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Photos of the day: real tweets and a felid

Here is what tweets should really be instead of those 140-character snippets of self-promotion, beach selfies, and rage-fighting that afflict us on Twi**er: The books were found by my friend Andrew Berry from Harvard, teaching an evolutionary biology course at Oxford this summer. And, as lagniappe, a local sign. Cave Hollow Village is apparently near Hannibal, Missouri, home of the […]

The divine Sarah

Two of the three surviving Horsemen, Sam Harris and Dan Dennett, follow Sarah Silverman on Twi**er, and Dan isn’t even Jewish (I haven’t checked who Dawkins follows).  Sam follows only 29 people, too.  I’d follow Sarah as well—if I followed anyone. The reasons are psychologically complex, but her header gives some clues:

Ask Dawkins anything

UPDATE: I’m just told by the reddit people that “we are live” and the link to “Ask Richard Anything” is here. Even if you don’t have anything to ask, go on over and watch the fun! A tw**t from Dawkins notes that he’ll be on reddit answering readers’ questions today, but you have to be […]

The Deepak shoots but doesn’t score

Sharon Hill has been tw**ting back and forth with The Deepak since Chopra and I had an “exchange of views” in The New Republic.  Chopra, trying his best to be funny, and failing miserably, posted the following ad hominem in response to Sharon Hill’s tw**t about that exchange. I will ignore the insults and remind Chopra […]

Ray Comfort loses Twitter account to atheist hijacker

UPDATE: Apparently Comfort’s account is still hacked, and an atheist is posting the tw**ts there.  He’s doing a good job of imitating Comfort, but making his statements just a bit too bizarre to be real–even for Ray.  The commenters below make a good case that Comfort hasn’t regained control of his site yet. _______ Ray […]


From now on he’s “Pinkah” (and yes, I know he’s not from Boston):

Thanks, Richard (I think)!

From Dawkins’s Twitter feed: Well, it’s not a fetish or anything!  After all, I think Richard collects animals from old merry-go-rounds. . .

A shout-out from Jad Abumrad

OMG—a reader called to my attention a profile in today’s New York Times of Jad Abumrad, who is the creator and co-host of NPR’s Radiolab, a science-y show with a humorous twist. The piece details what he’s reading, watching, listening to, and following on social media. A friend emailed me to read the piece carefully, […]


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