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Good news for secularism: Part II. Belief in the supernatural declines in U.S., acceptance of evolution rises

This is a post about a poll, but it’s a very interesting poll, both because it shows the high level of superstition in the U.S. and also shows that that superstition—which includes religious belief—is steadily declining.  Do read the results if you have time. According to a new Harris Poll (2250 U.S. adults surveyed this […]

Good news for secularism. I. Meatballs make baby Jesus cry in Florida

If you can’t lick ‘em, join ‘em—or rather, slurp them. reports for the first of today’s Good News for Secularism posts (there will be several): The most recently approved display in the Florida Capitol is one from the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. A desk chair with a shredded cardboard representation of its deity […]

A new Polish rationalist website, now with more cat

My dear friends Andrzej Koraszewski and Malgorzata Koraszewska, who previously did all the work on the Polish website Racjonalista (and who are owned by Hili, the the most famous cat in Poland), have left that site to start their own: “Listy z naszego sadu” (“Letters from our orchard”). It’s attractively laid out and will contain […]

The burqa issue resurfaces

First, let’s review what a burqa is, as it’s often confused with other Muslim garments and even with headscarves. It’s the full-length body covering worn by some Muslim women, and usually includes a head covering with a veil over the eyes, completely obscuring the face. Here are two women wearing the garment: Three years ago, […]

Happy Fourth from the FFRF

Greg Mayer reports that the Freedom From Religion Foundation (the Official Website Secular Organization™) has a full-page ad in today’s New York Times (page A7 of the paper edition).  I couldn’t find it either online or at the FFRF site, so Greg kindly photographed it for me. It celebrates America’s secular origins: Do join the […]

Are secularists slackers when it comes to relief efforts?

You might be aware, from discussions on the internet, about Joe Klein’s slur on secular humanists in his recent Time magazine piece on returning veterans performing public service.  Klein mentioned, after seeing church groups helping out after the Oklahoma tornado disaster, “funny how you don’t see organized groups of secular humanists giving out hot meals. […]

Atheism among Anglophone scientists. I. The U.S.

I’ll put up two posts today about the atheism of scientists. The first—this one—is old news, but I’ve separated it from one I’ll put up a bit later, which is a new survey of atheism among scientists in the UK. It’s been known for a long time that American scientists are far more likely to […]

Charlotte, North Carolina proclaims “Day of Reason”

In honor of my visit*—I’m flying into Charlotte today (see post above)—the mayor of that city has officially proclaimed a “Day of Reason.” Anthony Foxx, current mayor but nominated by President Obama to be the next Secretary of Transportation, issued the following decree: Read that thing! A more secular document you couldn’t find! There’s no reference […]

Speaking of Hitchenses,

today would have been Christopher’s 64th birthday had he lived.  As we all knew, nobody has emerged to replace him, for his combination of eloquence, erudition, independence, and effectiveness in debate cannot be matched.  In his honor, I post this nice picture of the good Hitchens (a photo I hadn’t seen) sent by reader Grania:

David Cameron osculates the rump of faith

After Tony Blair, I thought that government osculation of religious rumps would cease, but prime minister David Cameron, it seems is up to the same old tricks.  According to Britain’s National Secular Society, he’s bending over backwards to praise Christianity: Prime Minister David Cameron held yet another reception at Downing Street for religious leaders this […]


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