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Accommodatheism #2: More gratuitous atheist-bashing in an mainstream article on the Creation Museum

I don’t want to complain too much about this article, as it’s actually pretty good. I just want to point out how, in the middle of a perfectly good magazine piece on creationism, an author will take time out to show he’s a Good Guy by bashing atheism and its Dear Leader, Richard Dawkins. The author is […]

Still Church, but not with evolution

Crazy church signs are a genre unto itself. This one graces (pardon the pun) the Calvary Baptist Temple in Fort Collins, Colorado, whose motto is below: They’re worried! And here are two of their signs posted on the reddit atheism site, with the caption, “At the end of June I was driving by this church and […]

Ohio supposedly makes its school standards bill more amenable to science

As Ohio’s House Bill 597 makes its way through the legislature, intended to prevent students from thinking while indoctrinating them with right-wing propaganda, a paragraph that could be construed as allowing religious explanations in science has been removed and replaced with other. (See my recent post on the issue here.) Here, from my post, is […]

Meanwhile, back in Muncie. . .

Home of Ball State University (BSU), the Midwest’s outpost of the Discovery Institute, Muncie, Indiana also harbors a newspaper, the Muncie Star Press. That paper always refused to take a stand on the controversy about BSU’s intelligent-design (ID) Astronomy and Physics course of Professor Eric Hedin, a course that was finally deep-sixed when the Freedom from Religion Foundation […]

I was prescient! Bill Nye and the Ark Park

Mike Greer, a retired Baptist minister, is a rarity: someone who seems to speak out about the abuses inflicted by people who claim to have God on their side. He writes for Religion Dispatches, but that doesn’t mean he’s soft on faith. You can see that in his new piece, “Did the ‘Science Guy’ Bill […]

Creationist bill pending in Ohio legislature

The Albatross is preventing me from digging deeper into this story, but a report at i09 describes a pendingbill in the Ohio legislature that mandates teaching science in a way that favors creationism. It’s the “teach-both-sides” issue, but is couched in careful and weaselly language. Here’s the relevant part of Bill 597: (iii) The standards in science shall be […]

Two cartoons

First, the Jesus and Mo author comments on the recent crucifixions by ISIS. On a lighter note, Zippy does interpretive dance on a number of topics, including creationism:   Zippy’s figure of 42%, taken from a new Gallup Poll, is largely correct, but refers not to the age of the earth but to the proportion […]

Creationist “lab” probably staged, but certainly unused

A while back some creationist group did a video that showed one of their members in front of a lab, giving an air of scientific authority to their “research.” (Of course, IDers’ and other creationists’ “research” usually consists of finding pseudo-problems with evolution; they almost never do actual hands-on work in the lab or field.) […]

The bottom of the creationist barrel: the Argument from Photoshopped Cow

This does not appear to be a joke, but a picture of a Photoshopped cow that, according to the website Creation Moments, is good evidence for the Great Designer: While doing some research on the Internet recently, we came across this photo of a cow bearing a detailed map of the world on its hide. Was the […]

Texas newspaper: “Researchers” want to “prove” creationism

The August 14 Dallas Morning News (headline below, click it to see the article) presents as “news” something that is neither new nor accurate: This turns out to be just a report on the activities of the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) in Dallas. If you’ve been around a while, you’ll remember the ICR as the outfit […]


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