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Kittehs and turkey

by Greg Mayer As an envoi for Thanksgiving, a visual composition of a turkey and two kittehs. While preparing Thanksgiving goodies, my wife found that candy corn is a scarce item after Halloween, but our local 5 and dime came through, with a variety of candy corns to choose from. The blend she selected, “Autumn […]

Best Friends says “Happy Thanksgiving”

Don’t expect anything substantive today as the good Professor will be occupied, and nobody in America will be (or should be, if you are) reading websites.  And, as it’s a holiday,  I’ll even allow videos showing d*gs that aren’t getting pummeled by cats. This one is a heartwarming two-minute Thanksgiving video from the Best Friends Animal Society, […]

Pre-holiday felids: bully cats and rocket cats

I can’t embed this, but click on the screenshot below to go to a HuffPo UK video of Cats Bullying D*gs, or The Way It Should Be: And another cat vs. dog video demonstrating felid superiority: Notice in the second video that artificial selection for speedier dogs has given them to a body form similar to the world’s […]

Cat eats a lollipop

I’m off again to the Rugby Scrum, otherwise known as the Indian consulate. To end the day, we must again have a cat, this one nomming some candy. The affinity of this cat for a lollipop (we Americans call them “suckers”) is mysterious to me, because, as you all should know, cats have no sweet receptors […]

Caturday felids: a rare male tortoiseshell cat, a paper-obsessed cat, and cats giving high fives,

You know why virtually all tortoiseshell cats are female, right? It’s all due to genetics.  Well, maybe some of you don’t, so a quick explanation is in order to introduce today’s felids. Tortoiseshell cats, or “torties,” are cats with patches of orange and black fur, and sometimes a bit of white. Here’s one: How do they […]

Percy and Orlando meet the catnappers

by Matthew Cobb This is an apparently heartwarming story – David Allinson was reunited with his cat, Percy, after 10 years apart. Percy went missing in 2003, and David gave up hope of ever seeing him again. But Percy had moved 15 miles down the road, where he lived with an old lady. When the […]

The cat genome: what does it say about domesticated moggies?

Not much, really, though there are some interesting but preliminary findings. Many readers sent me a link to a new paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences by Michael J. Montague et al. (reference at bottom, free download, too many authors to list!), and I found it interesting but not definitive. That’s […]

Winter animal care

Take care of the animals; it’s gonna be a cold winter for them! This kitty looks like it could use a saucer of milk!

Caturday felid quadrifecta: Cat sticks out tongue at sound of packing tape, Leon monologues, and Honey Bee, the blind hiking cat, and kitten-induced stress relief

There are FOUR cat-related items today, and if you don’t read them all I’ll stick beans up my nose. Reader Alex sent a video that flummoxes all students of cat behavior. His notes:  I’m not usually in the habit of sharing cat videos but this one has me baffled. I can understand climbing into boxes, sucking […]

Cold weather tip

Reader Peter reminds us to take special care about animals in the cold weather:   ~


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