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Caturday felid quadrafecta: reading cats, cat essay, dog-walking cat, phallus-marked cat

You’re lucky again: four items today! The bad news is that I forgot to post this first thing. But better late then never, and, after all, it’s early in the US. The first is a bit of reading first from the “opinion” section of the New York Times: “A man and his cat” by Tim […]

Ban it!

Think of the second-hand effects: cat staff getting SCRATCHED! And it could lead to other countries adopting catnip! From you youTube notes: Watch more short films curated by Sundance Institute: Written and Directed by Jason Willis. Starring Giovanni Dominice, Neil Kight and Terry Easley. h/t: Aneris

Update: Jerry Coyne the Cat

From Christchurch, New Zealand we get a report on Jerry Coyne the Cat from his adoptive staff, forwarded by his original foster mom Gayle Ferguson. And the news is heartening: Well Jerry continues to rule. His coat is very thick and his tail gets fluffier every day. Growing so fast and will be a big […]

Quality time with the Princess

Warning: today is National Cat Day in Poland*, so you’ll be subject to even more felid pictures than usual. Here’s one that Malgorzata took after I fell asleep reading Frans de Waal’s The Bonobo and the Atheist (book review soon). Cyrus the D*g has stayed away, so I had a good hour with the Furry Princess […]

I don’t think this will work. . .

A tw**t from Sativa Magazine: The cat doesn’t look very happy, but somehow I think the owner is elated. h/t: Barry

Cats vs. d*gs: which is more popular, and where?

Several readers pointed me to a post on Wonkblog (at The Washington Post) about the relative popularity of cats and d*gs not only in the U.S., but throughout the world. The data are based on a 2012 poll by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and another by Euromonitor. The news is heartening for us ailurophiles:  although 36.5% […]

The best job in the world

Juhi Agrawal has a number of posts of her interactions with large cats while she was working at The Cheetah Experience, a rescue, breeding, and rehabilitation center in Bleomfontein in South Africa.  Just the other day we saw her being pounced on by Parda, a black leopard who was much taken with her. Here she is […]

Caturday felid quadrafecta: Update on rescued Chinese kittens, cat wants something really bad, and kittens attack reflections and ceramic kittens

As far as I know, there’s no quadrafecta in horse racingl but you, lucky readers, get four items today. Three videos first: A fluffy orange kitten sees its reflection for the first time, mistakes it for another cat, and charges, with dire results: ******** Kitten attacks ceramic kitten: ******** And another awesome Russian cat video.  This […]

The infatuated leopard experience

Voilà: a gif from The Meta Picture. Their notes: Pardus is a black leopard that is currently a part of the Cheetah Experience, a big cat centre that was founded in 2006 with the long-term goal of breeding cheetahs. Pardus is very enthusiastic about people. Here’s what happens when Pardus notices his favorite zoo keeper is […]

Life imitates art

I’ll invent a dialogue here, and since it’s mine there is no Polish translation. Jerry: Hili, do you like this shirt with you embroidered on it? Hili:  Yes, but it makes me look too fat. Embroidery by Hiroko Kubota. You can order one through her Etsy shop (GoGo5) with any animal of your choice, but be prepared to […]


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