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An antisemite identified?

The antisemite “Gerard O’Neill,” who so kindly emailed me yesterday morning to inform me that I was a bignosed “Jewboy” whose appearance would scare children, seems to have been identified by a group of helpful readers, and one sent some photos of the alleged miscreant: Gerard seems to be an Aussie living in or near western Sydney, and his profile, […]

Good morning, you big-nosed Jewboy

A bit of anti-Semitism was afoot when I checked my email this morning, finding this message from one Gerard O’Neill ( I saw your blog the other day so I decided to look your name up on the net and…WHOA! You must be the ugliest Jew in America!! How did you even come out with […]

A note to my readers from Pharyngula

In a post in which I beefed about readers’ lack of comments on my science pieces (you remember that, right?), I said this: The lack of comments on science posts, leads me to wonder if people even read them, or read them but have nothing to say, or just skip them as seeming “too hard”…If […]

Creationist homeschooling mom goes after evolution in Chicago

You may have already seen this video, as the Albatross has made me late to the party again, but perhaps it’s new to you. And thank God I don’t have to take it apart, as “Doktor Zoom” at Wonkette already does. It was hard enough to listen to this homeschooling, creationist-crusading, fundamentalist Christian right-wing woman go after an […]

A distinction without a difference: Montgomery County schools keep Jewish and Christian holidays, but remove their names

Religiously-based holidays like Christmas and Easter are too deeply ingrained in the American school system to remove the breaks they offer for students; it would be daft to try to eliminate them, even though, I suppose, you could make a legal case that it’s favoring religion.  Those holidays also offend some of those of other faiths, like Jews […]

Could it be . . . Satan?

Here we have a True Believer making a fervent case that Monster energy drinks are made in the service of the devil. I don’t know much about this video except that I’m pretty sure it’s authentic; that is, the woman really believes that she’s saying. It’s simply too ludicrous to be a joke.  PuffHo has […]

Andrew Brown: If you hate the belief, you hate the believer

I suppose there’s a good case to be made for ignoring the Guardian’s Official Clickbait Troll, Andrew Brown. After all, his views are completely predictable, and his commenters usually give him the good hiding he deserves. But occasionally he goes so far beyond the pale that even Professor Ceiling Cat must give him a few […]

The ultimate cowardice: British student union refuses to condemn ISIS

When even Muslim organizations are condemning ISIS left and right, one organization refuses to do so. That’s right—it’s the National Union of Students, the British students’ organization.  And below is the motion up for approval at their convention, according to The Tab, an Oxford student news site: Proposed: Daniel Cooper Seconded: Shreya Paudel, Clifford Fleming NUS National […]

John Dickson at the ABC: Theology is so sophisticated that it doesn’t need a subject

At the “Imagine No Religion” meetings in Kamloops, British Columbia, I was discussing “Sophisticated Theology”™ with ex-preacher and current Freedom from Religion co-President Dan Barker. And Dan made two quips: “Theology is a subject without an object” (that’s a grammatical double entendre, which I didn’t catch till later), and “Theologians don’t have an object to study, so they […]

Duck Dynasty guru becomes a political pundit on Fox News: “We have to either convert them or kill them”

Phil Robertson, Christian, hunter, homophobe, and Duck Commander (aka patriarch) on the execrable television show Duck Dynasty, was brought onto Sean Hannity’s television show to give his opinion on ISIS.  After flaunting his Bible (“I never leave home without my Bible and my woman”), he proposes to either convert ISIS to the gospel of Jesus […]


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