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Sunday: Dobrzyn

Cats and cherry pie are today’s subject (and were yesterday’s activities); in one case, we’ve combined them. All of these photos are from Saturday. Andrzej and I cracked about 400 g. of walnuts from their garden; the nuts were destined to be crushed and incorporated into the piecrust. Some of them were huge, and produced […]

Dobrzyn: Saturday

It rained last night (once again delaying the final cherry-picking) but Hili was outside. She finally showed up, announcing her presence, as always, by jumping on the window ledge outside the living room. One would think that you could just open the front door and call her in, but that’s not the way it works with […]

Friday: Dobrzyn

Quiet Days in Dobrzyn, which is just what I need to work a bit and unwind from The Albatross. It is wet again today, so the cherry harvest, which has one day to go, began at 5 a.m. but was called because of rain two hours later. Today’s post will be mammalcentric, so let’s start with […]

Thursday: Dobrzyn

Yesterday was a quiet day in Dobrzyn: working, eating, making cherry jam and pie, and napping. It rained much of the day, fortunately after the day’s cherry harvest was done. There is one more day’s picking left, but they want to wait until the fruit dries off.  We also lost power (and thus internet) several […]

Wednesday: Dobrzyn

These are, as usual, photographs from yesterday, a day that started with a glass of fresh cherry juice and a cuddle with the Feline Princess of Poland.  Oh, Poland were paradise enow! (Click pictures to enlarge.) A selfie:   I was interviewed  in the garden by Kaja Bryx and her partner Jacek Tabisz, who work with the […]

Dobrzyn: Monday

The pickers came yesterday at 7 a.m.—at least most of them (a few cycled in later). They were a mixture of adults and schoolkids on vacation, with males and females in roughly equal numbers (Andrjez told me that the young men vie to pick next to the young women!) The cherries were ripe for plucking (they […]

A cherry Sunday in Dobrzyn

I’ll try to post each day about the previous day’s activities here. Note, though, that “activities” consist largely of working and eating, with occasional walkies. That routine is now established in Dobrzyn, although a new element (the cherry harvest) began at 7 a.m. today (Monday; photos tomorrow). My book is undergoing editorial review, so I have a […]

I have landed

It was a long journey to Poland, as usual, with a half-hour drive closely following a two-hour train ride closely following a nine-hour plane flight. But I have at last landed in Dobryzyn, and am in the capable hands of Andrzej and Malgorzata, and in the capable paws of The Furry Princess of Poland. Oh, […]

A tw**t from Pinker

Well, when you’re quoted on a Chipotle bag, you know you’re not only a public intellectual, but a public superstar intellectual. The only way you can be more famous is to appear as a character on The Simpsons. But I want to know why Pinker is eating at Chipotle*? (I hope the photo came from one of his […]

Chicago: four moods and Chinese food

Here are four photos of downtown Chicago I’ve taken from my crib over the last two weeks. The weather has been variable, and I’ve taken them in storm, sun, sunrise, and sunset. Storm coming: After-storm fog; Lake Michigan is still cold from winter, causing fog when the air is warm. Sunrise yesterday: Sunrise this morning: […]


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