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Footie fallout

I suspect we’ll have a bit more of this stuff as the excitement of the World Cup tapers off. Elite Daily put up two more items related to The Chomper: A Pac-Man game with his likeness was, somehow, created. Even well-respected companies couldn’t resists getting in on the fun, going out of their way to taunt […]

The end of footie

Well, it’s all over, and the golden World Cup trophy (worth several million dollars, I’m told) is in the hands of Germany.  One can’t argue that they don’t deserve it, for they’ve played well the whole time. And yesterday’s game against Argentina was very good, with the winning goal scored in the second 15-minute extension […]

Oy vey!

Well, both teams really want it.  Comments below. And. . . Matthew informs me that they’re watching it from space:    

Today’s footie (felid picks Germany to win)

This is the Big Day: the day that Argentina plays Germany for the World Cup. The time of broadcast appears to have changed: it’s the normal afternoon time—2 p.m. Chicago time—and the game will be broadcast in the US on ABC. (I’m not sure if 2 pm is game time or simply the start of […]

Today’s footie

It’s the consolation match between Brazil and Netherlands, starting at 2 p.m. Chicago time. Remember that tomorrow’s final starts an hour later: 3 p.m. Chicago time (4 p.m. Eastern). I will venture a guess this time: Netherlands 1-0. Readers should also put their predictions below. Tomorrow, of course, the victor will be determined (hopefully by […]

Today’s footie: The Chomper goes to Barça

I haven’t missed a footie post since the World Cup began, but today is quiescent. There is, however, some news. According to today’s New York Times, The Chomper is being transferred to Barcelona from Liverpool, partly because of his World Cup Chomp: Luis Suárez, who was suspended from all soccer activities for four months after […]

Today’s footie, and the progress of our contest

There’s no footie today, of course. On Saturday, though, we’ll have the match for third place, with Brazil up against Netherlands. For some reason I’m not expecting much there. But on Sunday Argentina goes up against the mighty German team, and I’m expecting a good game. Several Argentine players are injured, and my heart and my […]

Go Argentina!

I want to see them play the Germans.

Two analyses of Brazil’s defeat

I’m sure there are tons of these throughout the world, but here are two I’ve found in American media, both worth reading: Jeremy Stahl (senior editor at Slate): “Every German goal in its 7-1 victory over Brazil made history. Here’s how.“ Frank Foer at the New Republic: “Let the recriminations begin in Brazil, and let […]

Today’s footie

Well, today’s another day, and perhaps one team won’t be as humiliated as Brazil was yesterday, losing 7-1 to Germany. It was a debacle; Germany played wonderfully, with precision passing and great teamwork; Brazil fell apart on defense, seeming to run around like a bunch of headless and clueless chickens. I’m sure there’s a lot […]


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