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Pennsylvania State Atheist and Humanist Conference avec moi

For a couple of days in late August I’ll be returning to my roots: Pittsburgh, where I spent much of my time as a kid and where many of my relatives still live. My return, however, will be to promote godlessness in the Keystone State, for, along with many others, I’ll be speaking at the Pennsylvania State Atheist […]

What else would you expect?

I’ve been to a fair few meetings of the Society for the Study of Evolution (SSE), but I’ve never heard of any creationists hovering around them and proselytizing for God. But that’s changed, for this year the meetings are in Raleigh, North Carolina. For you non-Americans, that’s in the religious South. My second student, Mohamed Noor […]

Kamloops: Day 3

Besides the free-will discussion a week ago Friday, in which several of us participated (Lawrence Krauss and I were the scientists, Ish Haji and Chris diCarlo the philosophers), the Imagine No Religion 4 conference in Kamloops included  two full days of talks, interspersed with dinners and social events. I’ve already reported on the first full day of talks, […]

Kamloops: Day 2

Yesterday was the first full day of the meeting (Imagine No Religion 4; schedule here), and I have to say that this is among the top secular meetings I’ve ever attended. The talks are good, the people are friendly, and, of critical importance, they serve great noms. The meeting began early, with a continental breakfast (a […]

Meeting report: Imagine No Religion

I’ll be busy at the Imagine No Religion 4 meeting today (this conference is srs bsns, though there’s lot of opportunity for socializing). The attendees at this meeting are older than those at the usual atheist meeting: the demographic reminds me of the Freedom from Religion Foundation annual meeting. Although one would like to see more […]

I have landed—and an anecdote about Canadian airport security

I am now in Kamloops, and the Imagine No Religion 4 conference begins today with a buffet dinner at 5 and then a panel at 7 pm on free will, where Professor Ceiling Cat will expound his controversial views on incompatibilism. I’m told that last year the host of this year’s free will panel, philosopher Chris […]

Imagine No Religion 4

Be there or be square. I look forward to meeting a lot of new heathens, collecting more autographs for the now immensely valuable and artistically illuminated edition of WEIT (yes, it will be auctioned), and finally getting to see “The Unbelievers.” And maybe Jerry DeWitt will ask for a “Darwin.” Kamloops, B.C., May 16-18; details […]

Conference on “Hype in Science” today

Given what’s gone on this week, it’s appropriate that I announce this. There’s a very interesting one-day conference taking place at this very moment in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The topic is “Hype in Science” (real and LOLzy subtitle: “How can respectable journals publish such c**p?”); the program is here; and it’s sponsored by “Situating Science” […]

My haiku at TAM

Each speaker at TAM was introduced by the emcee, musician/atheist George Hrab, with a personalized haiku. (Last year he wrote a song.) Hrab is amazingly fast at these things. He talked to me about two minutes before I went on and immediately scribbled my introductory haiku on an index card: Science? Religion? Incompatibility? Ask Galileo. […]

TAM 2013

I was too busy going to talks to write about them, but they’ll all be up on the internet eventually, and I’ll let you know when they are.  It was a fun meeting, with a whole diversity of topics centered on skepticism. One of the dramatic moments was a very acrimonious confrontation between two magicians […]


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