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The problem with faith schools

It baffles me why the good citizens of the UK permit children to be educated in government supported “faith schools.” Why do they even exist? What good do they do, except to inculcate fairly tales in children and prevent them from intermingling with those of other backgrounds—something that is desirable in a democracy.  Even the U.S. […]

Rabbi Sacks goes after atheists and Dawkins with the usual religious inanities

Oy vey! As an atheist but also a cultural Jew, I have to say that Rabbi Jonathan Sacks is an embarrassment.  As he was the Commonwealth’s Chief Rabbi for 22 years, a member of the House of Lords, a Ph.D. graduate in philosophy, and now a professor at Yeshiva University and New York University in New York, I […]

Israel arrests suspects in both murders: the Israeli teens and the Palestinian teen

According to today’s Times of Israel, Israel has taken several people into custody for the murder of a Palestinian teenager. It now looks like the Palestinian teenager, Muhammud Abu Khdeir (see photo below) was indeed killed by Israeli terrorists, and in a gruesome way, in reprisal for the murder of the three Israelis. The Times […]

A universe fine-tuned for humans?

A few days ago I put up a video by Keith “Mr. Deity” Dalton, decrying a really insane piece by Jewish apologist Dennis Prager explaining why the story of Noah’s Ark was “one of the most moral stories ever told.” (There was also a funny video of Bill Maher’s take on The Great Flood.) Prager’s piece […]

Jewish school in England removes evolution questions

From the BBC News London, we learn that a Jewish girls’ school in London has removed questions about evolution from exams. A Jewish girls school in Hackney has been redacting questions on evolution on science exam papers because they do not fit in with their beliefs. Fifty-two papers were altered by Yesodey Hatorah Senior Girls’ […]

OMG: Kosher cat food!

This is a new one on me. After I just told you that cats are atheists, reader Lorena sent me a picture she took of a can of cat food she bought for her ailing cat (she thought it would stimulate his appetite): So there are Jewish cats as well as atheist cats! I don’t […]

Creationism and censorship of evolution: US and UK

The fight against creationism never ends, and won’t until faith is no longer with us.  But one would at least expect it to wane in the UK, where religious belief is less pervasive. Still, there are those odious “faith schools” approved and funded by the British government, and there, it has been reported, creationism still […]

In which I sell out to become famous

Well, I’ve turned down every invite I’ve had to write for PuffHo, for I don’t like their policy of exploiting writers by paying them nothing while the PuffHo drags in huge amounts of money. But they made me an offer I can’t refuse: they wanted to publish my “Rock and roll is dead” post.  I […]

Rabbi Sacks is an ignorant fool

I engage in name-calling only when I’m pushed to the limit, but a new piece in the Spectator by Britain’s Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks has brought me to that point. (As a secular Jew, I can’t help thinking that even religious Jews should behave better than members of other faiths.) Once again I am painfully […]

Rabbi Wolpe impugns Dawkins’s status as “world’s leading intellectual”

Liberal Rabbi David Wolpe, who with fellow rabbi Bradley Artson was roundly trounced in a debate with Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens over the existence of an afterlife, is butthurt at Prospect Magazine‘s naming of Richard Dawkins as the “world’ leading intellectual.”  To redress his grievance, Wolpe has a piece in this week’s PuffHo questioning […]


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