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Trigger warning for EVOLUTION at children’s science center

This is absolutely unbelievable. On second thought, it is believable, for it’s in the U.S. Check out the caveat emptor at the bottom of the poster shown below. When I got this picture from a tw**t by Adam Rogers via Emily Ladawalla and then Matthew Cobb, I wasn’t sure where it was from, but figured it had […]

Larry Moran makes a Freudian slip

Over at Sandwalk, Larry Moran is rightfully incensed at creationist flack Vincent Torley, and they’re having a kerfuffle: Torley’s unjustly accused Larry of not thinking that natural selection had a role in the genetic divergence between apes and humans. Torley has apparently apologized. Now, in a new post about the flap, Moran makes the best Freudian slip I’ve […]

“My ghast was flabbered”: A. C. Grayling visits the Creation Museum, and speaks about humanism

This one-hour video, put up yesterday, shows Philosopher Anthony Grayling “speaking on ‘Humanism’ at The National Federation of Atheist, Humanist and Secularist Student Societies 2014 Convention.” I haven’t yet heard the whole thing, but there’s a bit starting at 19:08 that describes his visit to Kentucky’s Creation Museum. That might be a good place to start, […]

Yet more government support for creationism

by Greg Mayer In a must-read special report at Politico, Stephanie Simon examines the growth of government-funded instruction in creationism via the voucher school movement. Voucher schools are private schools for which the government pays full or partial tuition. Most of them are religious (70 %, fide Politico), are not held to educational standards, and have little […]

Two Republican creationists block South Carolina’s adoption of the Wooly Mammoth as the state fossil

Nothing surprises me any more when it involves Republicans and evolution (or science, or abortion, or immigration, or health care—the list is a long one). Yet this story, bizarre as it is, shows how truly benighted the members of that party are when it comes to science—and pandering to creationists. From Americans Against the Tea Party comes […]

Ball State president to meet with creationist Indiana legislators

The backstory, which you’ll know if you’ve been reading here, is this: President Jo Ann Gora of Ball State University (BSU) in Muncie, Indiana convened an investigatory panel after the Freedom From Religion Foundation informed her that one of the science classes in the Physics and Astronomy Department was teaching ID creationism and plumping for Jesus. […]

The National Center for Science Education becomes BioLogos

The National Center for Science Education (NCSE) has done some great work in court (and other places) quashing attempts of creationists (IDers or otherwise) to get their falsities taught in public schools. And for that I applaud them. But I don’t applaud them for their constant coddling of religion, guided by the unevidenced belief that if […]

Expected creationist pushback over “Cosmos”

I’m sorry to say that I still haven’t seen “Cosmos,” as I’m up to my eyeballs in writing and reading for that writing, even in the evenings. All reports are that the first two episodes (the third, I guess, is tonight) were good, with a few quibbles from scientists about inaccuracies. The evolution show got […]

California school exit exam prohibits questions on evolution, age of earth, and so on

UPDATE: In light of several readers who noted that this test is solely about writing (there’s one on math, too), I may have been too strong in decrying the omission of evolution and items about dinosaurs and the age of the earth. I have thus added a comment, below, reflecting this. Nevertheless, I still think […]

Casey Luskin admits that Intelligent Design is religious

Here’s the entirety of a letter that Casey Luskin, Discovery Institute flack, had published in the Muncie Star-Press yesterday.  Muncie, of course, is the home of Ball State University (BSU), where University president Jo Ann Gora, who’s retiring in June, announced that intelligent design (ID) could not be taught as science in science classes. (Note: […]


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