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Accommodationism at the American Museum of Natural History

The American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) in New York City is perhaps the finest museum of its type in the U.S. My old friend Betsy visited it during her trip to NYC with her husband to see the Rigged Dog Debate, and she sent me a picture from her visit to the Museum’s Hall of Human Origins. The […]

Colbert on Jindal: A black mark on Brown University

by Greg Mayer On Monday night’s episode of his show, Stephen Colbert sarcastically endorsed Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal in the 2016 presidential race, lauding him as a “down-home guy who’s learned to stop learning.” Jindal is best known for his disastrous 2009 response to Obama’s address to Congress, and his pushing of creationism in Louisiana […]

Non Sequitur on creationism and offended religionists

Today’s Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller features creationism and a kid who must be getting advice from the Discovery Institute:   h/t: Linda Grilli

Proof that Intelligent Design is about religion

I don’t read the Intelligent Design (ID) websites, but alert—and masochistic—reader Richard called my attention to a comment (or rather a moderated comment) on a post at the ID site Uncommon Descent. Here’s what appeared in the comments: Blasphemy!!!! As Richard noted in his email: “All Science all the time, not at all religious, no […]

Guest post: “The mind boggles: four leading UK universities accept creationist pseudoscience diploma as entry qualification”

by Matthew Cobb Over at The Guardian, young PhD student Jonny Scaramanga has just given Andrew Brown a lesson in a) how to write a decent article and b) why it is important to oppose creationism—and other pseudoscientific beliefs associated with religion, including in the UK. Scaramanga was educated at a UK creationist school between the […]

Andrew Brown: the low-hanging fruit of atheism

If we accept Steve Neumann’s “Atheist Positivity Challenge,” and refrain from going after the “low-hanging Christians” (i.e., megachurch pastors, Ken Ham, etc.) for a month, can we still criticize atheists? Even the low-hanging ones, like Andrew Brown? I will make this short: Brown has embarrassed himself again at the Guardian (that’s equivalent to saying, “Andrew […]

Accommodatheism #2: More gratuitous atheist-bashing in an mainstream article on the Creation Museum

I don’t want to complain too much about this article, as it’s actually pretty good. I just want to point out how, in the middle of a perfectly good magazine piece on creationism, an author will take time out to show he’s a Good Guy by bashing atheism and its Dear Leader, Richard Dawkins. The author is […]

Still Church, but not with evolution

Crazy church signs are a genre unto itself. This one graces (pardon the pun) the Calvary Baptist Temple in Fort Collins, Colorado, whose motto is below: They’re worried! And here are two of their signs posted on the reddit atheism site, with the caption, “At the end of June I was driving by this church and […]

Ohio supposedly makes its school standards bill more amenable to science

As Ohio’s House Bill 597 makes its way through the legislature, intended to prevent students from thinking while indoctrinating them with right-wing propaganda, a paragraph that could be construed as allowing religious explanations in science has been removed and replaced with other. (See my recent post on the issue here.) Here, from my post, is […]

Meanwhile, back in Muncie. . .

Home of Ball State University (BSU), the Midwest’s outpost of the Discovery Institute, Muncie, Indiana also harbors a newspaper, the Muncie Star Press. That paper always refused to take a stand on the controversy about BSU’s intelligent-design (ID) Astronomy and Physics course of Professor Eric Hedin, a course that was finally deep-sixed when the Freedom from Religion Foundation […]


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