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Cat with a monkey on its back (and bonus felid)

‘Nuff said. Except I’d like to own this cat. (from The Foundation for Homeless Cats) And, from the Torygraph’s “Pictures of the day” via reader Roo, a Putin Scratching Post (caption from the paper): He deserves a GOOD scratching!

Two cats for Sunday

(That would be a good name for a rock group, wouldn’t it?) I have two errant cat items, and might as well post them now. The first is a picture of Butter, the awesome rescue cat of reader Steven Muth (he’s a flame-point Siamese who was rescued form a Colorado highway). I have a new picture of Butter grinning. […]

Caturday felid: Gus gets his breakfast, and then tea, and two bonus photos

Professor Ceiling Cat is quite ill today: I’ve been diagnosed with viral bronchitis,wheezing like a steam engine, and I should be home in bed. I will repair there shortly. Given my debilitated condition, don’t expect a whole lot today. Fortunately, though, I wrote most of today’s posts yesterday. Here’s the Caturday Felid, which I pride myself […]

Baxter’s Tale for World Cat Day

I was pondering choosing a reader’s cat to highlight World Cat Day, and, by pure luck, reader Leo Glenn sent me a lovely note and picture about Baxter, his rescue cat. So let Baxter stand for all the moggies of the world who are saved by human kindness and given forever homes. Here’s Baxter’s Tale […]

It’s World Cat Day!

Reader Linda Grilli, who has upwards of six cats, informs me that today is World Cat Day. And damn if she’s not right! Today is indeed the one day of the year that is officially designated for appreciating cats, though of course on this site every day is World Cat Day.  I’m only sad that […]

What does the cheetah say?

Cheetah says “cheep, cheep, cheepity cheep.” I ‘ve known for a while that baby cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus) make strange chirping noises, but I never thought much about the adult calls until I got this from reader Steve: Well, I had to check that out, of course, and it’s true that cheetahs can’t roar. Here’s one that […]

Caturday felid quadrafecta: reading cats, cat essay, dog-walking cat, phallus-marked cat

You’re lucky again: four items today! The bad news is that I forgot to post this first thing. But better late then never, and, after all, it’s early in the US. The first is a bit of reading first from the “opinion” section of the New York Times: “A man and his cat” by Tim […]

Ban it!

Think of the second-hand effects: cat staff getting SCRATCHED! And it could lead to other countries adopting catnip! From you youTube notes: Watch more short films curated by Sundance Institute: Written and Directed by Jason Willis. Starring Giovanni Dominice, Neil Kight and Terry Easley. h/t: Aneris

Update: Jerry Coyne the Cat

From Christchurch, New Zealand we get a report on Jerry Coyne the Cat from his adoptive staff, forwarded by his original foster mom Gayle Ferguson. And the news is heartening: Well Jerry continues to rule. His coat is very thick and his tail gets fluffier every day. Growing so fast and will be a big […]

Quality time with the Princess

Warning: today is National Cat Day in Poland*, so you’ll be subject to even more felid pictures than usual. Here’s one that Malgorzata took after I fell asleep reading Frans de Waal’s The Bonobo and the Atheist (book review soon). Cyrus the D*g has stayed away, so I had a good hour with the Furry Princess […]


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