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Imagine No Religion 4

Be there or be square. I look forward to meeting a lot of new heathens, collecting more autographs for the now immensely valuable and artistically illuminated edition of WEIT (yes, it will be auctioned), and finally getting to see “The Unbelievers.” And maybe Jerry DeWitt will ask for a “Darwin.” Kamloops, B.C., May 16-18; details […]

Conference on “Hype in Science” today

Given what’s gone on this week, it’s appropriate that I announce this. There’s a very interesting one-day conference taking place at this very moment in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The topic is “Hype in Science” (real and LOLzy subtitle: “How can respectable journals publish such c**p?”); the program is here; and it’s sponsored by “Situating Science” […]

My haiku at TAM

Each speaker at TAM was introduced by the emcee, musician/atheist George Hrab, with a personalized haiku. (Last year he wrote a song.) Hrab is amazingly fast at these things. He talked to me about two minutes before I went on and immediately scribbled my introductory haiku on an index card: Science? Religion? Incompatibility? Ask Galileo. […]

TAM 2013

I was too busy going to talks to write about them, but they’ll all be up on the internet eventually, and I’ll let you know when they are.  It was a fun meeting, with a whole diversity of topics centered on skepticism. One of the dramatic moments was a very acrimonious confrontation between two magicians […]

TAM 2013

The usual venue for The Amazing Meeting: the Southpoint Hotel, a huge gambling and entertainment emporium in Las Vegas: My room: for some reason it cost me $22.50 per night, half the going rate  for a weekday (and $45 is incredibly cheap), but I’m not asking questions. I came a day early to chill, and […]

TEDx West Hollywood: Garbage in, garbage out

Here are excerpts from the bios of the production team for TEDx’s execrable April Event. Cringe-makingly named “Brother can you spare a paradigm? Making the quantum leap”, it will be forever be known as “WooFest” (see my posts here and here). These come from a comment by alert reader Jon H, and include half of the eight people involved […]

Gwine to TAM

I’m not really keen on atheist meetings—I think there are too many of them, and they often feature the same line-up of speakers. But TAM (“The Amazing Meeting”), sponsored by the James Randi foundation, is different: it’s a diverse event loosely centered on skepticism, and with a lot of entertainment and (something I dearly want […]

Islamic creationism: London debate on Islam and evolution cancelled because of Muslim student opposition

In my studies of on how people try (and fail) to accommodate science and religion, I’ve tried to investigate faiths other than Christianity (the main religion concerned with such reconciliation) and Judaism.  But with Islam it’s a dismal failure, for there aren’t many decent books dealing with the topic (for one, see Tanir Edis’s An […]

Sean Carroll assesses the Stockbridge workshop

Over at Cosmic Variance, organizer Sean Carroll gives his take on the “Moving Naturalism Forward” workship that both Massimo Pigliucci and I reported on this week (Sean gives all links to our posts). In his post, “Nudging naturalism just a bit forward,” Sean gives an honest take on the organization of the meeting, and says […]

Moving Naturalism Forward: my summary

This is part 2 of today’s summary of the Moving Naturalism Forward workshop (Part 1 is my Powerpoint presentation given below), a meeting that ended yesterday. It makes no attempt to be as complete as Massimo Pigliucci’s account of the conference which he’s posting in bits on Rationally Speaking. (Kudos to Massimo, who was “live-blogging” […]


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