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Caturday felid trifecta: Cat artist, Jerry the Cat, and exercising with your cat (plus bonus)

We have three items for today, including an update on Jerry Coyne the Cat. First, a wonderful video called “I Am a Cat,” profiling talented and highly adorable Kaori Mitsushima, an artist who specializes in cats. (her website is here and her Facebook page is here). As  you’ll see, she has two cats—Pon-Pon and Araise (appears to be a Turkish Van […]

Devil Cat and Surgeon’s Assistant Cat

What are the chances? Two good cat cartoons today, both spotted by alert readers. Reader Howard sent me the latest Dilbert strip, by Scott Adams, with the note: Todays Dilbert… which combines Cats, Science, Money and Religion.  I thought you’d like it The research, as far as I know, is correct. But I just wonder if […]

Cat versus lemon

The citrus must be smited! Repeatedly. h/t: Su

Caturday felid: World premiere of “Hili and Cyrus”

I am extremely honored to present reader Carol Piller’s polka/klezmer composition (and performance) in honor of Hili and Cyrus. But I will let her explain the origin. First watch the video: an original piece of music accompanied by slides of our favorite cat and her canine staff. A few years ago, I started writing my own piano […]

How does the week end?

Not with a squirrel but a cat. (A facepaw!) Have a good weekend, and don’t forget to try the roast beef!  

RIP Hamish McHamish

Last May I reported on the existence of one Hamish McHamish, a large, fluffy tomcat in St. Andrews, Scotland, who, though formally owned, roamed the town freely, acquiring noms and fusses from all and sundry. He even had a fancy £5,000 bronze statue erected by the townspeople who loved him. So I am sad to […]

Leftover cats

Nowhere to put these except in the last post of the day. You’ll recognize the manul (Pallas’s cat), which I consider the world’s cutest wild felid: And do you recognize this species? h/t: Su

Paw de deux

A tw**t from Emergency Kittens  shows us a lovely dance between man and moggie:

The New Yorker Festival, avec les chats et moi

Today the New Yorker Festival announced its program, which you can see here.  It takes place in Manhattan, of course, and from Friday, October 10 through Sunday, October 12. As always, there are tons of things to see.  And, I get to be in it, in a LOLzy program of debate—to wit: I will of […]

Theo, the coffee-drinking cat, says, “Wake up!”

Perhaps you remember Theo, the all-black cat whose staff, Laurie and Gethyn, sent us this entry to the Cat Confession Contest: If you can’t read it, it says, “My name is Theo and I drink coffee and lick plastic! Really!” His actions and contrition won him a copy of WEIT with a cat drawn in […]


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