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David Bentley Hart: Humans’ search for truth proves God

Although David Bentley Hart claims, in his book The Experience of God: Being, Consciousness, Bliss, that he isn’t adducing evidence for God, that’s in fact what he spends most of his time doing. That evidence includes Why is There Something Instead of Nothing, the scientifically inexplicable fact of consciousness as well as of our power to reason, […]

My “devil’s dictionary”

Ambrose Bierce’s famous “Devil’s Dictionary,” in which he defines words darkly and sarcastically, is online, and is well worth glancing at. He’s merciless with religion, for instance: SAINT, n. A dead sinner revised and edited. The Duchess of Orleans relates that the irreverent old calumniator, Marshal Villeroi, who in his youth had known St. Francis […]

I got the book! You know, the one with the best arguments for God

In the game of Theological Whack-a-Mole, in which one book after another is proffered as the “best argument for God and/or religion,” only to be replaced by another after the first is found wanting, there is supposedly now A Mole That Can’t Be Whacked. And that is the book I’m holding below, which I finally […]

Is God a bodiless person?

I found in my mailbox yesterday a letter from an staff member at “Awake,” the official publication of the Jehovah’s Witnesses (JWs), and a magazine that many of us have probably been proffered in door to door proselytizing events.  I thumbed through it briefly, and found an article called “The Untold Story of Creation.” Surprisingly, […]

Why religion can be rational, but is doing it wrong

For part of the book I’m writing, I’m investigating the claim—one made by theologians and religious apologists—that science in fact was an outgrowth of Christianity, explaining the rise of science in Europe and nowhere else. (Yes, yes, I know about China and the Middle East, but their science fizzled out.) One of the most vociferous […]

Website post reprinted in The New Republic

Because someone requested it, I guess I’ll let people know when a post from this site is purchased by and reprinted in The New Republic. My recent post on David Bentley Hart and Oliver Burkeman’s Best Evidence for God has been reprinted at the TNR as “‘The ‘best arguments for God’s existence’ are actually terrible.” […]

What are the “best” arguments for God? More kudos (and raspberries) for David Bentley Hart’s new book.

The most common critique leveled at New Atheists is that we attack only puerile, fundamentalist forms of religion, and never engage with the “best” arguments of the faithful: those adumbrated by Sophisticated Theologians™.  Never mind that most believers accept a view of God more anthropomorphic than as simply a “ground of being” or a deistic […]

Speaking of sophisticated theology. . .

Here’s today’s Jesus and Mo, in which the artist, in just four panels, destroys Alvin Plantinga’s argument for “warranted belief” in Christianity: Like all atheists, my sensus divinitatis is broken, too. h/t: Linda Grilli

A theologian at HuffPo informs me that theology “is not about God”

It is with a heavy heart that I sit down at my keyboard this morning, for I must spend the next hour locking horns (see previous post) with a theologian—one suffering so severely from cognitive dissonance that he argues that theology is not about God. Something is wrong on the Internet. The misguided theologian, David […]

The Atlantic gives the world’s worst advice: study more theology

I’ve spent much of the last several years reading theology of all stripes, from the most fundamentalist version (e.g. Ken Ham), to versions slightly more sophisticated, like William Lane Craig, to the most rarefied and “sophisticated” versions, like those of Karen Armstrong, Alvin Plantinga, and Søren Kierkegaard. Now I admit I’m an atheist and have […]


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