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Loretta Breuning cannot help but enter

Dr. Loretta Graziano Breuning, author of the Atheist Butter piece I highlighted earlier today, has developed Maru’s Syndrome, and is showing up in the comments on her piece. But, as always in such cases, she’s not helping herself. Take this comment, pointed out by reader Draken: Ecumenical? Really? How balanced, how even-minded, how fair of her! […]

Creationist: if evolution is true, rape is ok

Here’s creationist Derek Isaacs, someone I’ve not heard of, promulgating his inanities on an episode of “Creation Today.” Isaacs says that, after studying the writings of “purveyors of evolutionary biology” like Darwin, Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and E.O. Wilson (since when was Hitchens a “purveyor of evolutionary biology?), he discovered himself “in a very dark place”—a place where […]

Columnist in Lebanon, Missouri paper gives ringing endorsement to principal’s illegal speech (and disses evolution)

Katie Hilton is a columnist for the Lebanon [Missouri] Daily Record.  In her latest op-ed, “Hats off for Lowery!“, she espouses every sentiment that shows the problems of that intolerant, faith-soaked town. I’ll reproduce her column in full, interspersed with my own comments in bold. By Katie Hilton | 1 comment A tip of the mortarboard to Lebanon High School Principal […]

New Gallup poll: acceptance of evolution rises slightly, creationism falls

The Gallup organization has conducted its annual poll of Americans’ acceptance of evolution (results here and here). It’s based on a sample of 1,028 adults surveyed in May of this year. They’ve been taking this poll, asking the same questions, since 1982, which makes it the longest-running regular poll on U.S. attitudes towards evolution. Actually, as […]

No succor for creationists: Ball State University appoints a scientist as president

Ball State University (BSU) in Muncie, Indiana, was the site of “Hedingate,” the controversy about whether Eric Hedin, a professor of Physics and Astronomy, could proselytize his students for Intelligent Design (ID) and Abrahamic religion in his Honors science class. After a complaint to the President by the Freedom from Religion Foundation, BSU’s president, Jo Ann Gora, convened […]

A universe fine-tuned for humans?

A few days ago I put up a video by Keith “Mr. Deity” Dalton, decrying a really insane piece by Jewish apologist Dennis Prager explaining why the story of Noah’s Ark was “one of the most moral stories ever told.” (There was also a funny video of Bill Maher’s take on The Great Flood.) Prager’s piece […]

A polymathic wacko writes in

What a dispiriting week! While fighting off a nasty cold, I’m having to deal with literally dozens of emails and comments from creationists and gun nuts. Here’s a sample of one of the responses (not published) to my post “Imagine no guns”:  “You people are more dangerous to society than any lunatic with a gun.” […]

Right-wing politician gives an expensive dino skeleton (proving Noah’s Flood) to the Creation Museum

Talk to Action, a site that reports on the religious right, has a doozy with a few twists.  The title is a bit confusing: “RINO says his dino proves Noah’s Flood. Wha wha WHAT? UPDATED!“ Well, the RINO (Republican In Name Only) is Michael Peroutka, an extreme right-winger who is so far to the right that he […]

The Adam-and-Eve war continues at Bryan College

To those who claim that there’s no incompatibility between science and religion, read this: Bryan College is a small, conservative Christian school in Dayton, Tennessee, deliberately placed in the town that hosted the 1925 Scopes Trial, and where the school’s namesake, William Jennings Bryan (who was one of those testifying against Scopes for teaching human evolution), […]

Genie Scott at Kamloops: How do you get people to accept evolution, and is theistic evolution “science”?

Dr. Eugenie Scott, former head of the National Center for Science Education (NCSE) and known as “Genie” to everyone, gave the keynote address on Sunday at the Kamloops “Imagine No Religion” meeting. Her title was “Why do people reject good science? Reflections on the evolution and climate science wars.” And it was a good talk, […]


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