes say this: On January 15th, 2014, Alex Honnold made the first free solo ascent of El […]

William Lane Craig: God hears every Superbowl prayer

I recently posted about how roughly half of all American sports fans believe that supernatural powers intervene in contests, affecting their outcomes. And a healthy dose of Americans also think that God hears prayers for victories (especially in football), or that their teams are somehow “cursed”. This is amusing, for nothing shows up the inanity […]

Caturdy felid trifecta: Cat goes missing from Canary Islands, turns up in Scotland; cat sees snow for the first time; and tomorrow’s Kittenbowl

It’s snowing heavily in Chicago, and there’s no sign it will stop. Professor Ceiling Cat had to dig out the CatMobile, I’ve got a book to write, and so posting may be light today. But of course there will be Caturday felids: three today. *** The BBC News reports a mysterious felid journey: Mystery surrounds […]

The New Republic publishes my God-and-sports post

My post from yesterday on the large number of Americans who believe that sports contests are influenced by supernatural forces has been published (in slightly revised form) by the New Republic, and retitled as “Does God decide the Super Bowl winner? That’s what most Americans believe.” I’ve added a new final sentence, which I quite […]


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