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Dinner last night

Last night I was told I’d be taken to a “BBQ” restaurant (i.e., one that serves grilled meats; these bear no resemblance to American BBQ but are delicious in their own right). Sure enough, I was, and the food was tasty and COPIOUS. First, with a Bulgarian beer, the appetizers. They included eggplant in what […]

Tarnovo: sights, noms, cats, and other splendors

We left Tarnovo two days ago, but I’ve yet to catch up on reporting my travels (these posts take a bit of time, you know).  But here are some holiday snaps in Tarnovo and surrounding areas. Our first order of business once we parked the car (some distance from our pension) was to have lunch. […]

Bulgaria: food, cats, and other delights

Yesterday, on our way back to Sofia from Tarnovo, we stopped at an ethnic “museum” (I don’t recall its name) where they have several original 200-year-old houses on display as well as prehistoric skeletons and relics and a couple of good restaurants. Oh, and lots of feral cats. The museum consists of several dwellings interspersed […]


by Greg Mayer Jerry has been enjoying Bulgarian cuisine, and I’m he sure will continue his reporting, but I thought I’d report on a stateside culinary event. Southeastern Wisconsin is noted for its German heritage due to its large number of German immigrants. One of the traditions they brought with them is Oktoberfest, a fall […]

The Big Nom in Sofia

The night before last, several people connected with the “Ratio” science event repaired to one of the two most famous “local cuisine” (i.e. Bulgarian) restaurants in Sofia: a place called “Under the Linden Tree,” which of course is nearly the name of a famous street in Berlin. Below you can see the restaurant from the outside after it […]

Noms in Bulgaria: Thursday dinner and Friday lunch

Dinner Thursday and lunch on Friday (during the tour that Vassi gave me) was a warmup for the Big Traditional Bulgarian Feed on Friday night; pictures of that will follow. Can you read Cyrillic? If so, you’ll recognize this ubquitous food item: Dinner Thurday, after I arrived: a white beer and gnocci with spinach, goat […]

A “light” lunch with Josh Ozersky

First, be aware that there is no such thing as a light lunch with Josh Ozersky. I knew this well, and though we were scheduled to tour the Cantonese restaurants of Chinatown at 2 p.m., I didn’t eat a bite before that. Josh is a well known food critic, having written for New York Magazine, Time […]

NYC: lunch

Since my room at the W Hotel in Union Square wasn’t ready at 11:30, I had to cool my heels for over an hour. But that was just time to nip across the park to the Union Square Cafe, a New York institution, to try its vaunted menu. The place has received many gastronomic accolades. I started off with […]

NYC: Noms and stuff

Here are some random photos from the Lower East Side, where I’m staying; they include, of course, the all important Report on Noms. Noms were procured at the famous Katz’s, perhaps the most famous delicatessen in New York. It’s on the corner of Houston and Ludlow Streets, and has been in operation since 1888.  That […]

Goys try Jewish food for the first time, are not impressed

According to Professor Ceiling Cat (who has wide nomming experience), the three best cuisines in the world are, in no particular order, French, Indian, and Chinese (especially of the Szechuan/Hunan variety). And there are few cuisines that I don’t admire in general. Sadly, in the bottom tier of ethnic cuisine rests the food of my own culture: Jewish. […]


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