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Reza Aslan promotes himself, demonizes atheists, and exaggerates his credentials

Once again Heather Hastie, at her website Heather’s Homilies, has saved me from the wearisome task of writing about Reza Aslan.  Her latest post takes apart Aslan’s recent article in Salon, “Reza Aslan: Sam Harris and ‘New Atheists’ aren’t new, aren’t even atheists.” Read Aslan’s post if you can stand it, and then Heather’s, as Heather […]

Don Prothero discusses fossils with the Thinking Atheist

This was just put up: an audio discussion between Seth “The Thinking Atheist” Andrews and Don Prothero, a prolific paleobiologist and author of one of my favorite evolution books, Evolution: What the Fossils Say and Why it Matters. The introduction begins at about 6:30, and the show continues for about an hour and five minutes after that. […]

My New Republic piece on bungled executions (and a related radio interview)

My piece on Oklahoma’s botched execution of Clayton Lockett has been heavily rewritten, combined with some other stuff, and published by The New Republic as “The three-drug death penalty cocktail is a mess.” (It takes about 2.5 hours to rewrite a website post for a column.) If you love Professor Ceiling Cat, who has hearts on […]

Today only! Professor Ceiling Cat to expatiate to the BBC on zonkeys

UPDATE 2: Reader Miranda, notes, in the comments below, that you can hear my expatiation on zonkeys broadcast again at this link; the second Newshour broadcast will start at 4 pm EST (US) and 9 pm London time. My short zonkey segment begins about 24 minutes after the hour. [Click on the episode entitled “Observers seized in Ukraine”; […]

My podcast on the Bryan Callen Show

Episode 113 of the Bryan Callen Show is a podcast I did about two weeks ago. It’s about an hour long, and you can hear it here. I can’t bear to listen to such things, but the conversation devolved into sundry matters. As I recall, I got into a small but interesting kerfuffle with Callen’s co-host, […]

We’re #1

This will be the last self-aggrandizing post of the week, but reader Diana “Your Toilet Paper is Backwards” MacPherson alerted me to something on Seth Andrews’ s(“The Thinking Atheist”) Facebook page. You can listen or download that podcast (but only if you haven’t read WEIT) here, and the whole panoply of Seth’s podcasts can be […]

Podcast with The Thinking Atheist

I much enjoyed my 1.25-hour interview with Seth Andrews, the “Thinking Atheist”. As you know, he used to be a dyed-in-the-wool Christian and broadcaster of Jesus stuff, but became an atheist. He now runs one of the best godless podcasts around. Last night we talked almost solely about evolution, with Seth throwing creationist objections at […]

Interview with the Thinking Atheist

Tonight I’ll share an hour-long radio show with Seth Andrews, the host of the podcast “The Thinking Atheist”. The topic will be evolution and its creationist detractors, and you can hear it live here at 6 pm Central Time (US), or download it at some time later. After some discussion of the issues, there will […]

My interview here: full and archived

My 32-minute interview with Todd Hatton at WKMS (the Murray State University student radio station) has now been archived online; you can find it here. Just click on the “listen” button. As I recall, most of the discussion was about the compatibility of science and religion, touching on accommodationists strategies used by scientists like Francis […]

My interview on Freethought Radio

I’ll be on Freethought Radio tomorrow with Annie Laurie Gaylor and Dan Barker of the Freedom from Religion Foundation, discussing the distressing the incursion of intelligent-design advocates at Ball State University. The whole show runs from 11 a.m.-noon Central (U.S.) time, and you can listen to it live at The Mic 92.1.  (Just click on the […]


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