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Readers’ wildlife photos

I’m thinking of changing this to “Reader‘s wildlife photos,” as it’s rapidly becoming the bailiwick of Stephen Barnard. (But if course, and as always, I encourage readers to send me their pics.) Here’s another splendid bird photo, this time of the cinnamon teal (Anas cyanoptera).  Click to enlarge. Here’s its range map from the Cornell […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Stephen Barnard again! It’s heron nesting season in Idaho, and I can’t resist putting up these photos of graceful Great Blue Herons (Ardea herodias) from Idaho.  If you want to watch these birds live: Cornell has a live Blue HeronCam here, showing the birds in Ithaca, New York: The largest of the North American herons, […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Guess who took these? Answer is at bottom; a hint is that they’re from Idaho, so this ain’t rocket science. But the pictures are lovely—some of the best I’ve seen from this guy. The second photo in particular is a masterpiece of avian grace. His notes: These Great Blue Herons are doing their mating thing, across […]

British mammal photo contest winners

by Greg Mayer The Mammal Society, a membership society devoted to the conservation and scientific study of the mammals of the British Isles, has recently released the top photos from its second annual Mammal Photographer of the Year awards, and there are quite a few absolutely fabulous photos in the competition. This year’s first-prize winner […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Well, there’s no obvious wildlife here, but we get an awesome Idaho landscape from reader/photographer Stephen Barnard. His title: “After the storm.”  

The world’s oldest living organisms

Today’s Fun Biology Facts come from PuffHo, which gives a list (it’s been replicated elsewhere) of the world’s oldest individual organisms (or, in some cases, clones). These come from a book by artist Rachel Sussman to be published by the University of Chicago Press on April 14: The Oldest Living Things in the World. (the spruce […]

Caturday felids: Lynx with huge paws, and purloining moggie

I know someone is going to say the image below is Photoshopped (that’s Coyne’s Second Rule of Blo**ing), but it isn’t. It’s just a very large wild cat, and the way it’s being held makes it look bigger. Reader Don sent this photo of a Canada lynx (Lynx canadensis), one of the four species in the genus […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Do I really need to mention that these photos come from Stephen Barnard in Idaho? The bald eagles at Silver Creek are nesting, causing great commotion in the surrounding heron nests (I believe these eagles took over a heron nest and enlarged it. The surrounding herons in their nests are, of course, going nuts). His […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Out in Idaho, Stephen Barnard not only sends a photo, but admits that he has paranormal abilities (I believe Rupert Sheldrake has studied the “eyes on the back on the neck” phenomenon: I was photographing some geese in the field when I felt eyes on the back of my neck. I turned around and this moose was […]

Readers’ wildlife (and landscape) photos

Warning: I’m off from Wedneday through Friday afternoon this week, speaking on free will at a conference on The Evolution of Morality at Oakland University. Posting will be light unless Drs. Mayer and Cobb have time to fill in. There are two photos from Idaho this morning, one a landscape and the other a mammal. […]


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