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Jesus ‘n’ Mo and cultural relativism

Today’s Jesus and Mo takes on the issue of human rights versus religious hegemony. Surprisingly, Jesus appears to be a relativist here. The author notes the occasion: Today is the 66th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Jesus ‘n’ Mo and the omnibenevolent God

Today’s Jesus and Mo strip is recycled (the author calls it a “resurrection”) from seven years ago (I had no idea it’s been going that long!). “Burn in hell” of course implies torment, as is clearly stated in the Bible and Qur’an. More Sophisticated Theologians™, though, have now reconceived Hell as some sort of “separation from […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ glossolalia

Glossolalia, or speaking in tongues, is a special habit of American Christians, though other Christians in other countries use it too.  Both Dan Barker and Jerry DeWitt, once evangelical preachers, told me recently that although they’re now diehard atheists, they sometimes still speak in tongues when they’re alone, for they find it relaxing. The Jesus and Mo artist highlights […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ Jerusalem

Today’s Jesus and Mo strip, called “Rage,” highlights the fracas and violence surrounding the murder of five people, including three rabbis, in a synagogue in East Jerusalem. (Please do not argue that the victims deserved it, for the murder of anyone like that is a bestial act regardless of politics). And, of course, religion’s solution is […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ Halloween

In today’s Jesus and Mo, I’m not sure whether the The Holy Boys are hiding out because it’s a pagan holiday, or just because they’re just too cheap to buy candy: Protip for kids: Go to the rich neighborhoods: they give out better candy. When I was a kids, sometimes they’d give out entire candy […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ creationism

Today’s strip deals with creationist ignorance: I wonder where the complex Abrahamic God sprang from? Oh, I forgot—it’s not complex, but very simple! And it was there all along! The strip, according to its author’s mass email, was inspired by this ridiculous video from Think Islam; the title is “Atheism explained in 45 seconds” (what […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ another way of knowing

Today’s Jesus and Mo strip is apparently a reprinted old one, as the authors says he/she has had “unforseen circumstances” (according to the subscriber’s email, it’s “bad family news”). Let’s wish the artist well. This is about as good a four-panel description of theology as I’ve seen. I’d love to put this as the frontispieces […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ Literalism ‘n’ “moderate” Muslims

As most of us know, the Qur’an is supposed to be the direct and unfiltered word of Allah as dictated to Muhammad, and metaphorical interpretations of the Qur’an aren’t nearly as acceptable as they are for, say, the Bible.  The Jesus and Mo author reminds us of this, and of the insanity of “inerrant books”. The […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ metaphorical lattes

Today’s Jesus and Mo pwns both accommodationists like Alain de Botton as well as those Sophisticated Theologians™ who argue that “real” religion doesn’t make truth claims: Jesus is reading Alain de Botton’s book, Religion for Atheists, while Mo is, of course, perusing the only book that many Muslims see as worth reading.  

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ (Mo)rality

Today’s Jesus and Mo singles out a new study (reference below), but first the strip: Indeed!  Well, I suppose Jesus and Mo could simply dismiss the study, which I’m going to examine soon. Or, they could say that without religion you don’t have a good foundation or basis for morality. But what would that mean […]


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