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A bookish coincidence

Sadly, as I am preening the Albatross I have almost no time to write about science: such posts are much, much harder than posts on politics and atheism. Fortunately, the Albatross is almost at her nesting ground. Coincidentally, Matthew finished his book the same day as I did, and, yesterday, as I was going through my bibliography (mindless grunt […]

A prisoner wants answers about evolution

I used to get these letters all the time, when I was doing forensic DNA analysis (and testimony) for defense attorneys. Inmates would somehow find out about me, and write me letters asking for help. They were always pathetic, pleaded that they were innocent (something that has to be considered if they’re asking for DNA evidence), […]

Ohio supposedly makes its school standards bill more amenable to science

As Ohio’s House Bill 597 makes its way through the legislature, intended to prevent students from thinking while indoctrinating them with right-wing propaganda, a paragraph that could be construed as allowing religious explanations in science has been removed and replaced with other. (See my recent post on the issue here.) Here, from my post, is […]

A cute tw**t

Finally, to celebrate England’s new curriculum that starts teaching about evolution when kids are 10 or 11, we have this nice tw**t: Of course Steve Gould and Niles Eldredge would say, “NOW!”

Evolution now officially part of British primary-school curriculum

From the British Humanist Association comes an announcement about the advent of an evolution curriculum in British primary schools, so that evolution education, as of this year, begins at age 10 or 11 instead of age 14-15: Today sees a new national curriculum in English schools come into force, and for the first time this […]

Once there were billions

JAC: Yesterday I mentioned that today is an anniversary of note. I forgot that it was the 75th anniversary of the invasion of Poland by the Germans, and thus the beginning of World War II. But it’s also a biological anniversary, and Greg has volunteered to tell us about that one: by Greg Mayer Exactly […]

I was prescient! Bill Nye and the Ark Park

Mike Greer, a retired Baptist minister, is a rarity: someone who seems to speak out about the abuses inflicted by people who claim to have God on their side. He writes for Religion Dispatches, but that doesn’t mean he’s soft on faith. You can see that in his new piece, “Did the ‘Science Guy’ Bill […]

Khan Academy’s strange accommodationism between evolution and intelligent design (aka God)

The Khan Academy is a site and an educational method that is widely used in America. Founded by Salman Khan, it’s free, and consists of a number of videos that are supposed to teach you just as well as, or better than, conventional classroom education.  The videos are crude, drawn by hand during the presentation, and […]

Mashable video: Common myths about evolution

A short while back the people at Mashable told me that they wanted to produce a short video on evolution—one dispelling some of the common myths about it.  I talked to them in detail, and, using their ideas as well as input from me and others, they came up with this 3-minute video: The video is also on […]

The Jesus Delusion

Don McLeroy, former head of the Texas State Board of Education and a regular member for several years during The Great Texas Textbook Wars, added his own comment (he’s moderated) to the post “Catholic biologist Ken Miller talks about God and evolution”. This is what appeared on my dashboard. McLeroy, as many of you know, is […]


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