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Readers’ wildlife photos

We begin today’s installment with a photo of domestic cats (Felis catus), but special ones. The first photo below sent to me by Bengal breeder Anthony Hutchinson, who threatens to deluge me with photos of Bengals until I adopt one or more of his. (Believe me, I don’t see that as a threat!). I know I need […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

I don’t feel at ease without a backlog of readers’ photos, and it’s fun to choose which ones I’ll show each morning. Today I’m in a bird mood, which is good because birds are pretty much what everyone sends! Our morning selection is a panoply of nice photos from reader Ed Kroc, who sends the information below: […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Thanks to readers who sent me wildlife photos, the tank is topping up again. We have pix from two readers today; the first is a set of three from Ivar Husa. His notes: These pictures were taken on a ‘business trip’ to Florida this month. The trip resulted in photographs of close to 30 ‘life birds’ […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Okay, I’m back and there are no wildlife photos in the queue, so go ahead and inundate me.  But remember, I want good photos, not blurry pictures of some rodent in the distance.  Today we have an experiment in long-distance photography by reader John Scanlon: it was an interesting experiment. The only camera I use these […]

Chicago: Sunrise

It was 23 hard hours of traveling for Professor Ceiling Cat yesterday, and all that after only three hours of sleep. He’s a tough moggie! But, when he awoke this morning, he saw a vision of Chicago, with the rising sun setting a few of the buildings aflame.

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader John Harshman sent some last-minute photos that will allow me to slip in a “Readers’ wildlife” feature while I’m on the move (at the moment in the Sofia airport).  These are photos from his recent trip to Australia: First, a four-part sequence of mating Pacific black ducks (Anas superciliosa). If you know mallards, the […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

We have not only some wildlife today, but also some astronomy, as this seemed the appropriate place to put it. Apparently there was a partial solar eclipse yesterday, and reader/photographer Ben Goren caught some nice images on his camera: Here’s the haul from today’s partial solar eclipse. First up is from a little after the […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

We have four photos today provided by three readers. The first is a black-billed magpie (Pica hudsonia) from reader Stephen Barnard in Idaho, which came with this note: These birds are common, but intelligent and of a suspicious nature on the farm. I find them hard to photograph. In town they’re bold, even harassing my B*rder C*llie. Reader Jay […]

Felid photo takes top prize at Natural History Museum’s wildlife photography contest

This is the 50th anniversary of the London Natural History Museum’s “Wildlife Photographer of the Year” contest. Many venues have shown some of the winning images (drawn from 42,000 submissions coming from 96 countries), but the captions and explanations of the photos are best seen at the Torygraph.  The winner for Wildlife Photographer of the Year […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Due to a dearth of submissions (my own fault), we have only two photographs today, but later I’ll put up the winners of London’s Natural History Museum Photographer of the Year contest. First, from regular Stephen Barnard in Idaho: While walking my d*g this morning I heard the familiar red-tailed hawk  (Buteo jamaicensis) call, turned around […]


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