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Monday: Dobrzyn

Sadly, this is the last report from my trip to Dobrzyn, as I take the afternoon train to Warsaw. We leave in 15 minutes for the station. A typical day begins with me exiting my room at about 7:30 a.m. By that time, Andrzej and Malgorzata have already risen, showered, eaten breakfast, and are hard […]

Dobrzyn: Sunday

Tomorrow afternoon it’s a sad farewell to the quiet village of Dobrzyn and my human and other mammalian friends. The post-Albatross vacation is nearly at an end, and who knows what criticism awaits me on my return? But, for the nonce, I’m enjoying my final days. Here are some photos from yesterday, and I’ll tender […]

Saturday: Dobrzyn

The “heat wave” in Poland seems to have subsided for a while, as it’s cooler and often overcast. Yesterday we ran out of noms, and so made a trip to the local market, a small shop run by a family, and to the big grocery store on the town square. In the little store there’s a […]

Dobrzyn: Thursday

Today was quiet and cooler, and the Princess came in after a night on the tiles. I noticed (after all this time) that her nose is two colors: pink and brick red (with a lining of black on one side). I’m sure you’re keen to see a picture of a cat nose: Cyrus is still […]

Wednesday: Dobrzyn

It’s less than a week until I leave, but the time has sped by. Take yesterday, for instance. I got up, wrote some things on this website, ate, patted the Polish cat, ate, worked a bit, ate, picked cherries, helped make a pie (Malgorzata did most of the work), ate, read a book (de Waal’s […]

Monday: Dobrzyn

These pictures are mostly from today; our visitors have gone and we’ve settled into the routine of working, sleeping, and nomming. The apple trees are heavily laden, but nobody wants them, for we are too glutted with cherries. The cherry harvest also finished this afternoon, and I wandered through the orchard, desperate to see if […]

Sunday: Dobrzyn

Cats and cherry pie are today’s subject (and were yesterday’s activities); in one case, we’ve combined them. All of these photos are from Saturday. Andrzej and I cracked about 400 g. of walnuts from their garden; the nuts were destined to be crushed and incorporated into the piecrust. Some of them were huge, and produced […]

Dobrzyn: Saturday

It rained last night (once again delaying the final cherry-picking) but Hili was outside. She finally showed up, announcing her presence, as always, by jumping on the window ledge outside the living room. One would think that you could just open the front door and call her in, but that’s not the way it works with […]

Friday: Dobrzyn

Quiet Days in Dobrzyn, which is just what I need to work a bit and unwind from The Albatross. It is wet again today, so the cherry harvest, which has one day to go, began at 5 a.m. but was called because of rain two hours later. Today’s post will be mammalcentric, so let’s start with […]

Thursday: Dobrzyn

Yesterday was a quiet day in Dobrzyn: working, eating, making cherry jam and pie, and napping. It rained much of the day, fortunately after the day’s cherry harvest was done. There is one more day’s picking left, but they want to wait until the fruit dries off.  We also lost power (and thus internet) several […]


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