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Happy Halloween!

It’s cold and rainy in Chicago today, predicted to have the worst Halloween weather anywhere in the U.S.  Thank goodness I neither have children nor am a child, facing making the rounds in the cold rain to procure a few (ugh!) Mary Janes or, worse, candy corn.  But here are three items to celebrate the pagan […]

Peyton’s National Cat Day

by Greg Mayer I had not realized that yesterday was National Cat Day, but, alerted to the fact by Jerry, and following his advice that “treats and catnip are even better”, I was able to arrange an impromptu celebration with Peyton, the Philosophical Cat. Fortunately, we had just harvested the catnip crop a week earlier, […]

Spot the snow leopards!

by Professor Ceiling Cat I’m adding my authorship here as people automatically assume that every post whose title begins with “Spot the. . . ” is by Matthew Cobb. Over at, of all places, there are a series of twelve photos, six showing cryptic snow leopards in the wild, each followed by a photo […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

We begin today’s installment with a photo of domestic cats (Felis catus), but special ones. The first photo below sent to me by Bengal breeder Anthony Hutchinson, who threatens to deluge me with photos of Bengals until I adopt one or more of his. (Believe me, I don’t see that as a threat!). I know I need […]

Bobcat in the henhouse! (and lagniappe)

Reader Michael from Idaho sent a video he made of a bobcat trying to nom his chickens. His report: I have followed your website for many years as we share many of the same interests.  I especially enjoy your posts related to science, atheism and religion and the wonderful discussions that ensue with the commenters. […]

It’s National Cat Day!

As reader Linda Grilli informs me, today, October 29, is National Cat Day. By “national,” I assume they mean “U.S.” or even “North American.” Also, it’s described in a kitty-litter site, so I thought it might be bogus. But that repository of everything true, Wikipedia, verifies that every October 29 is National Cat Day: The National […]

Paradise enow

Greg Mayer sent me this photo with a note: “I like this room. Lots of books and a cat.” (Click to make real big.)  

“Tapestry” comes to life

Over at Colossal, they’ve put up gifs from a music video of Roy Kafri’s song “Mayokero” (don’t ask me who he is).  The video contains a bunch of famous albums that they’ve animated, but the best one is Carole King’s “Tapestry” which—and I hope you know this—has a tabby cat.  You should also know that “Tapestry” […]

Caturday felid: Bulgarian street moggies

I present for your delectation a selection of The Street Cats of Bulgaria. Which one would you take home? (I have numbered them for convenience): 1. The first cat I saw in Bulgaria—a tuxedo cat sunning itself on a ledge: 2.  An appleheaded ginger tom sunning itself in the street: 3. This cat, in Tarnovo, […]


LOOK AT THIS KITTEN!! Anthony Hutcherson, a lovely guy who breeds Bengal cats and “toygers” in Maryland, and who was on Team Cat for the Great New Yorker Cats v. Dogs Debate, has renewed his offer of a gratis Bengal cat for me, and enclosed the above photo as a temptation.  He added: Whenever you are […]


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