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The incoherence of Karen Armstrong

Karen Armstrong earns her living by making liberal believers feel Sophisticated, for she writes books and gives lectures about The Real Nature of God. And that is A God Who is Awesome But Can’t Be Described. (Yet Armstrong manages to write and utter thousands of words about that apophatic God!) How she found this out, and how she knows she’s right […]

Intersectional faith

This cartoon, from reader Pliny the in Between and posted at his site Pictoral Theology, is the answer to all those liberal apologists who tell us that “all faiths are at bottom really the same.” (That’s stupid on the face of it!). I like the liberal characterization of theistic evolution at top left. ~  

God of the gaps

Here’s a new cartoon by reader Pliny the in Between, from his/her site, Pictoral Theology. Does this remind you of a famous Sidney Harris cartoon? And who does that Sophisticated Theologian™ look like?

Tonia Lombrozo at NPR: Factual and religious “beliefs” may differ

Okay, I’m not going to dissect the article cited below for two reasons. First, I’m working on the copyedits of the Albatross, an onerous and tiring task. But the main reason is that a colleague and I are writing a scholarly critique of the paper , and it’s wearisome to state the arguments twice. But the paper […]

If Sophisticated Theologians controlled religion

From reader Pliny the in Between:

A new view of hell: “Conditional immortality”

An article in the October 10 New York Times, “Tormented in the afterlife, but not forever,” shows us how theology “progresses.” After thinking about the issue for a few millennia, some theologians have decided, based on rumination and judicious Biblical exegesis, that Hell might not consist of eternal immolation after all.  Maybe you just fry […]

Making a virtue of necessity: doubt as “a crucial part of faith”

On September 18 I discussed the confession of Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, that he had experienced some heavy doubts about God’s existence, based on God’s distressing lack of appearance on the planet. Surprisingly, though, Welby had no doubts about Jesus. I found that quite astonishing, for Jesus has meaning to Welby only as the […]

William Lane Craig answers a distressed reader: “If ISIS’s god were mine, should I do what he says?”

Sometimes the mask slips just a little on Sophisticated Theologians™—or, in the case of William Lane Craig, Slick Theologians.  In this case it happened when Craig was forced to answer the question, one not often taken up by theologians, of how they know their god is the RIGHT God. It came in the form of […]

The ghost ouside the machine

Reader Pliny the in Between has posted this on his/her website Pictoral Theology; it’s relevant to our discussions about consciousness and God.    

A new proof of God: The argument from The Matrix

Well, there’s this website whose name (which includes “Science and Nonduality”) has some strange characters in it, so I’ll just give a screenshot that links to the site: Part of the site’s aim is to “ignite the dialogue between science and spirituality,” which already erects my fur. And on that site, someone named Bernardo Kastrup has […]


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