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Chicago: rainy evening

This was taken Wednesday night after a miserable rain. I could barely make out the skyline through the mist. Click to enlarge.

Readers’ wildlife photos: A baked eagle

“Have you ever looked at your talons? I mean—have you ever really looked at your talons?” Photo by Stephen Barnard

Readers’ wildlife (and cat) photographs

I got nothing today: I am struggling with a book,  have three new talks  to write and deliver in the next three weeks (one at a conference next week on the evolution of morality at Oakland University in Michigan, and two Storer Lectures at UC Davis), must file two final reports on grants, prepare for […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Bruce sends photos and information about a local pair of red-shouldered hawks (Buteo lineatus): For the past few years a pair of red-shouldered hawks has bred somewhere close to my house in Santa Cruz California (I live on campus) but I have not been able to find their nest.  This species has a strange […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Reader Pete Moulton has sent some lovely bird photographs and a note: After seeing Stephen’s [S. Barnard] usual terrific photography, I’m emboldened to pass along a few more favorite bird pix. Water birds in the desert! All with my usual walking around setup: Canon Rebel T1i and the 100-400 image-stabilizing zoom lens. Sandhill Crane (Grus […]

Readers’ wildlife photos: Geese, meese, and woodpeckers

Reader Stephen Barnard sent a good photo of what he considers a “drab bird”: a Canada goose (Branta canadensis), as well as a photo of two meese (Alces alces). His notes: My best BIF to date. Technically. Too bad it’s on a drab bird that urban dwellers and golfers love to hate. As a langiappe, […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Don’t forget that squirrel are wildlife, too (please don’t bother pointing out that they are a). pests, b). displacing red squirrels, or c). can be enjoyed as a meal). From reader Susan: Breakfast of champions? Squirrel enjoying the last of the freeze dried crab apples outside our front window.

Holiday snaps, Boston

I usually put up one big post at the end of a trip, recounting my travels and showing the high spots, including noms.  But I often intend to add further posts, but never get around to it because of the press of time. (I still have yet to post my photos from Auschwitz, and that […]

More damn snow!

I’m not one to complain much about the weather, but the prolonged snow is starting to get me down (how do people in Alaska survive?). After a deceptive warm spell, it snowed again in Chicago last night, and heavily. And now the wind is howling like a banshee, making it seem much colder. Here are a […]

Lovely marine worms

You don’t like worms? That’s a narrow-minded attitude—especially in light of these beautiful marine worms, photographed by Alexander Semenov, posted on Colossal, and called to my attention by several readers (how do you people find these things?). I’ve chosen a few for your delectation, but go look at them all. I have no idea what the […]


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