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Russia’s lies about Ukraine

Today’s New York Times has a longish piece (“Russia is quick to bend the truth about Ukraine“) about how Moscow is doing its best to destabilize the eastern Ukraine, while at the same time pretending that it has nothing to do with the situation and urging the international community to bring peace. The object, as […]

Evolution made my daughter cry

[Jerry asked me to write something about this article forwarded by reader Steve as he is pretty much tied up today and tomorrow. I would normally approach the subject of US politics cautiously, not being an American myself; but "evolution made my daughter cry" is one of the most plaintive battle cries I have ever heard. - Grania […]

As I predicted

A while back I predicted—not that I’m a political savant or anything—that Russia wouldn’t be satisfied with Crimea, but would go for Ukraine as well. Most people thought I was wrong, and I hoped I was, too. But I just got this email bulletin from CNN: Secretary of State John Kerry said today that Russian […]

The Supreme Court screws up again

Count on it: when you see a 5-4 decision in the U.S. Supreme Court, it means—except for rare exceptions like the “Obamacare” vote—very bad news for liberals. And it happened again yesterday, with the court voting to eliminate the cap on the total amount of money individuals could contribute to all federal candidates in an […]

Two Republican creationists block South Carolina’s adoption of the Wooly Mammoth as the state fossil

Nothing surprises me any more when it involves Republicans and evolution (or science, or abortion, or immigration, or health care—the list is a long one). Yet this story, bizarre as it is, shows how truly benighted the members of that party are when it comes to science—and pandering to creationists. From Americans Against the Tea Party comes […]

Today’s Google Doodle celebrates civil rights activist

Am I mistaken, or have Google Doodles been appearing more frequently these days? Today’s is a good one, a lovely portrait: If you click on the portrait at Google (the picture above is a screenshot), you’ll see that that person is Dorothy Irene Height (1912-2010), who would, if she had lived, been 102 today. Regarded as the […]

New Tory party poster echoes Orwell

If we ever needed proof that the Tories are Britain’s equivalent of the U.S.’s Republicans, this is it. Yesterday, British Tories (Conservative Party members) produced the following poster after delivering the 2014 budget; this version came from a tw**t by Grant Shapps, chairman of the Conservative Party: That’s about as classist and condescending as you […]

What’s next for Russia?

The Ukraine, of course. It doesn’t take much prescience to see that Putin is already inciting agitation there, and I expect that another phony referendum will follow, and that country, too, will be absorbed into Russia. With his vision of a greater Russia, and the fact that nobody can do anything to stop him (sanctions […]

New Chrome app for Aussies: Stop Tony Meow

The Guardian reports a striking technological breakthrough: In what appears to be a dramatic escalation of the proliferation of cat photos on the internet, three Australian developers have created an application allowing users to replace pictures of prime minister Tony Abbott with images of cute kittens. An add on to the internet browser Google Chrome […]

Jeremy Paxman talks to the Jesus and Mo artist; BBC and Channel 4 censor cartoon; Nawaz explains his tw**t of death

As you may know, Liberal Democrat Maajid Nawaz, a Muslim and candidate for M.P., tweeted a perfectly innocuous Jesus and Mo cartoon, which has of course aroused ire in not just the British Muslim community, but among left-wing Brits, who are scared to death of Muslim ire and cowed by thoughts of appearing “Islamophobic.”  Nawaz […]


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