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L.A. Times strongly endorses secularism

As a further sign of the times—that is, of the increasing secularism in the U.S.—we have an editorial from a major newspaper, yesterday’s Sunday Los Angeles Times, that calls for an end to marginalizing atheists, demonizing them, and calling them “unpatriotic.” The editorial is signed by the “Times Editorial Board,” thus representing the consensus opinion of the paper. Read the piece, […]

More cowardice about Islam in a UK university

For reasons that elude me, the UK is far more defensive about the evils of extreme Islam than the United States. Perhaps readers can explain this to me, but it seems to me that the U.S., being far more religious than the UK, should also be more protective about criticizing religion. After all, faith often enables other […]

Why is free speech waning?

Since the 1960s, when I was engaged in various forms of liberal political activism, I’ve seen a waning of the support for free speech, so that now speech that offends people (erroneously lumped as “hate speech”) is under question.  The UN, of course, is contantly beleaguered by Muslim countries to make “defamation” an international crime, but much […]

Google Doodle celebrates fall of the Berlin Wall

I well remember visiting Berlin when Germany was divided: the huge, imposing wall dividing the city, the strip of cleared ground (containing land mines) on the East German side, and the drabness of East Berlin when my father and I visited after passing through Checkpoint Charlie. (As an American Army officer, my father was allowed to travel […]

Bill Maher responds to the Berkeley fracas: “Who ever told you you only had to hear what doesn’t upset you?”

Bill Maher finally responded to the fracas about his invitation to give Berkeley’s commencement speech in December—an invitation that students voted to rescind after issuing it. The administration overruled the withdrawal, and Maher will speak. Here he affirms that he’ll be there: Maher is, to me, an ideal graduation speaker: funny, entertaining, and smart—as well as controversial. […]

Oh Lord—now Berkeley students want to ban a commencement address by Bill Maher

I always considered myself pretty much on the left politically. When the University of California at Berkeley had the Free Speech movement fracas back in the 1960s, in which students vehemently asserted their right to discuss political matters in public on campus, I was fully behind it. But somehow, now, I feel like the left is closing circles […]

The first secular invocation at a public meeting in Alabama

According to North Country Public Radio (a subsidiary of NPR), an atheist delivered the opening “invocation” at a city council meeting last month in Huntsville, Alabama. It was the first time in the history of the state (as far as we know) that a secular invocation opened a public meeting in that state. If you […]

Florida decision to distribute Bibles in schools backfires: Satanists can hand out their stuff, too!

Ah, there’s a big kerfuffle in Orange County, Florida, and it’s all the fault of those troublemakers at the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF).  You can see the story at many places, like here, here, and here). The trouble began when the Orange County School District allowed evangelical Christians (“The World Changers of Florida”) to distribute […]

David Gelernter schools the free-speech cowards at Yale

From the National Review online—why must I always cite conservative sites in defense of free speech?—we have an angry but also humorous letter from Professor David Gelernter at Yale, addressed to the cowards who signed the letter protesting the appearance and “hate speech” of Ayaan Hirsi Ali. You’ve probably heard of Gelernter: he’s a polymath who does […]

Yet another university calls for the marginalization of Ayaan Hirsi Ali

UPDATE: I am informed, and it is the case, that the column that looked like it was written by Chris Stedman, which I mention  at the bottom of my post, was actually written by Sarah Jones, described as “Communications Associate for Americans United for Separation of Church and State,” and she was talking about the revocation of […]


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