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More “miracles” with the Malaysian jet

It’s a common atheist trope to call out those people who, after a tragedy, say that those who survived were spared by God, or that such survivals were “miraculous”. In fact, such criticism has become so common that it’s almost a cheap shot, and yet it’s still worth pointing out the hypocrisy implicit in asserting […]

The Shroud of Turin: why religion is a pseudoscience

A recent article by Carpinteri et al. (no link or free download, but judicious inquiry may yield you a pdf) demonstrates the two ways that religion is a pseudoscience.  The first is that it relies on empirical claims to buttress its dogma. While Sophisticated Theologians™ may argue that God is beyond all evidence, being some […]

A miracle cheesecake in Arizona

In a short piece called “Holy sighting on Scottsdale cheesecake,” reports one of the loonier miracles I’ve heard of  It’s not even the face of Jesus on the cheesecake, either, but simply a cross.  There’s a video on the site, whose entire narration is below (I love the “objective journalism” of the last sentence): […]

Why are there miracles for Africans but not Americans?

Inquiring minds want to know. All over Africa, the Lord performs miracles on a regular basis, including healing of the blind and lame—and even resurrections! But here in the U.S.? Not so much. In fact, beyond the quotidian Jesuses in tortillas and tree stumps, I haven’t heard of a good old-fashioned miracle in ages. No […]

The enigmatic ways of God

Thanks Ceiling Cat that guest poster Sigmund is back after a hiatus, and forwarded me two items from the American news. The first, from CNN, involves the reaction of a woman who survived the crash of a small plane into her house.  Although she emerged unscathed, all three people on board were killed. (CNN) — […]

A miracle!

Ceiling Cat appears in an iceberg!  And not just the face—the whole body!  (The tracing to the right is hardly needed): All praise to Him from whom all noms come. h/t: Janice


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