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“Noah” may be worth seeing after all

A. O. Scott’s review of “Noah” in the New York Times starts with a nice headline: And, contrary to what I expected of the movie (I should have known better given that the director was Darren Aronofsky), Scott gives the movie a thumbs-up: But Darren Aronofsky, in his ambitious fusion of Old Testament awe with modern blockbuster […]

“In Heaven, everybody’s young”: a new movie proving Heaven

Pay attention, David Bentley Hart!! Heaven is for real, and it’s beautiful and Jesus is there and we see all our friends and relatives as young people! About two years ago I wrote about a publishing phenomenon, the book Heaven is for Real, recounting the story of Colton Burpo, who, at the age of four, had a […]

Maher on “Noah”

A week ago I wrote about the upcoming movie “Noah” with its all-star cast including Russell Crowe in the title role and also featuring Jennifer Connelly, Anthony Hopkins, Nick Nolte, and Emma Watson. It’s gonna be a stinker, folks—at least that’s Professor Ceiling Cat’s prediction. And it’s already been condemned by Christians for its (get this) […]

“12 Years a Slave”—and a question about faith

I’m no movie reviewer (I’ll leave that to my nephew, who I hope will weigh in below), so my review of “12 Years a Slave,” which I saw last weekend, should be taken as the lucubrations of a tyro. I won’t recount the plot, although there’s not really a spoiler, except to say that it’s […]

New film on Noah and the Ark offends both Christians and Muslims

The movie “Noah” is coming out soon, and I have no idea whose crazy idea it was to do this movie (the director is Daren Aronofsky, director of the overrated and execrable “Black Swan,”), nor how they got all that talent to star in it (e.g., Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Anthony Hopkins, Nick Nolte, and […]

Krauss on atheism in Hollywood

As a palliative to Adam Gopnik’s recent atheist-bashing piece in the print version of the New Yorker, the same magazine, at its online”Culture Desk,” has published a piece by physicist Lawrence Krauss: “Why Hollywood thinks atheism is bad for business.” The piece takes off from the much-discussed Oscar acceptance speech of Matthew McConaughey, who won […]

Shirley Temple died

It’s hard to believe that someone who was famous at age 6, and was never so renowned as when she was a child, could actually die. Various news organizations report that Shirley Temple Black died yesterday from natural causes. Truly, I didn’t know she was still alive, but the fact that she was a child star […]

The needle and the damage done: Philip Seymour Hoffman died

Good God, is it possible? I just got this bulletin from CNN: Oscar-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has been found dead of an apparent drug overdose in his Manhattan apartment, law enforcement sources said Sunday. Hoffman received the Academy Award for best actor in the film “Capote.” He was 46. His death, but not the […]

Yet another creationist movie: “Genesis 3D”

Creation Today is a literalist Christian ministry now headed by Eric Hovind, and was founded by his father Kent Hovind, now serving ten years in the federal penitentiary for tax evasion and other charges. And now they’ve gotten into the creationist movie business. As The Blaze reports, as of October Hovind’s crowdsourced funding efforts met their […]

The Golden Steve nominees: the thinking person’s Oscars

The biggest movie maven I know is my nephew Steven, who seems to know everything about movies, directors, and actors. I once asked him, on the spur of the moment, if he realized that Edward G. Robinson was Jewish. He not only answered, “Of course,” but then gave me the man’s real name: Emanuel Goldenberg. […]


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