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Louisiana judge rules against creationist teacher

UPDATE: The ruling was actually published on Marc. 17, and I have no idea why I thought it was this week. At any rate, the story stands, and the update is still an update to what was previously published.  Thanks to a reader for pointing this out. ________ Here’s some good news from Louisiana, home of […]

I join the Pinkah in Sci Am for the FFRF

The Freedom from Religion Foundation has a project to put a quarter-page ad for their organization into each month’s issue of Scientific American.  Their first one appeared last month, featuring the Honorary President, Steve Pinker: They asked me to do the second one (I think they want scientist types), but with a less wordy quote.  I sent […]

The FFRF’s ad against the Hobby Lobby decision

The Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) has paid for a full-page ad to run in the July 3 issue of the New York Times, protesting the Supreme Court’s decision that two companies could, on religious grounds, opt out of covering female employees’ contraception. A small screenshot of the ad is below; click on it to see the full pdf. These […]

The FFRF’s take on the Hobby Lobby decision

While sitting here polishing the prose of my book, I’m nagged by the dreadful decision announced today by the Supreme Court (see the New York Times story). What they’ve done is not only classified corporations as people (something they did in an earlier decision about campaign donations), but also classified them as religious people: firms that can control on […]

Oh, dear God: the Supreme Court sides with Hobby Lobby

My CNN news alert has just given me the depressing decision: The Supreme Court today sided with Christian-owned companies that don’t want to pay for some types of contraceptives for their employees. The owners of Hobby Lobby, furniture maker Conestoga Wood Specialties and Christian bookseller Mardel argued that the Affordable Care Act violates the First […]

What’s going on in Lebanon, Missouri?

Last Tuesday, June 24, the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) sent its second letter to the Superintendent of the Lebanon (Missouri) R-III school district, asking them to respond to the FFRF’s previous letter about Principal Kevin Lowery’s prayer at the graduation ceremony at Lebanon High. (You can see Lowery’s prayer on YouTube here, which I now notice says […]

Some news on the First Amendment front—from the U.S. Supreme Court!

Reader Aelfric, an attorney, called my attention to a new U.S. Supreme Court decision that, surprisingly (given the court’s composition), upholds the separation of church and state. I’ll simply reproduce, with permission, the email he sent me. Granted, it’s only one case, and I’m always worried about the Court’s commitment to the First Amendment, but […]

A warning to Lebanon, Missouri: another state high school successfully sued for promoting religion

As far as I know, ever since the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) wrote to the Lebanon, Missouri school superintendent and school board, objecting to Lebanon High School principal Kenneth Lowery’s prayer to God at graduation, there has been no response. None, that is, except for Lowery’s two apologies, which weren’t really apologies because he […]

Spain to deport ex-Muslim for criticizing Islam

Talk about a country bending over backwards to cater to Islam! Spaniards, you have reason to be angry at your country. For the Gatestone Institute (and also Jihad Watch) reports that Spain is set to deport a legal immigrant who was allowed residency in the country in 2006 for fear of persecution.  Imran Firasat, from […]

“We Christians out number you”: more venom from Lebanon

UPDATE: I’m adding one comment I found on Facebook’s “Standing strong with Kevin Lowery” page: It’s unbelievable: these people feel uncomfortable UNLESS God is mentioned constantly—and, in this case, illegally.  Sometimes I feel I’m living on a different planet from these people. ***** Here are a couple of comments from the Fox News story on Lebanon, […]


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