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Any happening does not happen: Zen Maru

This is the feline equivalent of Andy Warhol’s “Empire“, enlivened by “mugumogu’s” (Maru’s owner’s) comment on the video, titled “Maru is sleeping in the box“: Any happening does not happen. Maru sleeps in the box peacefully. That’s very profound—and soothing, even if it is the end-stage of Maru’s Syndrome. He cannot help but enter. h/t: […]

Caturday felid trifecta: pleasing cat meows, cats’ heads on their owners’ bodies, and Gus the earless cat

Oh dear—I almost forgot the Caturday Felid, which I haven’t missed in years. It was ready to go this morning, too, and then I forgot to post it before I did my shopping for Poland (Hili needs some gifts!). Oh well, better late than never. At any rate, we have another trifecta this week. First, here […]

A good cat mom

As always, I try to end the work week (not mine, which never seems to end) with something nice, i.e., catty. Here’s a great cat mom rescuing her kitten in distress as it goes down a slide. As she takes it up, another kitten begins its descent. But how did they get up there in […]

Seven kittens react in unison

When I first saw this video, I thought it had been edited as a loop, but now I’m pretty sure it’s a single cut. It’s clearly the Ultimate Kitten Squee, and thanks to the many readers who sent a link. Video notes: Kittens born April 10, 2014—GC Triskel Naomi Sun X GC Celtic Cats Helios of […]

RIP Milo

In an email to me about other matters, reader Jay Lonner of Bellingham, Washington added a few words of memoriam abou his late cat Milo: Also, as a fellow ailurophile I’d like to note the recent passing of my beloved cat Milo this July 4th (the attached photo is from 2010). Milo was 18 when […]

Caturday felid: kitten rescue in Szechuan!

Speaking of Chengdu (the capital of Szechuan), I got a completely unsolicited email from a Chinese student named Yi, who, with his girlfriend Xixi, found a passel of five abandoned kittens on the campus of his university in Chengdu. After some back and forth, the kittens all got saved. Here’s the story, with photos (Yi’s emails are […]

Guest post: The truth about that Pallas’s cat video

JAC note:  Poor Matthew!  He is deeply dispirited because he was rooting for the team that just lost its World Cup match. I won’t give a spoiler, but I found the game very dull, and also had trouble finding a station to watch it on.  At any rate, Matthew tells me he’s “gone out for […]

Half-time cat

I’ve had a devil of a time finding a station to watch the France/Germany match on, but finally succeeded (Univision went all cheapskate on us).  In the meantime, have some medieval black cats from Twi**er (via reader Grania):  

Interspecific love?

Tomorrow’s a holiday in the U.S.: Independence Day. But Professor Ceiling Cat must polish up his book for submission on July 9, and until then there will be no rest for the professorial felid. But to get the holiday started on the right foot for those Americans with normal lives, let’s have . . . […]

Cat caught stealing from drawer

Who says that animals don’t feel guilt? Have a look at this thieving moggie! It comes from May Fong Robinson via reader Clive. The original gif is labeled “What? I wasn’t going to wear it!” Clive adds, “I can’t stop laughing at the way it gently pushes the drawer closed.”


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