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A revealing conversation between Sam Harris and Ayaan Hirsi Ali

In April, Brandeis University, under pressure from misguided people decrying Ayaan Hirsi Ali as an “Islamophobe,” as well as from the Council on American Islamic relation (CAIR; an organization that, under the guise of improving those relations, issues veiled threats about offending Muslims), rescinded an invitation for Hirsi Ali to receive an honorary degree. Hirsi Ali […]

Brandeis University cancels plans to give Ayaan Hirsi Ali an honorary degree

This is reprehensible, unconscionable, and ridiculous. Yesterday’s New York Times reports that Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts, which was planning to award an honorary degree to author and anti-Muslim activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali—one of the bravest women on the planet—has cancelled those plans. Why? It’s pretty clear, especially given that Brandeis is one of the nation’s […]

Pew report on Muslim world paints a distressing picture

The Pew Research Center just issued a report on Islamic beliefs: “The World’s Muslims: Religion, Politics and Society” (a one page summary here).  The researchers surveyed over 38,000 people in one-on-one interviews in 39 countries—all countries having more than 10 million Muslims.  Unfortunately, they left out Saudi Arabia and Iran, where, they note, “political sensitivities […]

An ex-Muslim exposes the “Islamophobia” canard

It’s deeply misguided to criticize the New Atheists for attacking Islam and branding it as an especially pernicious faith. It’s even more misguided to label them as racist “Islamophobes”. Such critics are in fact erecting a double standard for human rights, as Islam is clearly more oppressive than other major faiths, and more eager to […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ “Islamophobia”

The latest Jesus and Mo is on target: Reader Michael, who brought this to my attention, explains what the EDL is: This description is about right:- “MP Jon Cruddas, writing in The Guardian, describes the EDL as “a dangerous cocktail of football hooligans, far-right activists and pub racists… a bigger threat than the BNP… providing […]

PuffHo: Richard Dawkins may not be a racist, but he’s xenophobic

When you see an article called, “Is Richard Dawkins a racist?“, you’ll know by now to expect an affirmative answer. But not in this case!  The article in question is in Huffington Post, and is by Usaama al-Azami, a PhD candidate in Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University. al-Azami uses the Oxford English Dictionary definition […]


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