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Holiday snaps: Davis (mostly noms)

Posting will be light today as I must catch up after my return to cold, rainy Chicago. Here are few of my holiday snaps (no work snaps) from Davis: Flying over the Sierra Nevada: . . and into California’s Great Central Valley, almost all farmland First meal out in Davis: lunch at Redrum Burger. Once […]

Another Ceiling Cat Special

My invented recipe, the “Ceiling Cat Special” (which a reader says is merely a variant of a Central American dish), has been prepared by reader Grania. My own version uses black beans, rice, yogurt, and lots of caramelized onions, while Grania made it using kidney beans, rice boiled in chicken stock, onions, and Greek-style yogurt, […]

The Ceiling Cat special evolves

Reader George made a version of one of my staple “I-don’t-want-to-cook” dishes, the famous “Ceiling Cat Special” that I described in an earlier post. Here’s his photo and email: I don’t cook, but I asked my wife to prepare your dish for me and it was delicious! I wasn’t brave enough, though, to add yogurt […]

Holiday snaps, Boston

I usually put up one big post at the end of a trip, recounting my travels and showing the high spots, including noms.  But I often intend to add further posts, but never get around to it because of the press of time. (I still have yet to post my photos from Auschwitz, and that […]

My first posted recipe

Today is “Pi Day,” celebrating both the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter (why do we celebrate that?) and the birthday of Albert Einstein. Several readers have called this to my attention, and mentioned the more important form of “pi”—the one that you eat.  One said she had a wonderful recipe for sweet-potato […]

Saudi cleric issues fatwa against all-you-can-eat buffets

All I can say today is, “Thank Ceiling Cat I’m not a Muslim.” For there’s nothing I like to see more when I’m hungry than a sign that says “all you can eat” (or, in England, the characteristically more polite “all you care to eat”).  It is a Rule of Eating if you like good […]

Get the big pizza!

What size pizza should you order? The answer to that question is given in a February 26 post at the National Public Radio (NPR) website Planet Money: “74,476 reasons you should always get the bigger pizza” by Quoctrung Bui.  And that answer, as a moment’s thought will tell you (unless you’ve forgotten high-school geometry), reflects […]


It’s nice to have some pure time off for R&R, especially in Boston, one of my favorite cities.  I’ll try to post as often as I can, especially since the readers have informed me that I’m only marginally entitled to a life! In the meantime, here are some photos from activities yesterday and the day […]

Friday: Dobrzyn

It’s been another quiet day in the country, though I had three interviews. The first was by biology student Justyna, who came here from Warsaw to interview me for her science journalism class (and perhaps for her website about primates, which she studies at the Warsaw zoo). She lives near Dobrzyn and showed up wearing a […]

Wednesday: Dobrzyn

Someone asked yesterday about some of the handmade furniture they saw where I’m staying. It was made for Andrzej and Malgorzata by Jerzy Kenar, a Polish sculptor who lived in Sweden when they did. Coincidentally, Kenar now lives in Chicago and produces highly-regarded sculpture rather than furniture; you can see some of his work here. Here’s Kenar’s […]


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