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Today’s footie

None, and thank Ceiling Cat for that! Believe me, I need a break. Try polishing a huge book manuscript and watching two World Cup games at the same time! But play resumes on Friday, with two cracking matches. I will somehow need to watch both: Make your predictions, if you wish. Mine (I don’t dare to predict […]

Coco’s new bed

Reader Darrelle Ernst brightened my day with an email about his sybaritic cat Coco, which looks to be a Burmese: My wife and I have a prized bowl, hand carved from a single piece of marble by an Italian artisan, that we bought years ago. When our children were born we stored the bowl to keep it safe. […]

If I were Noah—redux

The doctor’s prescription for malaise: take two cats and call me in the morning—no, wait, more than two cats! From Off the Mark, by Mark Parisi: Which reminds me of a certain caption contest at the Richard Dawkins Foundation. How come I didn’t get a prize? I never get prizes! h/t: Steve

Did anybody ever think otherwise?

  And who would milk the cats? I have a horrible feeling that perhaps this sign is for perverts who want to drink cat milk! h/t: Steve

Caturday felid trifecta: Missing cat comes home after 13 years; cat rescued from vending maching; cat mouses in distillery

What a lineup of three great cat stories today! I hope you like moggies, because if you don’t, you should be over reading Andrew Sullivan’s B*agle Blog. First up,we have, from both the Geelong Advertiser News and care2, a report about Shelby, a cat that went missing in St. Albans Park (Victoria, Oz) and apparently turned […]

Saturday: Hili dialogue

Cyrus speaks! Hili: If you have to stare at me, do it so that I can see you, too. Cyrus: I like you from any angle.   In Polish Hili: Jak już musisz na mnie patrzeć, to rób to tak, żebym ja ciebie też widziała. Cyrus: Ja cię lubię z każdej strony.  

It’s Friday and I’m knackered

To celebrate the completion of my 2.5-year project, I’m putting up a gazillion pictures of cats, and then I’m going home to eat a nice dinner and drink a fancy bottle of wine. Tomorrow I’ll be missing footie because I’m going to the Cubs/Nationals game. Here are kittehs: Lemme in! It’s raining! Sqrl!   I can […]

Ten facts about wild felids

From Earth Unplugged we get ten facts about wild cats (actually, there are more than ten, since there are many sub-facts). As far as I know from the felid module in my brain, they are all correct—execpt that one claim seems deeply dubious. Can you guess which one? The narrator notes that the clouded leopard “makes […]

Tuesday: Hili dialogue

Hili: You have a message. A: Where? Hili: On your mobile phone, in your pocket. In Polish: Hili: Masz wiadomość. Ja: Gdzie? Hili: Na komórce, w twojej kieszeni.  

Cat-related prank played on coworker

Now this took some trouble. Look at the keyboard! From CollegeHumor


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