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A professor gives his students an object lesson in religious bigotry

UPDATE: I didn’t check the date carefully on this story, which I read as August 2014. My error: it’s August, 2012, so the story is two years old. My apologies. I’ll leave it up, however, as I think it’s still of value to discuss this, but be aware that the fracas is dead by now. And […]

A shot across Lebanon, Missouri’s bow

Twice the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) has written to the Superintendent of Schools of the Lebanon, Missouri school district, and twice they have been met with silence. The FFRF’s complaint, you’ll recall, is about Lebanon High School Principal Kevin Lowery’s prayer at the last graduation—a prayer that clearly violated the First Amendment.  Principal Lowery […]

Guitar-string company gives discount for using “Jesus Christ” coupon

Reader John Danley, a guitarist, informed me that a company called “Strings and Beyond,” which specializes in selling guitar strings, will give you a 5% discount on your order if you use a coupon labeled “Jesus Christ.”  It’s just another case of promulgating Christianity, though, to be sure, the company says that the discount (offered through […]

North Carolina diner drops religious discount

Well, things often move fast when the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) complains about First Amendment violations. Just yesterday I wrote about how Mary’s Gourmet Diner in Winston-Salem, North Carolina was giving customers a 15% food discount for praying aloud in their restaurant. I also posted a letter that FFRF attorney Elizabeth Cavell wrote to the diner […]

Restaurant gives discounts to customers praying in public

A while back, some restaurant, probably in the U.S. South, offered meal discounts to customers coming in on Sunday with a leaflet or bulletin from their church. (I’ve just Googled this and found it was a branch of Denny’s, a national chain, located in Texas.) As I recall, the ACLU or some other civil-rights organization threatened to […]

Lawrence O’Donnell takes out after Ark Park, and Bible as well

In the clip below, Lawrence O’Donnell, author, television writer (“The West Wing,” among other shows), and host of “The Last Word” on the MSNBC television channel in the US,  takes out after the Ark Park planned by Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis. He criticizes its unwarranted tax breaks from the state of Kentucky, its purveying fiction as […]

Louisiana judge rules against creationist teacher

UPDATE: The ruling was actually published on Marc. 17, and I have no idea why I thought it was this week. At any rate, the story stands, and the update is still an update to what was previously published.  Thanks to a reader for pointing this out. ________ Here’s some good news from Louisiana, home of […]

I join the Pinkah in Sci Am for the FFRF

The Freedom from Religion Foundation has a project to put a quarter-page ad for their organization into each month’s issue of Scientific American.  Their first one appeared last month, featuring the Honorary President, Steve Pinker: They asked me to do the second one (I think they want scientist types), but with a less wordy quote.  I sent […]

The FFRF’s ad against the Hobby Lobby decision

The Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) has paid for a full-page ad to run in the July 3 issue of the New York Times, protesting the Supreme Court’s decision that two companies could, on religious grounds, opt out of covering female employees’ contraception. A small screenshot of the ad is below; click on it to see the full pdf. These […]

The FFRF’s take on the Hobby Lobby decision

While sitting here polishing the prose of my book, I’m nagged by the dreadful decision announced today by the Supreme Court (see the New York Times story). What they’ve done is not only classified corporations as people (something they did in an earlier decision about campaign donations), but also classified them as religious people: firms that can control on […]


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