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Smokey and Daryl

A great pair of songs, one of them the best of all soul songs. BTW, here’s a list of Hall’s own traits written by him. We share a number of traits, two in particular (multiply asterisked, I’ll omit the self-aggrandizing ones): Daryl Hall… by Daryl Hall He’s had lots of hit records He has an […]


I’m on a trip and my brain hurts (I drank moonshine last night), so until I get back to my office in Chicago you’ll have a diet consisting largely of persiflage. “You can’t pooh-pooh Paducah: That’s another name for Paradise.” Those lines, taken from the video below, are the exaggeration of the century. In reality, […]

O Mio Babbino Caro, at age 9

I’m sure, like the last time I presented an young opera-singing prodigy, people will carp about her singing, but really, Amira Willighagen is only nine. This is apparently from the show “Holland’s Got Talent,” and it seems to. Plus it’s my favorite of all opera arias, and a perennial crowd pleaser.  But listen before you […]

Ohio State band does the Hollywood blockbusters

This wonderful video of the Ohio State University marching band performing at halftime of OSU’s game with Penn State was made just last Saturday, but already has over four million views on YouTube. Watch and see why. It’s a tribute to Hollywood’s blockbusters. Don’t miss the T. rex nomming the bandleader; that parts starts at […]

The worst songs ever: 5. Old Rivers

That’s it for me; my ears can’t take any more of these. I’m sure you’re glad, too, but there’s one more to go. Like yesterday’s selection, “Old Rivers” is a talking song, featuring Walter Brennan expatiating on a mule farmer he knew. I know this song because one of my dorm-mates during freshman year in college […]

The worst songs ever: 4. “An Open Letter to My Teenage Son”

I suspect that few of you know this song. Sure, we all know that MacArthur Park was the absolute worst song in the history of pop music, but I’m not going to put that one up. We all know about the cake left out in the rain. Today’s song is not only execrable, but obscure—at […]

The worst songs ever: 3. “Brand New Key”

You’ll be glad to hear that I don’t have the stomach to post more than about two more “worst songs.” This dreadful specimen from 1971, “Brand New Key” by Melanie, is rife with not only face-palming lyrics, but also sexual innuendo. It is a testament to Americans’ bad taste that this song sold 3 million […]

The worst songs ever: 2. “I’ve never been to me”

I’ll never forget the first time I heard this song: I was driving with my girlfriend to Death Valley along route 395, skirting the spectacular eastern edge of the Sierra Nevada. (That, by the way, is my favorite road in the U.S., at least the stretch from Reno to Lone Pine.) Climbing one of the […]

The worst songs ever: 1. “Muskrat Love”

I know I’m going to insult some people’s taste over the next few days, but I’d like to post a few of what I consider the worst songs in the history of rock/pop. Believe me, I’ve compiled a huge list over the years, but I won’t subject you to too many. Near the top of […]

Sandra Bullock raps

Sadly, neither Sandra Bullock nor Sarah Silverman has yet realized that I would be their perfect mate, but a guy can dream. After all, Silverman is an atheist Jew, and Bullock not only went to my high school (later than I, of course), but also, like me, spent several teenage years in Germany. Isn’t Professor […]


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