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Percy and Orlando meet the catnappers

by Matthew Cobb This is an apparently heartwarming story – David Allinson was reunited with his cat, Percy, after 10 years apart. Percy went missing in 2003, and David gave up hope of ever seeing him again. But Percy had moved 15 miles down the road, where he lived with an old lady. When the […]

The cat genome: what does it say about domesticated moggies?

Not much, really, though there are some interesting but preliminary findings. Many readers sent me a link to a new paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences by Michael J. Montague et al. (reference at bottom, free download, too many authors to list!), and I found it interesting but not definitive. That’s […]

Winter animal care

Take care of the animals; it’s gonna be a cold winter for them! This kitty looks like it could use a saucer of milk!

Caturday felid quadrifecta: Cat sticks out tongue at sound of packing tape, Leon monologues, and Honey Bee, the blind hiking cat, and kitten-induced stress relief

There are FOUR cat-related items today, and if you don’t read them all I’ll stick beans up my nose. Reader Alex sent a video that flummoxes all students of cat behavior. His notes:  I’m not usually in the habit of sharing cat videos but this one has me baffled. I can understand climbing into boxes, sucking […]

Cold weather tip

Reader Peter reminds us to take special care about animals in the cold weather:   ~

Gus wants in!

Gus, the earless white cat, lives in a part of Canada where he must be leashed when outside. But he got so tangled up that he couldn’t come inside. Fortunately, his staff (reader Taskin) rescued him. Can you spot the earless white cat?

“Ohly-ohly-ohly” said the nude cat

by Matthew Cobb Vine of man spooking a nude cat by wearing an animal head. The cat responds “only-ohly-ohly”. If you can’t hear the sound, there’s a button on the bottom right of the Vine you can click. Be kind to people in your space – don’t leave it looping for too long or you’ll […]

Caturday felid trifecta: The Cat Came Back, Cat pareidolia, and Fat Freddy’s cat

A milestone: this is the 9,000th post on this website! Another trifecta today, though interesting Cat Stuff has been scarce this week. First, we have an instance of Feline Pareidolia from reader Peter in Australia, who reports: I was just at my mate’s place for dinner and when I looked down at the floor I saw […]

Squirrel plays with cat

It’s the end of a long week, I have finished the copyedits of the Albatross, and I’ve prepared an evolution talk for Truman State in Missouri (where I head Monday), and so it’s time to kick back with a drink and a FELID.  Here’s this Friday’s offering: Don’t ask me the circumstances here: a predator […]

Requiem for a cat

Reader Su Gould has contributed many cat-themed cartoons (and cockatoo-themed cartoons) to this site, and her cat Callie recently died. She sent me some photos and reminiscences (indented), which I offer as a tribute to the late Callie. This is my tribute to my beloved, recently deceased Cal. She was 18.5 years, and the only […]


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