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Incensed secularists pile on David Cameron for saying that Britain is a Christian nation

Four days ago I described a Torygraph piece recounting Prime Minister David Cameron’s recent spate of pro-religious remarks, including these: The prime minister’s religious messages began last week with an Easter reception at Downing Street, at which he said religion had brought him his greatest moments of peace and claimed “Jesus invented the big society 2,000 years […]

New Jersey rejects atheist license plate, approves Baptist one

I wish this stuff would just stop happening, and that people would read the U.S. Constitution. On the other hand, if it did stop, what would I have to kvetch about. Thanks to several readers who sent various links to the story, which appears to be genuine. According to HuffPo, a New Jersey woman applied for an […]

No drinking in Ireland today

. . . unless you’ve already stocked up on booze. Due to archaic and religiously-based laws, it’s illegal to sell booze in the Republic of Ireland on Good Friday. That also goes for pubs, which are closed there today, although a few restaurants have dispensation to sell alcohol so long as it’s served with a meal. […]

Another dumb politician doesn’t understand the First Amendment

From the Raw Story (where there’s a video I can’t embed), we find another example of an ignorant politician—the mayor of Warren, Michigan—who doesn’t understand that the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (the one that guarantees freedom of religion) also guarantees freedom from religion. You can’t promote religious belief and at the same time […]

David Cameron goes all goddy again

I would have believed this in America, but in England? Granted, David Cameron wants to appeal to a faith-based constituency, but Britain isn’t as religious as the U.S., and when Cameron goes around touting God more often than Barack Obama, there’s something badly wrong. And, according to the Guardian, Cameron’s gone way overboard.  His explicit and publicly stated […]

Iowa governor signs proclamation putting state’s trust in God

From PoliticusUSA, we hear of more insanity in the U.S. as politicians, against all reason—and the Constitution—try to mix religion and politics. On April 8, Terry Branstad, the governor of Iowa (and, of course, a Republican), signed an executive proclamation inviting Iowans to celebrate a verse from the Old Testament. First the video of Branstad […]

What Ayaan Hirsi Ali would have said

The Wall Street Journal’s “Opinion” section has an abridged versions of the remarks Ayaan Hirsi Ali would have delivered had her honorary degree at Brandeis University not been revoked out of the University’s fear of Islamic opprobrium. They are hardly inflammatory; indeed, they are stirring and inspirational. Their publication shows Brandeis up for the craven and cowardly […]

Louisiana proposes bill to designate the Bible as The Official State Book

What is it: silly season for the First Amendment? Apparently, for according to WWLTV in New Orleans, the Louisiana legislature is considering another totally unconstitutional bill: BATON ROUGE, La. — Lawmakers are moving ahead with a proposal to name the Bible as Louisiana’s official state book, despite concerns the bill would land the Legislature in […]

Batesian mimicry of proselytizers

On his website Evolving Perspectives, Reader Pliny the In Between—perhaps inspired by yesterday’s posts on mimicry and Alabama’s banning of sex toys—has created this nice cartoon that he calls “Batesian mimicry”. A biological digression: Now if you don’t understand the title, Batesian mimicry is an evolutionary phenomenon whereby a conspicuously colored or patterned toxic individual, called a “model,” is […]

Wisconsin governor issues Christian tw**t

Scott Walker, the Republican governor of Wisconsin, has a Twi**er feed, and he’s unfortunate enough to be in the same state as the headquarters of the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF). Here’s a tw**t he made on March 16, note that a.) it’s an “official Twitter account”, meaning he’s speaking as governor, and b.) his […]


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