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Who’s the boss?

We’ll close out the weekend with two funny cat videos. Some cats behave not just like royalty, but very entitled royalty who view humans as mere utilities. And yet they are bashful when faced down by critters a quarter of their size. Perhaps they are firm believers in “Four legs good, two legs servant” h/t: Dom

Cat Fancy to cease publication

by Greg Mayer Cat Fancy, after nearly 50 years, is about to cease publication. The December 2014 issue, out now, seems to be the last, so you may want to get a copy. Cat Fancy has been for decades the “serious” magazine about cats– cat breeding, cat welfare, and, well, cat fancy. It is going […]

Caturday felids: Atheist cat gets Edinburgh University library card, Maru gets into too small box, stray tabby noms $1000 worth of fish in Russian airport deli

[Jerry takes Caturday very seriously, and in anticipation of his Great Dearth of Internet, prepared this ahead of time – Grania] Well, over the years we’ve had cats issued with bus passes, cats made Honorary Stationmasters at Japanese railroads, and now, from Scotland, we have a cat issued with his own library card. Here’s the official […]

Cat cafes are popping up all over

by Greg Mayer Cat cafes– places where you can get a cup of coffee, some pastry, and hang out with some cats (not the kind Adam Duritz had in mind, but the real thing)– have been around in Taiwan and Japan for some time, but they’re quite a new thing in North America. Jerry has […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

. . . and I use the term loosely. But, as Maru says, I do my best, and this is the best I can do when I’m jet-lagged. Reader George sends a photo of urban wildlife: Here’s a photo of my cats watching a squirrel eat a slice of apple.

Caturday felid trifecta: Cat on piano, cat running in wheel, and Ceiling Cat decal

I hope to keep the Caturday Felids going while I’m traveling, as I haven’t missed one since the series started. So here’s today’s trifecta. First, a cat who apparently doesn’t like music as much as personal attention tries to interrupt its staff. Note the plaintive meow near the end. Many readers complain that their cats […]

Bound for perdition

I couldn’t resist. . .   h/t: jsp

Animals see snow for the first time

I’m always amused to see pets encountering their first snowfall, an experience that must flummox most of them. Bored Panda has a big site (40+ pictures) showing animals experiencing their first snow. There are bears, panda and otherwise, cats, and d*gs. Of course I’m showing only the cats here. If you want d*gs, go over to the site, for […]

The Denver Cat Company opens soon, and some celebratory persiflage

At long last The Denver Cat Company, which I’ve boosted before, is about to open. December 12 is the date for the official opening of North America’s second cat cafe (Oakland beat them by a whisker), and since I’ve supported the venue, I’m letting readers know that there’s a place in Denver (3929 Tennyson Street) where […]

Fictional fishercat!

by Matthew Cobb It’s always pleasing when posts on this blog website connect. Yesterday Jerry posted an artful Turkish cat fishing by the sea. Its technique was pretty effective, but nowhere near as smart as that of Orlando the Marmalade Cat, whom we met the other day. In this beautiful illustration by Kathleen Hale from […]


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