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In a final attempt to have fun before I start serious book-writing, I took half the day off yesterday to have a food trip.  My ex-student Daniel, who likes his noms, was around, and I invited him to the Birreria Zaragosa on the South Side, near Midway Airport.  In case you don’t know, a birreria […]

Ann Arbor: noms

I’m here in Ann Arbor, Michigan to celebrate a wedding: the nuptials of Drs. Douglas W. Schemske and Carolyn Johnston. Doug is a very old friend who used to be on our faculty but then moved first to the University of Washington and then to Michigan State. Carolyn is a gynecological surgeon at the University […]

All I’m capable of: kitten nomming pancaeks

Professor Ceiling Cat is home with a tummy bug, resting up so he’ll be fit for his perambulations. I haz no fudz, but wish I was this cat:

A great culinary idea

UPDATE: Stalwart reader JJE, who lives in Newport Beach, just sampled the comestible described below. His one-word review: “Yum!”  And his photo: ___________________________ I don’t know why, but I have a severe craving for one of these. They’re being tried out as an experimental menu item at Carl’s Jr. in Newport Beach, California. I know […]

Food: Charleston

Here are a few holiday snaps of the meals I had in Charleston, South Carolina—one of the loveliest cities I’ve had the privilege of visiting. I also have a bunch of pictures of the town itself, which I hope to put up later, but here’s what I ate. Upon arrival, I immediately had a late […]

Peregrinations: Southern fudz

Needless to say, I ate well on my recent trip to Georgia and South Carolina.  I’ll put up two posts on the comestibles, with the first covering down-home Southern cooking and the second the fancier food I had in Charleston. Met at the airport at Atlanta, I was immediately taken to the Barbecue Kitchen of […]

Good morning!

I’m off to Charleston today, on the last grueling leg of the Grand Evolution, Atheism, and BBQ Tour of the South. I have many pictures and much to report, but that must wait.  Let me just mention that after my lecture in Clemson, one female student arose, incensed, and accused me of not knowing anything […]


If this 12-minute clip, from the movie “Deli Man,” doesn’t make you hungry (and make you laugh), there’s something wrong with you. The food is wonderful, and the characters colorful. (Click on the Vimeo icon in the movie box to enlarge.) I love delis, and, as the movie says, there just aren’t many left. My […]

2 Luxury Teacakes and other English noms

As I’m leaving very early today (i.e., the 6 a.m. train from Glasgow to Edinburgh, and then a ride to the airport), I decided to purchase some noms to consume along the way. In the Queens Street railway station in Glasgow, I found these comestibles in the Marks and Spencer shop where people buy food […]

Fife and St. Andrews

Yesterday I travelled from Edinburgh to St. Andrews to visit an old friend. I had expressed a desire to revisit Anstruther (a place we’d gone when I was doing a sabbatical in Edinburgh), home of what I thought was the best fish-and-chips shop I’d visited in the UK, The Anstruther Fish Bar. (It’s won many […]


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