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Seven states still officially ban atheists from holding public office

The Los Angeles Times editorial was today’s good news; now here’s the bad, although you might construe it as getting better. According to Saturday’s New York Times, seven U.S. states still have laws on the books prohibiting atheists from holding public office. The Friendly Atheist has listed them all, along with the relevant statues, and I’ll just reproduce […]

Christian hatred of atheists: Salon almost, but not quite, manages to diss religion

If ever there were an opportunity to point out the problems with religion, it’s with the publication of a new book by Bonnie Weinstein,  To the Far Right Christian Hater: You Can Be a Good Speller, or a Hater, but You Can’t Be Both: Official Hate Male, Threats, and Criticism from the Archives of the Military […]

Advance Australia Fair: the Aussies are losing their religion

This report is from a year ago (and the data go up to only 2011), but I thought I’d put it up anyway, because, although secularism is on the rise in nearly ever Western nation, but it’s particularly pronounced in Australia. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports, in a census of what looks to be nearly everyone […]

“Nones” rise again in the U.S.

The last time I looked, the proportion of “nones”—those people who don’t describe themselves as formally affiliated with a church and don’t usually go to church—was about 15% in the U.S. Now, a new study suggests it can be as high as—wait for it—38%! I like that, for Professor Ceiling Cat long ago predicted that America was […]

Guest post: How to make a mess of modernity

Reader Grania Spingies, one of the founders of Atheist Ireland, has kindly consented to write about the blasphemy law that is still on the books in Ireland. How to Make a Mess of Modernity by Grania Spingies Ireland should soon be having a referendum on whether to remove blasphemy as a criminal offence from the statute books. A […]

Anthony Grayling: why we need secularism

Someone asked about a statement I attributed to philosopher Anthony Grayling: a statement about how all religions would be repressive if they had complete political power.  I’ve found at least one Grayling quote to that effect, and I commend it to the attention of the citizens of Lebanon, Missouri. It’s from his essay “The secular and […]

Maryam Namazie interviews A.C. Grayling

Here’s a half-hour discussion of secularism, its highlight a conversation between Maryam Namazie and Anthony Grayling. The interview is bookended by her conversation with Fariborz Pooya, and Bahram Soroush, who I assume are her colleagues on one or another of the anti-Islamic committees in which she’s active. The interview with Grayling begins at 3:15 and lasts until 22:16. […]

Ron Reagan’s ad for the FFRF

The Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF), our Official Website Secular Organization™, has sent its members a link to a brand-new secularist ad by Ron Reagan, son of the late President. Reagan fils is, of course, a longstanding and outspoken atheist, and has won the FFRF’s “Emperor Has No Clothes” award. I love the last line. It […]

Good news for secularism: Part II. Belief in the supernatural declines in U.S., acceptance of evolution rises

This is a post about a poll, but it’s a very interesting poll, both because it shows the high level of superstition in the U.S. and also shows that that superstition—which includes religious belief—is steadily declining.  Do read the results if you have time. According to a new Harris Poll (2250 U.S. adults surveyed this […]

Good news for secularism. I. Meatballs make baby Jesus cry in Florida

If you can’t lick ‘em, join ‘em—or rather, slurp them. reports for the first of today’s Good News for Secularism posts (there will be several): The most recently approved display in the Florida Capitol is one from the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. A desk chair with a shredded cardboard representation of its deity […]


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