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“Jurassic World” trailer released, seven months in advance

Well, Steven Spielberg can’t leave well enough alone, and so he’s produced yet another sequel—the third after the original—in the Jurassic Park film series. This one’s called Jurassic World, the name of a theme park that features in the movie.  Here’s the summary from Wikipedia: 22 years after the events of Jurassic Park, Isla Nublar […]

Grumpy Cat sells out big time

This being American, they just can’t let the poor, deformed cat be—she has to be turned into a cash cow. Besides, if Grumpy could speak she wouldn’t sound like that at all. She’d sound more like Joan Rivers. h/t: Grania

A video response by the godless to the movie “God’s Not Dead”

In July I posted about Bo Gardiner’s video, “What in God’s name are they doing to the children?”, showing what is clearly child abuse in getting uncomprehending children to be “slain in the spirit” (video embedded in the post). According to Bo, it got picked up by the Dawkins site and then tw**ted by Ricky Gervais, […]

A great profile of Al Pacino

I’m not big on articles about Hollywood stars, but this is an exception. John Lahr, the head drama critic for The New Yorker (and son of Bert Lahr, the Cowardly Lion), has written a terrific profile of actor Al Pacino, and I’m pleased to say that it’s online for free. Pacino hasn’t done much lately, for, as […]

“Left Behind”: the movie

Circle October 3 on your calendar, for I just know you’re going to watch the upcoming movie “Left Behind,” described by Wikipedia as “an apocalyptic thriller.” It is of course based on the hugely best-selling series of books about the Rapture (16 of them!) by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. Here’s the official trailer. From […]

Another fake science blackboard (with Professor Ceiling Cat)

I’ve posted this before as my one shining moment of glory. My ex-student (Allen Orr) and I appeared on a “science blackboard” in the dreadful movie “Evolution,” made in 2001 and starring David Duchovny, Orlando Jones, and a monster-killing dandruff shampoo. Another of my students spotted it and even sent me a screenshot, which you can […]

Film critic screws up the phylogenetic position of Godzilla

I basically got nothing today, and I have to write my book, which means I cannot brain about anything else. Ergo you’ll have to be satisfied with persiflage like this. Anthony Lane of The New Yorker is my favorite film critic. He’s a lively writer, seems to have a prodigious knowledge of film, and, most important, agrees […]

H. R. Giger died

I didn’t really know who the guy was, but I find from Wikipedia that H. R. Giger (born 1940, died three days ago) was a Swiss painter and designer who shared the 1979 Academy Award for best visual effects for the movie “Alien”. Here’s Giger: That movie, by the way, is one of the very few science-fiction […]

Google Doodle: Audrey Hepburn

If you look at Google today, you’ll see this: And if you click on it, you will go to a Google search for Audrey Hepburn. For, had she lived, Hepburn would have been 85 today (see the story at The Independent).  She died in 1993 at age 63; the cause was cancer of the appendix, […]

Affronted beaver snarls traffic in New Brunswick

I cannot brain today because my neurons are bent toward my book. So you will have persiflage. Diana MacPherson has called my attention to what might be the archetypal Canadian news story. Here, from the CBC News, is the headline and photo (it’s a great pity that there’s no video) And the entire story, which […]


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