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Sunday: Dobrzyn

Cats and cherry pie are today’s subject (and were yesterday’s activities); in one case, we’ve combined them. All of these photos are from Saturday. Andrzej and I cracked about 400 g. of walnuts from their garden; the nuts were destined to be crushed and incorporated into the piecrust. Some of them were huge, and produced […]

Dobrzyn: Saturday

It rained last night (once again delaying the final cherry-picking) but Hili was outside. She finally showed up, announcing her presence, as always, by jumping on the window ledge outside the living room. One would think that you could just open the front door and call her in, but that’s not the way it works with […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

We have a single photo today, but it’s a nice one: a female black-chinned hummingbird (Archilochus alexandri), photographed in Idaho by reader Stephen Barnard. Look at those miniscule feet! Here’s its range map (they’re migratory, and winter in Mexico):   And some fun black-chinned hummingbird facts, from the Cornell Ornithology site (my emphasis): The Black-chinned Hummingbird’s tongue […]

Readers’ wildlife photos (hummingbird rescue)

Lou Jost, a biologist living in Ecuador, sends us a photo of the Green Violetear (Colibri thalassinus) along with a rescue story:  This poor hummingbird flew into my house and in its rush to escape, smacked into one of my windows and knocked itself out, landing on its face on the floor with its tongue sticking out. But […]

Thursday: Dobrzyn

Yesterday was a quiet day in Dobrzyn: working, eating, making cherry jam and pie, and napping. It rained much of the day, fortunately after the day’s cherry harvest was done. There is one more day’s picking left, but they want to wait until the fruit dries off.  We also lost power (and thus internet) several […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Reader Charlie Jones from the University of Pittsburgh sent several pictures of a gorgeous Cecropia “silkmoth” (Hyalophora cecropia), first described and named by Linnaeus. Charlie’s notes: These were taken in June 2008 just northwest of Cody, Wyoming, in Sunlight Valley (part of the Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone canyon). I particularly like the last photo that shows what a […]

Wednesday: Dobrzyn

These are, as usual, photographs from yesterday, a day that started with a glass of fresh cherry juice and a cuddle with the Feline Princess of Poland.  Oh, Poland were paradise enow! (Click pictures to enlarge.) A selfie:   I was interviewed  in the garden by Kaja Bryx and her partner Jacek Tabisz, who work with the […]

Reader’s wildlife photographs

We have two readers contributing today. First, Mark Sturtevant sent an email headed “Picture of HUGE INSECTS,” and indeed it was! His notes: Here is a picture of some Cecropia moth larvae that I had raised a few years back. The Cecropia moth (Hyalophora cecropia) is the largest native moth in North America, with wing […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Surprise! More birds today. (Where are you insect folks?) Reader Mal Morrison from Devon sent pictures of  Common Swifts and some information: For some time I’ve been trying to get some decent photos of Swifts (Apus apus) in flight. This is partly because I find them fascinating but mainly because capturing images present a real […]

A cherry Sunday in Dobrzyn

I’ll try to post each day about the previous day’s activities here. Note, though, that “activities” consist largely of working and eating, with occasional walkies. That routine is now established in Dobrzyn, although a new element (the cherry harvest) began at 7 a.m. today (Monday; photos tomorrow). My book is undergoing editorial review, so I have a […]


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