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Caturday felid: Cats with famous people; you guess ‘em

UPDATE: I have put the names of the 13 Mystery Owners here. ______ Reader Amy writes that she came upon a Tumblr site that features famous people with their cats.  (Is there any subject that doesn’t have a Tumblr? And don’t forget that Hili has one too!) There are actually 31 pages of photos, but […]

Friday felids: A d*g travesty and a patient cat

I took this photo on the street yesterday. Can you imagine any self-respecting cat going out in public with red booties, its tail poofed up, and angel wings? Really, a d*g pretending to be an angel? This is why cats are the Official Atheist Pet™. And here’s a video of very patient cat, beleaguered by two […]

Jerry Coyne has been neutered

. . . Jerry Coyne the cat, I mean. Reader Gayle Ferguson, who rescued Jerry and his Four Sisters, reports from Auckland: Little Jerry is back from the vet and is doing well.  He is racing around as usual as if nothing ever happened! It looks as if I’ll leave no genetic legacy, either human or felid. […]

Readers’ wildlife (and cat) photographs

I got nothing today: I am struggling with a book,  have three new talks  to write and deliver in the next three weeks (one at a conference next week on the evolution of morality at Oakland University in Michigan, and two Storer Lectures at UC Davis), must file two final reports on grants, prepare for […]

Jerry Coyne soon to be neutered and taken to Christchurch

Gayle Ferguson, Cat Angel™ for Jerry Coyne and his Four Sisters, sends another picture of Jerry and reports on his growth: He reached the 1kg mark on the weekend!  All the kittens have been through a growth spurt!  This is him sleeping with his sister Molly. Jerry (left, above) will see the last of his […]

Readers’ cats: trifecta!

It’s Monday—another damn week. But the snow is gone in Chicago, and I think it’s gone for good. Ceiling Cat has decided that it’s spring, and we should celebrate by depicting three of his Prophets on Earth, blessed be their names. Reader Ed Suominen, an ex-Christian, is co-author with Robert Price of the lovely book […]

Caturday felid: “Methinks it is like a catcerto”

Today we have a rare guest Caturday felid; I can’t remember one since I started this site five years ago (has it really been that long?). So here’s Greg’s contribution, which shows a concerto (“Catcerto”) composed by Mindaugas Piecaitis to embellish and complement the playing of Nora the famous piano-playing cat. (The score for “Catcerto” can […]

Readers’ cats: Spook (RIP) is replaced by Gus

What shall we have to close a long week? Would a cat do? How about one without ears? (Yes, I know there have been many cats this week, but the laws of physics determined that long ago, and I had no choice in the matter.) In December reader Carol (aka Taskin) lost her black cat […]

Two cat cartoons

Basically, I got nothing today, which is good because I have cat stuff to do, i.e., writing a recalcitrant book.  I do have a recipe (next post) and maybe some other stuff will crop up. In the meantime, here are two cat cartoons sent to me by readers. This first post apparently relates to the […]

The last days of Jerry Coyne

It’s only a bit more than a week before Jerry Coyne, my feline namesake, flies to his new home in Christchurch, New Zealand. Here are some pictures that Gayle Ferguson, who saved him and his four sisters from certain death, sent me last night. She’s communing with Jerry, and will be sad to see him […]


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