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Dr. Oz sent to the woodshed by a U.S. senator

“Doctor Oz,” whose real name is Mehmet Cengiz Öz, is a cardiovascular surgeon who is famous—or rather infamous—for touting “alternative medicine” on his television show. Like the psychologist “Dr. Phil,” Dr. Oz was launched by Oprah Winfrey, and became sufficiently popular to warrant his own show, “The Dr. Oz Show.” He’s also written several bestselling books. His notoriety […]

A cool veterinary hospital

From the WNC Radio Facebook page, a series of signs from a veterinary hospital: I’ve verified that these signs are real, so someone there clearly has a sense of humor. These people are the Southwest Airlines of vets, and it’s refreshing. You can see the website of the hospital, which is in Melbourne, Florida, here. […]

Don’t go to Chili’s tomorrow

Reader Steve called my attention to an announcement on io9 that the restaurant chain Chili’s will, on April 9, donate 10% of all its checks to the National Autism Association (NAA). The NAA, claims io9, maintains that one of the causes of autism is vaccination. Sure, enough, when I checked the organization’s “Causes of autism” page, […]

Deaf woman hears her first sounds

Here’s a great example of how science works. Take this woman, who has been deaf her whole life. Prayer wouldn’t help her a bit, but science did, and it’s awesome science. I hadn’t really known much about cochlear implants until the video below video went viral, and was sent to me by several readers. Now I’ve learned some, […]

Should vaccinations be mandatory? A debate in the New York Times

Sunday’s New York Times had one of those “room for debate” features that feature short essays by a group of people on a single topic, but this one is of special interest to science and woo hounds. The topic was “Making vaccination mandatory for all children,” and four people weigh in with divergent opinions. Surprisingly, only […]

New book on Darwinian medicine

I’d like to call attention to a new book on “Darwinian medicine” by my Chicago colleague Bob Perlman, an MD/Ph.D. in the Department of Pediatrics and Pharmacological Sciences. As you probably know, “Dawinian medicine” uses the principles of evolutionary theory to understand and treat disease.  The book, Evolution and Medicine, is published by Oxford University […]

Find (and ID) the lepidopteran

Reader John sent me this photo, which he thinks is a moth. When I show you the “reveal” in an hour or so (this one isn’t hard), you’ll see why I think it’s a butterfly. But anyway, it’s in the UK, so if you want to take a stab at it, be my guest. I […]

Chief medical correspondent for CNN osculates the rump of pastor Joel Osteen

I am starting to think that there’s something about neurosurgeons that make them especially susceptible to woo.  Perhaps it’s because they work on the brain, and marvel at the connection between the piece of meat they stick scalpels into and the mind that comes from that meat. Or perhaps it’s something else, but there does […]

Prominent Muslim doctor in Britain opposes all vaccination

One of the things that religion poisons is human health. I’ve posted extensively on how Christian sects that spurn modern medicine, like the oxymoronically-named “Christian Science,” have caused the deaths of many. And the rest of us, including “moderate” believers, enable this poisoning by making laws that allow people to withhold medical care from children […]

Note from an anti-vaxer

Reader Krista sent the following comment on my post “Religious exemptions from children’s healthcare. Part 1: preventive and diagnostic procedures.” I reproduce her comment as a full post, and will email her (if it is indeed a her), noting that I’ve posted the comment.  It is posted exactly as I received it. You may reply, […]


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