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Ken Ham calls U.S. space program a waste, since the Bible tells us that alien life doesn’t exist (and would be damned anyway)

Young-Earth creationist Ken Ham has said plenty of dumb things when it comes to evolution on our planet, but in a new post on his website,  Around the World with Ken Ham, he’s extended his lunacy to studies of the solar system and Universe. The U.S. space program, says Ham, is fruitless, for it has as its aim the […]

Seeking “objective morality,” an atheist blogger became a Catholic

This story is a couple of years old, but I  just heard about it, and find it fascinating. Leah Libresco, who writes at the Patheos website Unequally Yoked (on the Catholic Channel), was an atheist blogger but became a Catholic in 2012. The American Conservative names her as one of its employees: Leah Libresco is an […]

Kentucky state legislator says the dumbest thing ever about climate change

UPDATE: If you want to email Senator Brandon Smith, the guy who’s in the video below, there’s a simple email form here. You’ll have more clout if you’re from Kentucky, but I’ve sent an email myself. __________ God help America! (Of course he can’t, because he doesn’t exist). Here’s a Kentucky state senator making a […]

Andrew Brown minimizes religion’s role in killing Irish babies, but says that we’re all religious

It’s been a long time since I’ve discussed any essays of Andrew Brown, the Guardian‘s resident faitheist and purveyor of laughable nonsense, but his latest piece, “Our horror at the mass baby grave in Ireland shows an instinctive religiosity,” is worth singling out for its pandering to religion. One wonders, given Brown’s self-declared atheism in the […]

I get emails

The nasties are starting to crawl out of the woodwork after I posted about a principal’s goddy speech at the graduation ceremony of his school in Lebanon, Missouri. These people simply can’t stand the separation of church and state! Here’s an email I just got from one “Philip Ruminski”: Dear Professor; Regarding Principal Kevin Lowery’s speech, stop […]

A polymathic wacko writes in

What a dispiriting week! While fighting off a nasty cold, I’m having to deal with literally dozens of emails and comments from creationists and gun nuts. Here’s a sample of one of the responses (not published) to my post “Imagine no guns”:  “You people are more dangerous to society than any lunatic with a gun.” […]

Pentagon plans for zombie invasion

No, that’s not a joke. It’s reported on CNN, in a piece called “Pentagon document lays out battle plan against zombies,” and it’s not April 1. Moreover, there’s a Pentagon document to prove it. Yes, citizens of the U.S., these are your tax dollars at work. You can look at the whole document, “Conplan 888“, and it’s […]

In which I’m once again embarrassed to be an American

Yes, I’ve realized that secular websites spend a lot of time kvetching about stuff. I try to leaven that with animals and humor, but since we’re mired in a world of faith, I suppose kvetching is the norm. Here’s a minor plaint: according to a new CNN poll, 79% of Americans think that there are no survivors […]

Two Republican creationists block South Carolina’s adoption of the Wooly Mammoth as the state fossil

Nothing surprises me any more when it involves Republicans and evolution (or science, or abortion, or immigration, or health care—the list is a long one). Yet this story, bizarre as it is, shows how truly benighted the members of that party are when it comes to science—and pandering to creationists. From Americans Against the Tea Party comes […]

Only in America: Kentucky churches give away guns to bring men to Jesus

Don’t expect deep thoughts this week, for I’m struggling with recalcitrant book prose, and beyond that all I’m fit for is reporting on the lunacies of the world.  But this is a good one, for it combines all the best of America: guns and God. The Louisville [Kentucky] Courier-Journal has an article this week whose […]


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