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The latest strip from Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller, will appeal to the many atheists who—for reasons that elude me—are into fantasy and science fiction. But it also appeals to me. h/t: jsp, Marella

Caturday felid trifecta: Cat superhero and supernerd, Hello Kitty goes into space, and cat furniture

Aren’t you lucky? We have several items of ailurophilic interest today. The cult of kawaii has hit the Japanese space program. According to brandchannel, the Japanese government is creating a Hello-Kitty-themed space flight: Japan, for one, is also trying to re-engage young minds with the fascinations of space using a tried and true method: Hello Kitty. […]

Paws and relax on British Airways

We’ll end the week with—hmm. . . what will lift our spirits? How about CATS?? In a remarkably enlightened move, British Airways is tempting ailurophilic customers with a new channel on its long-distance flights. As Yahoo Travel reports: Do you ever go on Youtube only to get caught in an endless web of cat videos? […]

A swell license plate

Reader David photographed this on his drive home yesterday in Nashville, Tennessee: But southerners don’t call cats “moggies,” so it’s either somebody’s nickname, an epithet, or a transplanted Brit.

Cat defies moat to wake up owner

Anybody who has ever been on a cat’s staff knows that the animal’s scheduled breakfast time is at least two hours before yours. And they’re not shy about telling you, either. Who hasn’t tried a variety of wiles to outwit cats who jump on your chest at 5 a.m., knock things off your nightstand, or bang at […]

Moar kittens for Linda

Reader Linda Grilli, the website’s Official Goat Breeder™, has many cats.  In fact, when I asked her how many, she said this: I now have seven cats, five black. Pewter – gunmetal grey Clawed Monet – white with orange spots Barney – black Bailey – black Ebony – black Jose Felidiano – black Billy the Kit […]

A Polish kitten does monologues

My friend Malgorzata in Poland was visited by her friend, a local teacher who brought along a young kitten whom she had rescued and decided to give a forever home. The kitten, who had been abandoned, was skinny and ill, but the vet is now fixing him right up, and he’ll be fine.   The […]

Caturday felids: videos and haikus (and maybe a contest)

Today we get both visual and literary art. First, reader Gravelinspector was nice enough to send not one, but four good cat videos. The indented captions are his. Fat cat in a pot. Maru syndrome, one step further. Fat cat escapes from the pot. One wonders how this cat developed this habit? A cat burrows in snow: Kitten, […]

Cat with a monkey on its back (and bonus felid)

‘Nuff said. Except I’d like to own this cat. (from The Foundation for Homeless Cats) And, from the Torygraph’s “Pictures of the day” via reader Roo, a Putin Scratching Post (caption from the paper): He deserves a GOOD scratching!

Two cats for Sunday

(That would be a good name for a rock group, wouldn’t it?) I have two errant cat items, and might as well post them now. The first is a picture of Butter, the awesome rescue cat of reader Steven Muth (he’s a flame-point Siamese who was rescued form a Colorado highway). I have a new picture of Butter grinning. […]


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