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Jesus shows up on a pancake—on Good Friday!

The Ground of Being (GOB) is notoriously shy to show Him/Her/Itself to his/her/its worshipers—indeed, since he’s nothing like a human, we might not even recognize him were he to show up. After all, he could look like a painting by Rembrandt, a spring daffodil, and, verily, even our own minds when we do a bit of algebra. That’s […]


A tw**t from The Worldwide Times. I assume the picture is authentic:   h/t: Grania

Invasion of the Giant Squirrel!

Richard Wiseman posted this wonderful photograph over on his blog . Can any reader tell us how was it done? H/t to Adrian

What we’re up against: Weekly roundup of creationist comments

It was a big week for creationists trying to comment on this website (there was lots of other craziness too), so I can present only a short selection: From creationist dentist Don McLeroy, once head of the Texas State Board of Education when it was trying to purge evolution from state biology textbooks. I asked him […]

Give it a rest, Deepity

Jebus does he have a thin skin! Better “woo” than “quantum”!

Larry Moran makes a Freudian slip

Over at Sandwalk, Larry Moran is rightfully incensed at creationist flack Vincent Torley, and they’re having a kerfuffle: Torley’s unjustly accused Larry of not thinking that natural selection had a role in the genetic divergence between apes and humans. Torley has apparently apologized. Now, in a new post about the flap, Moran makes the best Freudian slip I’ve […]

Neil deGrasse Tyson identifies the greatest physicist of all time—in slow motion

I don’t know why I—or reader Gregory, who sent the link to me—find this video so funny, but I suspect it’s because it makes Tyson sound like he’s been smoking wacky tobacky.  What the astonomer says is right on (he’s describing his hero Newton), but the slowing down—2/3 speed, I think—makes one think that as […]

Just because. . .

I’m writing hard and have no neurons to spare after I exhausted them one my Ecklund post this morning. So let’s have some fun.  First, a contribution by a puckish reader, who has embellished Courtney Love’s diagram of the Malaysian Airline crash: See what you started, Matthew?

Did Courtney Love find the missing Malaysia Air jet?

Well, I suppose her chances are at least as good as those of Uri Geller.  Courtney Love posted this photo and caption on her Facebook page yesterday (I presume the scrawls are hers):

Horsehead squirrel feeder

What twisted mind thought up this way of degrading our rodential friends? Nevertheless, this device at leasts feeds them as it degrades them: Available from Archie McPhee for only $15.00:


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