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Horsehead squirrel feeder

What twisted mind thought up this way of degrading our rodential friends? Nevertheless, this device at leasts feeds them as it degrades them: Available from Archie McPhee for only $15.00:

Great news: I’m the Discovery Institute’s “Censor of the Year”!

I have more substantive things to post today, but stuff like sick kittens, and now this Big Announcement, keep getting in the way. In this case I’m so proud I could bust a button! Reader Doc Bill just informed me that I was selected from a field of stiff competitors (including anticreationism activist Zack Kopplin) […]

What we’re up against

BuzzFeed’s Matt Stopera (who also took the photos shown below ) collected 22 pictures of people who attended the Ham/Nye debate in Kentucky and identified themselves as creationists. Stopera asked each of them to write down their “message to people who believe in evolution.”  See the link for all the questions (many of them predictable), […]

Funny “New Scientist” headline generator

Whoever writes the “Endless Forms . . ” website has made a deliberate tour de force: he/she created a Twitter account that automatically generates the type of gee-whiz headlines characteristic of the popular-science mag New Scientist. In the website post on this, the author avers that he/she likes New Scientist (I don’t: I deplore its […]

Is Jesus back? Nun gives birth—having no idea she was pregnant

On Wednesday, in the Italian city of Rieti, a 31-year-old nun experienced severe stomach pains, and went to the hospital. A few hours later she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. As the Torygraph reports: The discovery of her pregnancy has embarrassed the Catholic Church in Italy, with the local bishop saying that she […]

Religious humor

I’ve finally collected enough of these to post. The first is about as succinct a summary of Christianity as I’ve seen: A reader whose name I forgot (sorry!) sent me this photo, and I’ve added the caption: And I love this one, also sent by a reader whose name escapes me: h/t: The readers whose […]

From Ricky Gervais’s Facebook page

With a LOLzy comment: CATS: The Official Pet of Atheists™ h/t: Pyers  

Jesus appears in a shower

This shower (not a staged phot!o) is bound to become a relic, and were I the reader who sent it, Rik Gern, I’d be prepared to be inundated by Catholics. There’s money to be made! Gern’s caption for this photo is “Jebus is washing you.” Gern, by the way, was the owner of Kitt E. […]

No joke: Italian photographer publishes calendar of hot priests

The Local, a site covering Italian news in English, has a story about photograph Piero Pazzi, who has, for 11 years, produced an annual calendar depicting “hot priests”: The Italian photographer behind a calendar of brooding priests told The Local his portraits are more about “informing people about the Vatican” and less about showcasing the […]

The Father, Son, and the Holy Toast

Okay gang, I’m off to Poland, but you haven’t heard the last from Professor Ceiling Cat. I leave you with what may be the ideal belated Christmas gift. If you were the only person who had this, you’d make a fortune on eBay. But they are real, and for only $35 you can have one, […]


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