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Readers’ wildlife photos

We have two contributors today, both with lovely bird photos for show and tell. First is Stephen Barnard, who sent two photos and his comments—made while tugging on his tie. Click to enlarge: The eagles regard me as irrelevant. I get no respect. No respect at all, I’m telling ya. The ripples in the water are […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Out near Silver Creek, Idaho, the bald eagles are keeping busy feeding their brood (we have no idea how many chicks there are yet).  Reader Stephen Barnard sent two pictures captioned “Papa Bald Eagle bringing a trout home to his family”:  

Caturday felids: Reader’s report of a cat hotel in Malta

My friend Sarah Lawson, whom I met while visiting Malgorzata and Andrzej (she is a very old friend of theirs) is both an inveterate traveler and a lover of felids. That’s a felicitious combination, and makes for this week’s Caturday Felid, as Sarah encountered a “cat hotel” on a recent visit to Malta. When I heard […]

Making wols: Burrowing owls in flagrante delicto

Yes, more burrowing owls!  This photo is from reader John Chardine, reproduced with permission, and with his notes: I recently spent a couple of weeks in Florida photographing birds. I photographed this mating pair within a 100 meters or so of the Cape Coral Public Library. They seem to thrive in suburban areas in Florida. Copulations […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

One of my hosts at Davis, Luke Mahler, is a postdoc who specializes in evolutionary biology of reptiles. He’s been all over the world chasing these ectotherms, and has taken some crack photos. On the way to the airport for my return home, we stopped and looked for some burrowing owls (Athene cunicularia) in North […]

Sony World Photography winners

Here’s another photography contest—this time the Sony World Photography Awards. The selection of photos below—the ones I like best—come from a post at Higher Learning.    Crossing the river es muy peligroso for wildebeest:          

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Two more from Stephen Barnard in Idaho. The pair of bald eagles he’s watching has finally produced an eaglet. Here’s the first picture of the female feeding it! I asked if there were likely to be more eaglets, and Barnard replied that it was likely, since the pair had raised five chicks in the last […]

Invasion of the Giant Squirrel!

Richard Wiseman posted this wonderful photograph over on his blog . Can any reader tell us how was it done? H/t to Adrian

Readers’ wildlife photos

Stephen Barnard continues the saga of the bald eagle nest that was built in the middle of a great blue heron rookery. Apparently the eagle chicks have hatched, but haven’t been seen yet. This is the male eagle guarding nest area, perched on an abandoned heron nest. These birds have sexually dimorphic behaviors. I haven’t seen the female […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

One of my hosts in Davis is Luke Mahler, a postdoctoral fellow soon to take up a job elsewhere (he hasn’t decided between two schools). Thanks to him and my old friend Michael Turelli, my visit has been pleasant, well run, and, most important, replete with good noms (pictures later). There used to be burrowing […]


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