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Delhi: a few holiday snaps

A quick post with food and stuff. Today’s vegetarian lunch: rice, chappatis, stewed turnip, a mysterious but tasty green vegetable, dal (lentils), shrimp cooked with vegetables, potatoes, mango juice (specially for me!), and, by my plate at upper left, Mr. Das’s canned rasgullah, which he wanted my opinion on. (Remember that his grandfather was the first […]

India: Day 1, Noms #2

I can see that I’m going to have to do a lot of walking to keep off the poundage here. My hosts are making really lovely meals, and Mr. Das has provided mass quantities of sweets. Just before bed, as I’m deeply jet-lagged, I’ll show my dinner and Mr. Das’s postprandial sweets (see two posts […]

Animals and leftovers

p.s. If you’re one of those whose pets customarily get some leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner, take a photo and send it along. If I get a couple, I’ll post them tomorrow. (And no moralizing about not feeding animals table scraps—except for the dangerous foods that some of the readers mention below.)

Cat eats a lollipop

I’m off again to the Rugby Scrum, otherwise known as the Indian consulate. To end the day, we must again have a cat, this one nomming some candy. The affinity of this cat for a lollipop (we Americans call them “suckers”) is mysterious to me, because, as you all should know, cats have no sweet receptors […]

Pies! 2014 edition

Save your fork—there’s pie! Or at least there was yesterday, when I attended the yearly South Side Pie Challenge held as a fundraiser for the local Ray School. The pies were at least as good as last year’s, and I bought four pieces ($3 slice/ four for $10: a bargain), consuming two on the spot […]

Sofia: The Last Supper

On the night before I left Sofia, my friends Vassy and Lubo kindly invited me to their apartment for a home-cooked Bulgarian meal with four of their own friends. It was also a chance to see Toncho (short for Mark Antony, the Roman politician, and don’t ask me why), an 18-year-old Siamese cat who is famous […]

Dinner last night

Last night I was told I’d be taken to a “BBQ” restaurant (i.e., one that serves grilled meats; these bear no resemblance to American BBQ but are delicious in their own right). Sure enough, I was, and the food was tasty and COPIOUS. First, with a Bulgarian beer, the appetizers. They included eggplant in what […]

Tarnovo: sights, noms, cats, and other splendors

We left Tarnovo two days ago, but I’ve yet to catch up on reporting my travels (these posts take a bit of time, you know).  But here are some holiday snaps in Tarnovo and surrounding areas. Our first order of business once we parked the car (some distance from our pension) was to have lunch. […]

Bulgaria: food, cats, and other delights

Yesterday, on our way back to Sofia from Tarnovo, we stopped at an ethnic “museum” (I don’t recall its name) where they have several original 200-year-old houses on display as well as prehistoric skeletons and relics and a couple of good restaurants. Oh, and lots of feral cats. The museum consists of several dwellings interspersed […]


by Greg Mayer Jerry has been enjoying Bulgarian cuisine, and I’m he sure will continue his reporting, but I thought I’d report on a stateside culinary event. Southeastern Wisconsin is noted for its German heritage due to its large number of German immigrants. One of the traditions they brought with them is Oktoberfest, a fall […]


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