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Readers’ wildlife photographs

We have pictures from several readers today.  First, a plea for ID from reader Jeremy, who isn’t quite sure about this insect: I was hiking around Pelee Island on Lake Erie when I came across this little fella.  I think it might be a black-legged meadow katydid (Orchelimum nigripes) but I’m not quite sure.  He was producing […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Reader Diana MacPherson is busy documenting her birds and chippies, and reader Matt sent some loons: This first picture is a bit blurry but I thought it was interesting to see the size difference between the Eastern Grey Squirrel ([Sciurus carolinensis] this guy has really red fur) and the Chipmunk ([Eastern chipmunk: Tamias striatus] who you can […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

There are lots of birds today, but we have one creature for the herpers, too. American reader Joe Dickinson sends some photos from California: From my morning walk down by Rio del Mar Beach and Aptos Creek, here are a brown pelican (Pelicanus occidentalis) sleeping on the wall adjacent to the promenade, oblivious to (or ignoring) walkers and joggers passing […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Out in Idaho, Stephen Barnard is trying to take the perfect bird pictures. He sends three species today. First, a diving Swainson’s Hawk (Buteo swainsoni): Sandhill crane (Grus canadensis): An osprey (Pandion haliaetus) with a rainbow trout: And moar Swainson’s Hawks: And reader Ken Phelps sends some unusual macro photography: I thought you might be interested in […]

Wednesday: Reader’s wildlife photos

Reader Jente Ottenburghs, who studies biology in the Netherlands, sent some photos taken in Tanzania and a note: In April I went to Tanzania for a two-week birding trip. Because it was low-season, it was very quiet on the savannah, in terms of jeeps. But it is the best time for bird watching. During the trip, […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

The readers have come through with a bunch more pictures, so I’m set for a while, although be aware that due to an upcoming trip (more later), posting will be light Thursday through Monday.  But today we have some lovely bird photos taken in China by reader Bruce Lyon. His notes are indented: In June I […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs (and spot the pika!)

Several readers responded to my call for photos, and most are post-worthy. There’s a diverse phylogenetic mixture today. For example, reader Jeremy sent some photos of the adorable pika in its mountain habitat, with an extra “spot the pika” feature (answer tomorrow): I went hiking today around the Lake Louise area in the Canadian Rockies.  I […]

Chicago: sunset

We had a spectacular sunset on Saturday after a driving thunderstorm a few hours earlier. Two photos of Chicago: downtown and toward the University: A sky of flames. The two buildings are the University’s business school (left) and a new under-construction building for the Laboratory School (a university-affiliated school with students from nursery school through high school):

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Stephen Barnard in Idaho continues his quest for the perfect picture of a rufous hummingbird (Selasphorus rufus), one so good it could be an illustration in a bird guide. I think he’s close enough. Every time I look at one of these things, I marvel at what natural selection can do, and I think of […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

First we have an Honorary Cat™ (also known as a fox) sent by reader Graham with the note: As I’m typing this the fox is sitting in the garden, making itself at home and ignoring me. Photos taken with a Pentax K-500 with a Sigma 300 telephoto lens. Hope they’re good enough for your website […]


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