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Readers’ wildlife photos

First we have an Honorary Cat™ (also known as a fox) sent by reader Graham with the note: As I’m typing this the fox is sitting in the garden, making itself at home and ignoring me. Photos taken with a Pentax K-500 with a Sigma 300 telephoto lens. Hope they’re good enough for your website […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

We’re running low, folks, so I may have to put this feature on hiatus until some good photos accumulate.  Again, we publish only the very best here at WEIT! Today reader Diana MacPherson,  the website’s Official Animal Anthropomorpizer™, continues her analyses of sparrows and chipmunks. Indented captions are hers. Here are some more House Sparrow & Chipmunk […]

Reader’s wildlife photos

Stephen Barnard in Idaho continues his quest for the perfect photo of the rufous hummingbird (Selasphorus rufus). He explains: I realize that I’m being repetitive, but I’m looking for a definitive Rufous BIF — one that could be used in a field guide or a monograph.  This is as close as I’ve come. I’m not […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

I’m cleaning out the backlog here, but we’re approaching a scarcity of good photos. Fortunately, we still have some treehoppers left from reader Mike McDowell, and three stray pictures from Ed Kroc. First, the treehopper Smilia camelus: A Widefooted Treehopper, Campylenchia latipes (I can imagine horror movies based on giant versions of these things): Treehopper,  Glossonotus univittatus.  Mike’s equipment is a Nikon […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Albatross! No, you won’t see that bird today, though it’s constantly in my sight (in fact, it’s sitting on my desk).  But here are some gorgeous shots 0f another bird from reader and biologist Lou Jost. His comments are indented. Here is a different species of Violetear than the one I rescued (though I’ve had this one stuck in […]

Monday: Readers’ wildlife photographs

Whoops—I almost forgot to post this selection of bird photos from three different readers: Joe Dickinson sent this picture of a black-crowed night heron (Nycticorax nycticorax), taken near the mouth of Aptos Creek, CA (Rio del Mar Beach) in the last couple of days: From Stephen Barnard we get a female mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) in flight: as well as a red-tailed […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

I’m feeding birds as well as squirrels, and most of those birds turn out to be house sparrows (Passer domesticus). They’re skittish—far more so than the squirrels—so I have to hide a bit to watch them on the windowsill. And I think they’re gorgeous birds.  The males are clad in different shades of brown, and the […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Well, I still have a bit of a backlog, but hey, it’s summer and the critters are all out and the plants are blooming. Send photos–but remember, good ones! First, two ‘hoppers from reader Mike McDowell (his website is here): Acanalonia Planthopper – uncertain of species:   Treehopper, Archasia belfragei: Two mammals from Steve Pinker’s trip to Tasmania: […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

The next few weeks may be dicey, website-wise, as I’m working flat out on the Albatross. (I keep saying that but posts keep appearing.) Just don’t expect substantive ones, as my brain hurts. How about some nice photos from our correspondent in Idaho, Stephen Barnard? (Click to enlarge.) Three ways of looking at a rufous […]

What was it?

What was this monstrous thing I put up this morning? It’s the larva of a bluebottle fly (Calliphora vomitoria), of course. You didn’t know that??? Normally, adults lay eggs in carcasses, and the larvae develop on the rotting flesh. They aren’t like blowflies that burrow in and grow on living flesh. But as the note below says, […]


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