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My podcast on the Bryan Callen Show

Episode 113 of the Bryan Callen Show is a podcast I did about two weeks ago. It’s about an hour long, and you can hear it here. I can’t bear to listen to such things, but the conversation devolved into sundry matters. As I recall, I got into a small but interesting kerfuffle with Callen’s co-host, […]

We’re #1

This will be the last self-aggrandizing post of the week, but reader Diana “Your Toilet Paper is Backwards” MacPherson alerted me to something on Seth Andrews’ s(“The Thinking Atheist”) Facebook page. You can listen or download that podcast (but only if you haven’t read WEIT) here, and the whole panoply of Seth’s podcasts can be […]

Podcast with The Thinking Atheist

I much enjoyed my 1.25-hour interview with Seth Andrews, the “Thinking Atheist”. As you know, he used to be a dyed-in-the-wool Christian and broadcaster of Jesus stuff, but became an atheist. He now runs one of the best godless podcasts around. Last night we talked almost solely about evolution, with Seth throwing creationist objections at […]

Interview with the Thinking Atheist

Tonight I’ll share an hour-long radio show with Seth Andrews, the host of the podcast “The Thinking Atheist”. The topic will be evolution and its creationist detractors, and you can hear it live here at 6 pm Central Time (US), or download it at some time later. After some discussion of the issues, there will […]

My interview here: full and archived

My 32-minute interview with Todd Hatton at WKMS (the Murray State University student radio station) has now been archived online; you can find it here. Just click on the “listen” button. As I recall, most of the discussion was about the compatibility of science and religion, touching on accommodationists strategies used by scientists like Francis […]

My interview on Freethought Radio

I’ll be on Freethought Radio tomorrow with Annie Laurie Gaylor and Dan Barker of the Freedom from Religion Foundation, discussing the distressing the incursion of intelligent-design advocates at Ball State University. The whole show runs from 11 a.m.-noon Central (U.S.) time, and you can listen to it live at The Mic 92.1.  (Just click on the […]

An interview with ex-preacher Jerry DeWitt

Jian Ghomeshi at the CBC has a new 16-minute interview with Jerry DeWitt, the Pentacostal preacher turned atheist who lost his wife, friends, and family when he gave up God. He was the first person to “come out” in the “Clergy Project,” a support group for nonbelieving preachers, and is an intelligent and articulate man. […]

Zack Kopplin debates Luskin and Medved

The young (20) anticreationist activist Zack Kopplin, highlighted in a post this morning,  will be debating the Clown Duo, Michael Medved and Casey Luskin (both of the Discovery Institute) at 3 p.m. CDT (4 p.m. EDT) on Medved’s radio show.  I presume the topic will be evolution versus intelligent design in the public schools. You […]

Radio debate: Dan Barker vs. Casey Luskin on the Ball State case

Michael Medved, a conservative radio host of the Rush Limbaugh stripe, hosted a 20-minute “debate” on his show the other day between Dan Barker (co-president of the Freedom from Religion Foundation, or FFRF) and Casey Luskin, creationist and research director of the Center for Science and Culture at the Discovery Institute, an intelligent design “think” […]

A shout-out from Jad Abumrad

OMG—a reader called to my attention a profile in today’s New York Times of Jad Abumrad, who is the creator and co-host of NPR’s Radiolab, a science-y show with a humorous twist. The piece details what he’s reading, watching, listening to, and following on social media. A friend emailed me to read the piece carefully, […]


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