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One of God’s Special Children damns me to Hell

Cory Hall, who left a link to his website in his comment (posted here) is a classical pianist with a few things to say about evolution: LOL!  No, I don’t know it, but Hall reveals himself to be one of the 58% of Americans who believe in Satan and Hell. Here’s what Hall says in […]

Good catch

Noticed by reader gravelinspector, who had his screen on portrait mode, and comments: Is this proof of both feline telepathy AND feline time travel? I think it may be.

Someone needs a biology lesson

Reader Darlene sent me this Q&A from Right answer for a completely wrong reason. Somebody’s been reading Richard Goldschmidt, who once stated in a public lecture that he believed the first creature that was recognizable as a bird hatched from an egg laid by a creature recognizable as a reptile.

Un pingüino travieso

Ceiling cat greater than God

This observation, sent to me by many readers, absolutely and finally proves that Ceiling Cat is more powerful than God. As reported in RLJR News, Buzzfeed and Yahoo News, a manger display in Brooklyn has been taken over by none other than a gang of feral cats. And they do it every year! As the first […]

Almost too good to be true

I seem to remember something very similar to this occurring a while back, but the story, in the Torygraph, gives today’s date.  The headline already makes me chuckle: Oh, dear Ceiling Cat, the vicar told the kids that something that they believed in was fictional!  As the paper reports: A vicar has been forced to […]

Bad signage

I have no idea where this is from, but I bet it’s from the U.S. At first I thought, “Japan,” because they often garble English, but they wouldn’t have a sign completely in English.  No, it’s somebody misspelling the obvious word.  After all, I once saw this sign on a bin of nuts at my […]

The U.S. is going to hell

Exhibit A supporting my contention: a group of talentless hacks who possess a genius for self-promotion has captured the country’s attention, making millions of dollars in the process. I’m referring, of course, to the Kardashian family. As far as I can see it, contributes nothing to humanity by way of genuine entertainment, which requires talent. […]

Best abstract of the year

Well, from 1991, actually, but publicized this year. It’s from the Wired website Cladistic Detritus by Brian Romans, originally posted by Kyle House. As Brian notes, it’s real: AGU [The American Geophysical Union] tells me via Twitter that this abstract is indeed authentic: 1991 EOS Trans. AGU Vol 72, No 27-53, p456 Although the e-journal […]

Pastor is shocked—shocked! at Costco’s labeling the Bible as fiction

This is a hilarious tale from Puffho in which a preacher, is shocked by finding the Bible at Costco—an American chain that sells products cheaply and in bulk—labeled as FICTION! OMG! Costco recently roused the ire of Pastor Caleb Kaltenbach when he discovered a stack of Bibles with a ‘Fiction’ sticker at their Simi Valley, Calif. location. He told […]


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