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Casey Luskin admits that Intelligent Design is religious

Here’s the entirety of a letter that Casey Luskin, Discovery Institute flack, had published in the Muncie Star-Press yesterday.  Muncie, of course, is the home of Ball State University (BSU), where University president Jo Ann Gora, who’s retiring in June, announced that intelligent design (ID) could not be taught as science in science classes. (Note: […]

Rosenhouse: It’s okay to criticize Intelligent Design in science class, but not okay to teach it as science

Jason Rosenhouse’s new article at EvolutionBlog, about the Hedin affair, “Dubious legal analysis from the Discovery Institute” (DI), is really going to tick off the DIers and advocates of intelligent design (ID), but I think Jason has a good point. And that point is that although it’s illegal (as well as dereliction of duty) to […]

Discovery Institute admits that Intelligent Design is “a religious view”

Several commenters on the previous post noticed something that went over my head (I plead lack of coffee), but which deserves the permanence of a full post. In yesterday’s article about the Hedin affair in the Muncie Star-Press, Discovery Institute Vice-President John West was quoted as follows (my emphasis): “Ball State ought to be careful,” […]

Discovery Institute and Indiana legislators ratchet up pressure on Ball State; DI issues threats and seeks emails sent to me

As I reported yesterday, four Republican legislators from Indiana have written to Ball State University (BSU) president Jo Ann Gora asking questions about the Hedin affair/ (Eric Hedin was a professor in Physics and Astronomy who was proselytizing for God and teaching intelligent design in a science class. After the Freedom from Religion Foundation informed […]

Indiana legislators embarrass their state

UPDATE: Over at the Discovery Institute’s “Evolution News and Views” website, where no commenting is allowed, David Klinghoffer thumps his chest and pretends that the threat of the Fatuous Four legislators carries real weight. Klinghoffer implies darkly that if Ball State doesn’t play ball and allow ID to be taught, the university will lose state funding: […]

The Hedin issue is baaaack!: The Discovery Institute won’t accept their defeat at Ball State

Well, the Discovery Institute won’t go gentle into that good night.  After their loss in the Eric Hedin affair, in which Ball State University (BSU) President Jo Ann Gora proclaimed that courses like Hedin’s could not teach intelligent design creationism (ID) as science, Hedin’s course in Physics and Astronomy was canned.  That course proselytized Christianity […]

Jewish school in England removes evolution questions

From the BBC News London, we learn that a Jewish girls’ school in London has removed questions about evolution from exams. A Jewish girls school in Hackney has been redacting questions on evolution on science exam papers because they do not fit in with their beliefs. Fifty-two papers were altered by Yesodey Hatorah Senior Girls’ […]

Bryan College forces its faculty to swear to historical existence of Adam and Eve

Things are in ferment at Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee. Named after William Jennings Bryan, one of the prosecuting attorneys of the 1925 Scopes Trial (which also took place in Dayton), Bryan is an extremely conservative Christian school that adheres to Biblical literalism. Until now. The press of science is beginning to discomfit even literalists, […]

New Republic publishes my “Bill Nye loses” piece

As always, I’ll let you know when The New Republic re-published a piece that’s appeared here first. My post this morning on the Ham/Nye debate, and how Ken Ham is crowing that it revitalized the fund-raising for his Ark Park, has appeared without alteration in The New Republic as “Thanks to Bill Nye, creationists raised […]

Ham/Nye debate said to bring financial windfall to Ham and his Ark Park

I’m not saying “I told you so” (in fact I am, of course), but the main upshot of the Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate appears to have tipped the final balance in favor of Ham. The debate, as you’ll recall, was held in Kentucky’s Creation Museum, was on the validity of creationism as a model of […]


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