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New Republic published my “Noah’s Ark” post

Yay for The New Republic, which has just purchased and posted a slightly rewritten version of yesterday’s piece on the discovery of a pre-Biblical cuneiform account of an animal-filled Ark.  The TNR piece is called “A newly deciphered Babylonian tablet details plans for ‘Noah’s Ark,’” and can be found here.

Was Jesus made up by the Romans?

I guess this “news” has been circulating for over a year, but it’s been off my radar screen. We all know about the squabbles dealing with the existence of Jesus: was he really a divine, wonder-working son of God (WIlliam Lane Craig), an apocalyptic preacher who wasn’t divine at all (Bart Ehrman), or was there […]

Matthew’s new book gets plaudits

In the latest Times Literary Supplement, guest writer Matthew Cobb’s new book, Eleven Days in August: The Liberation of Paris in 1944, gets a very positive review by Robert Gildea, professor of history at Oxford. Sadly, the review is behind a paywall, so I’ve asked Matthew to give me a precis: Outs me as ‘Professor […]

Common misquotations

John Green from Mental Floss corrects 50 common misquotations. I must say, I’ve misquoted at least a dozen of these. Let’s not have any of these on this site, or at least any of these distorted or misattributed!

Richard III in a Leicester car park

by Greg Mayer No, it’s not an avant-garde staging of Shakespeare, but the actual skeletal remains of the last Plantagenet king of England. Archeologists recovered the remains last summer based on historical accounts of where he was interred following his death at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485. The church of Greyfriars in which he […]

R. Joseph Hoffman knows the truth about Jesus!

Over at The New Oxonian, R. Joseph Hoffmann,who has not exactly been a friend of this website, reports that he is writing a book that will at last tell us the historical truth about Jesus. In his piece, “Jesus: The Outline,” Hoffmann previews what his researches have revealed: I am going out on a limb, this […]

Richard Carrier takes the Christ out of Christmas

This is perhaps a Scrooge-y thing to do, but readers will surely want to know about it. It involves new research paper by Richard Carrier that bears heavily on the evidence for a historical Jesus. Most readers surely know of the controversy about whether the story of Jesus in the New Testament was based on […]

We’re still here!

Well, at least I am; I can’t speak for anyone else at 5 a.m. But I suspect, according to today’s Google doodle, that we all made it: The Telegraph explains: Clicking the image send visitors to Google’s search reults page for “End of the 13th Baktun”. The 13th Baktun is the last cycle of the […]

Earliest record to be played tonight for first time in 134 years

According to CBC News, People in Schenectady, N.Y., will get a chance tonight to hear something that hasn’t been heard publicly since 1878: a tinfoil recording made that year on what was then revolutionary equipment, Thomas Edison’s phonograph. Gathering at the Museum of Innovation and Science, people will hear a rough-sounding 78 seconds of music […]

OMG: Jesus was married!

Well, the debate continues over whether a historical Jesus really existed, but in the meantime a fourth-century fragment of papyrus manuscript, written in Coptic (below), has appeared suggesting that God Incarnate might have had a wife.  I saw this on the evening news, but there’s a fuller description at Live Science and Yahoo News. Live […]


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