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LOOK AT THIS KITTEN!! Anthony Hutcherson, a lovely guy who breeds Bengal cats and “toygers” in Maryland, and who was on Team Cat for the Great New Yorker Cats v. Dogs Debate, has renewed his offer of a gratis Bengal cat for me, and enclosed the above photo as a temptation.  He added: Whenever you are […]

Bulgaria: food, cats, and other delights

Yesterday, on our way back to Sofia from Tarnovo, we stopped at an ethnic “museum” (I don’t recall its name) where they have several original 200-year-old houses on display as well as prehistoric skeletons and relics and a couple of good restaurants. Oh, and lots of feral cats. The museum consists of several dwellings interspersed […]

Cat eats watermelon

. . . including the rind! Does your cat eat anything weird? h/t: Peter ~

Cat Watch 2014

by Greg Mayer The BBC has been running a new series Cat Watch 2014, which started on October 7. There are three episodes, all of which have had their first run, but there are still re-broadcasts and the full episodes are available online in the UK. They are not, unfortunately, available in the US, so […]

Monastery of the Transfiguration of God

Today we visited a famous monastery near Tarnovo (itself 2.5 hours from Sofia): the Monastery of the Transfiguration of God, reportedly dating to the 14th century. No monks were evident (the place seems to be undergoing a renovation).  Located in the woods up on a mountain, it was very peaceful, and I got a special treat, as […]

Caturday felids trifecta: The cats of Sofia; Swiss try to pass one-cat-per-house rule; Cat fights washing machine

Three items today, just so I don’t miss a Caturday. But I’m in a rush, as I’m speaking at the Ratio conference this afternoon. So let us hasten to the felids: I’ve seen two live street cats in Sofia, but they were moving too fast to either pet or photograph. Fortunately, the Bulgarians love cats, […]

Snagglepuss the cat and Bubbles the baby rabbit

by Matthew Cobb This was posted on YouTube way back in the days of steam-powered black and white TV (like in, ooh, 2009). So Bubbles will now be a big rabbit. It garnered about 15,000 hits, at a time when that was LOTS. [EDIT: I have now traced it back to 2008 on a dead […]


Since it was just Nobel week, here’s a noble cat. This was sent by half of Gus’s staff, reader Tasker, who said of the photo: It reminds me of the portraits that wealthy people had made of their hunting d*gs, same pose! Fearless and earless! I’m off to Bulgaria—don’t forget Professor Ceiling Cat! ~

Special cat-related news, Tuesday edition

A few odds and ends before I have coffee and find something subtantive to say! I have two leftover pictures from the NYC Great Cat vs d*g debate, for which, of course, the fix was in well in advance. We was robbed! First, my big treasure from New York: an autographed copy of Joyce Carol […]

The New Yorker event: Cats lost. . . :-(

Here’s a brief report on “You, the Jury: Cats vs. Dogs“, our debate at the New Yorker Festival about the merits of these pets. (Note the correct placement of the comma in the title, as is apposite for the New Yorker.) Despite our best efforts, Team Cat went to the d*gs last night, as the post-debate audience […]


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