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Cat with head-mounted laser

by Matthew Cobb We’ve debated the ethics of playing with cats (and other animals) using laser pointers a number of times (e.g. here). This cat’s staff has fitted it up with a head-mounted laser. So at least kitty won’t get his eyes fried. Still not sure it’s the Right Thing to do though. However, I […]

Caturday felid: Pizza Hut run by cats, and sad moggies

The Japanese not only love their cats and use them frequently in commercials, but often those commercials are baffling to Westerners. Here are some of them that advertise Pizza Hut in Japan. Having looked at all of them—this is just a sample—I can’t imagine that they’d really sell pizza. But perhaps the mere association of pizza […]

Zero-G kittehs

I always thought Russians were the world’s greatest cat lovers—until I saw this video. Reader Stephen Q. Muth, better known as Butter’s Staff, sends this intriguing video of a cat (and two mice, barely visible) subjected to zero gravity on one of those airplane rides where, as a plane goes over the top of a parabolic arc, […]

Cat vs. deer

Here a herd of deer, wandering through a residential neighborhood, encounters a solitary white cat with a colored tail. Who will win this Meeting of the Mammals? Note that the deer, who are usually prey, are still wary of the cat as a potential predator. But in the end, size wins out.

Hacker cat!

Have a roaming moggie? If you know how to hack, your cat can be your best friend. See how in this video:   h/t: redlivingblue

Cats knocking stuff off tables and stuff

It’s been a looooong day, but the Albatross is flying well. I have nothing to offer beyond this series of gifs, from College Humor, all showing the familar “cats knocking stuff off of tables” behavior.  I can understand it when it’s meant to wake an owner up, but there seems to be more to it than that. […]

Cheetah cub squeaking

Remember that cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus), although they’re large African cats, cannot roar: they chirp, as well as making a panoply of non-roaring noises. (Go here to see my recent post which shows an adult cheetah embarrassing itself when vocalizing.) Here’s a cheetah cub making even cuter noises. The YouTube notes give some background: This cheetah kitten named […]


The latest strip from Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller, will appeal to the many atheists who—for reasons that elude me—are into fantasy and science fiction. But it also appeals to me. h/t: jsp, Marella

Caturday felid trifecta: Cat superhero and supernerd, Hello Kitty goes into space, and cat furniture

Aren’t you lucky? We have several items of ailurophilic interest today. The cult of kawaii has hit the Japanese space program. According to brandchannel, the Japanese government is creating a Hello-Kitty-themed space flight: Japan, for one, is also trying to re-engage young minds with the fascinations of space using a tried and true method: Hello Kitty. […]

Paws and relax on British Airways

We’ll end the week with—hmm. . . what will lift our spirits? How about CATS?? In a remarkably enlightened move, British Airways is tempting ailurophilic customers with a new channel on its long-distance flights. As Yahoo Travel reports: Do you ever go on Youtube only to get caught in an endless web of cat videos? […]


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