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Is religion a superstition?

I haven’t been able to read the comments as often as I should, but I gather that Eric MacDonald and Ben Goren are at each other’s throats about whether religion has value apart from its truth claims, whether it’s a “way of knowing,” and, whether religion is a “superstition.” Eric maintained that religion wasn’t a […]

Get the popcorn: Sean Carroll goes at it hammer and tongs with William Lane Craig—livestreamed tonight!

I’m sure we’ll all be rooting for Official Website Physicist™ Sean Carroll as he begins his two-day series of debates and discussions with William “Kill the Canaanites” Craig this evening. And you can watch tonight’s debate live (see below). The topic is whether modern cosmology gives any evidence for God, and you can read all […]

Half of American fans think God (or demons) affect the outcome of sports

One of the perpetual ways to make fun of religion, at least in America, is to note that many Americans think that God takes an interest in sports. Athletes like Tim Tebow give thanks to God for their achievements and their teams’ victories, and Americans regularly pray for the success of their teams. (I doubt […]

How to suck at your religion

The title above is also the title of a strip from The Oatmeal, which, curiously, ends with the same sort of nihilism evinced in yesterday’s SMBC strip. But this one is much funnier, though it’s too long to reproduce here. So go to the link and start the day with a chortle.  (I started mine […]

Newly translated pre-Biblical tablet describes a great flood and a “rescue boat” with wild animals aboard—in pairs!

We’ve known since at least 1872 that the Great Flood detailed in Genesis is a descendant of earlier flood myths from Mesopotamia.  And there may be some credibility to the presence of at least some serious floods then, based on the fact that Mesopotamia is a giant flood plain and the presence of some archeological […]

In my hotel room

Some reader suggested I look for the Book of Mormon in my hotel room, since Bill Marriott, the CEO of the hotel group, is an important Mormon. As his Wikipedia bio notes: He is an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). In an episode of 60 Minutes aired on April 7, 1996, […]

Eben Alexander’s bogus trip to heaven

You must be living on another planet if you haven’t heard of neurosurgeon Eben Alexander’s 2012 book, Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey Into the Afterlife, which recounts his goddy experience while in a coma after a bout of bacterial meningitis.  It’s sold over two million copies, has been translated into dozens of languages, and […]

Guest post: A reader’s deconversion story

One of our readers, Mark Joseph, mentioned in an earlier comment that he used to be a missionary. A simple query by me led to his producing a small essay about how and why he abandoned Christianity.  I thought that putting this up was a good way to begin the new year. Two notes: this […]

It is finished

From Ed Brody’s Twi**er feed, via Matthew Cobb, we have a newspaper television listing that Brody labels “spoiler alert”: What about Revelation??

Dennett and LaScola’s new book on nonbelieving clergy

CORRECTION:  I’ve heard from Linda LaScola, who asked me to correct one error: the book below did not come out of the Clergy Project, but vice versa. I’m putting up her email (which she also put as a comment below), so that you can get the facts: By the way, the study did not come […]


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