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Family business: Daniel Matute wins Dobzhansky Prize, and Matthew’s cats

I’m very proud to report that my last student, Dr. Daniel Matute, has been awarded the Dobzhansky Prize from the Society of the Study of Evolution. The award and description of Daniel’s work is here.  The prize, which comes with a generous emolument, is perhaps the most prestigious award conferred on a beginning evolutionary biologist. In 2011 Daniel also […]

Caturday felids: Lynx with huge paws, and purloining moggie

I know someone is going to say the image below is Photoshopped (that’s Coyne’s Second Rule of Blo**ing), but it isn’t. It’s just a very large wild cat, and the way it’s being held makes it look bigger. Reader Don sent this photo of a Canada lynx (Lynx canadensis), one of the four species in the genus […]

Cat tries to open the Door to Summer

. . . and gives up. This post is to celebrate the end of a long, depressing winter. I have had a revelation from Ceiling Cat that there will be no more snow this year—at least in Chicago. h/t: Su

Ping pong cat

I guess you should think of this as a three-mammal game instead of an annoying interruption: h/t: Diane G.

Jerry Coyne, snuggling

At ten weeks old Jerry Coyne the Cat is already a roué, eliciting fusses from all and sundry. Here he is in a video with rescuer Gayle Ferguson. I love the little smile she makes at the end (Gayle is a serious person), which I fancifully interpret as her thinking, “Thank goodness I rescued you, little […]

Still moar photos of Jerry Coyne the Cat

As the time runs out before Jerry Coyne flies to his forever home (on Saturday), Kitten Whisperer Gayle Ferguson has sent a batch of pictures. There are also a few nuggets of information: Jerry is really aggressive about noms.  When he’s tired of his own bowl he will push his head in front of another […]

Jerry Coyne is a movie star!

Gayle Ferguson in Auckland, New Zealand was kind enough to make and send links to three videos of her rescued kittens, but the star of the show is Jerry Coyne. Here they are, with Gail’s notes (indented): Jerry and “The Precious” Part I This little, purple, failed attempt at a knitted baby’s bootie has become […]

Caturday felid contest: answers

Yesterday’s Caturday Felid showed photos of a bunch of famous (but not immediately recognizable) people with their cats, and I asked readers to guess the owners. Most of you got some of them right; I’m not sure that anyone got them all right. At any rate, here are the answers by number: 1.  Robert Redford 2. […]

Molly gets adopted

Of the five kittens rescued by Gayle Ferguson in New Zealand (they were abandoned in a cardboard box in a petrol station), three have now been adopted. Jerry Coyne and Poppy were adopted in the last ten days, and yesterday Molly was adopted as well. According to Gayle, Molly will be going to a new […]

Caturday felid: Cats with famous people; you guess ‘em

UPDATE: I have put the names of the 13 Mystery Owners here. ______ Reader Amy writes that she came upon a Tumblr site that features famous people with their cats.  (Is there any subject that doesn’t have a Tumblr? And don’t forget that Hili has one too!) There are actually 31 pages of photos, but […]


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