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Creationist “lab” probably staged, but certainly unused

A while back some creationist group did a video that showed one of their members in front of a lab, giving an air of scientific authority to their “research.” (Of course, IDers’ and other creationists’ “research” usually consists of finding pseudo-problems with evolution; they almost never do actual hands-on work in the lab or field.) […]

The bottom of the creationist barrel: the Argument from Photoshopped Cow

This does not appear to be a joke, but a picture of a Photoshopped cow that, according to the website Creation Moments, is good evidence for the Great Designer: While doing some research on the Internet recently, we came across this photo of a cow bearing a detailed map of the world on its hide. Was the […]

Texas newspaper: “Researchers” want to “prove” creationism

The August 14 Dallas Morning News (headline below, click it to see the article) presents as “news” something that is neither new nor accurate: This turns out to be just a report on the activities of the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) in Dallas. If you’ve been around a while, you’ll remember the ICR as the outfit […]

More buzz about Dembski

Intelligent design creationist William Dembski is speaking here on August 19; his topic is how his own mathematical analysis shows that natural selection can’t produce evolution. What surprises me is that Dembski doesn’t seem to have taken on board the fact that artificial selection can produce huge evolutionary change, which should also be impossible under Dembski’s claims. Further, we now have […]

Creationist Dembski gives academic talk at MY university!

An outraged alumnus of the University of Chicago called my attention to an upcoming “Computations in Science” Seminar. It is being given by none other than intelligent-design creationist William Dembski, famous for his characterization of ID in Touchstone Magazine: Intelligent design is just the Logos theology of John’s Gospel restated in the idiom of information theory. […]

McLeroy replies about the crucifixion

Okay, for a one-time bonus, I have allowed creationist and Biblical literalist  Don McLeroy to answer your questions about the supposed 500 witnesses to the Crucifixion, and I’ve asked him to respond to all of the readers’ serious questions.  He has begun to do so. But this is your chance to question a true believer […]

The Jesus Delusion

Don McLeroy, former head of the Texas State Board of Education and a regular member for several years during The Great Texas Textbook Wars, added his own comment (he’s moderated) to the post “Catholic biologist Ken Miller talks about God and evolution”. This is what appeared on my dashboard. McLeroy, as many of you know, is […]

Catholic biologist Ken Miller talks about God and evolution

Panda’s Thumb called my attention to an interview of  biochemist, author, ID opponent, and theistic evolutionist Kenneth Miller from Brown University. Miller once described himself to me as an “observant Catholic.” Here he has a 33-minute conversation with Samuel Varg (see below), who asks him several penetrating questions about God and evolution. Panda’s Thumb author Matt Young notes: While […]

Weekly reader beefs

For some reason, most of the non-published comments this week came from evolution deniers, although, as usual, a few trickled in from outraged citizens of Lebanon, Missouri. Here’s a selection of four that didn’t make it to prime time. Reader “Jimmy” comments on “Baleen whales: a lovely transitional form“: What a load of old cods!!! With this […]

Do people who deny evolution know less about it than others?

Several people sent me a short essay in the New York Times, “When beliefs and facts collide,” by Brendan Nyhan.  They thought, correctly, that I’d be interested in it because it discusses the reasons why so many Americans deny palpably true science, in particular evolution and human-caused global warming. Both of these “theories” are supported […]


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