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All good Christians got guns

Reader “amyt” found a bizarre church sign, and a counter-sign, on a recent trip.  Here is her narrative and her photos: We saw this photo on our way to a wedding (Sunday) in Mohican State Forest Ohio. We saw the church sign when heading north from Delaware, Ohio to a wedding. We did a 180 […]

ZeFrank on the superiority of cats vs. d*gs

As Diana McP. told me when sending me this new “Dear Kitten” video by the famouz ZeFrank (“True facts about. . . “), it is perfectly timed for the Cats vs. Dogs debate on Saturday. And indeed it is, conclusively demonstrating the superiority of felids. This series of videos is obviously sponsored by Friskies, and there are links […]

“I felt something”: Manly men hold kittens for the first time

I can’t believe there are any American adults who have never held a kitten. But here’s a group of guys who haven’t, and their first-time experience with mini-moggies is shown in this video sent by reader Lauren. Curiously, it appeared on the with the following note: It may be difficult to comprehend, but not everyone […]

Gus in the night

Another cat this morning, as I couldn’t resist. Earless but fearless, this is reader Taskin’s cat, ears frozen off while in a live trap.

Free ticket to the cats vs. dogs debate in NYC this Saturday

Sadly, one person for whom I’d earmarked a free ticket for the Cats vs. Dogs event is unable to use it, so I’m putting it up for grabs. It’s in Manhattan this Saturday, so you’ll have to live nearby. The event is this one:   I was going to offer it to the first person […]

Thieving cats!

Here’s a bunch of thieving and unrepentant moggies, from Bored Panda, of course. There are several others; I’ve just highlighted my favorites: Pen thief from imgur: Sausage thief, safe from interference; from kotofoto: I haz a fish! From Yoshinao Tanaka: Got milk? From Adrian Davies: Cat dreams big. Source unknown, from Becca Aspro on Pinterest: Why […]

How cats have trained us to pet them

Among the other benefits for which cats have domesticated humans, one is the procurement of fusses. Here is a video, sent by reader Diana MacPherson, showing the variety of ways that cats demand petting. As she said, “My favourite is the last one because the kitteh is so polite.” And so it is!

Caturday felid trifecta: Cat steps, boxing cat, and chest-hair cat

Next week will be busy: I’m leaving Thursday for New York to argue the case for cats, and then one day after I return on Monday I leave for Bulgaria to lecture about mimicry and see a bit of the country. But, like Maru, I do my best. I haven’t missed a Caturday Felid in years and […]

Bedtime reading for Gus the Cat: WEIT

To finish off the work week, what better thing could we have than Gus the Earless Canadian Cat being read a bedtime chapter on speciation from WEIT? Here reader Taskin takes a few liberties with the text in my chapter on speciation (Chapter 7, “The Origin of Species,” p. 168), a chapter that I’m quite proud of. […]

If only all cats were like Bobo. . .

It’s Felid Friday (just a one-off), and here, courtesy of Matthew Cobb, is Bobo: Bobo and his pal Nikita have a Facebook page. 


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