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Someone needs a biology lesson

Reader Darlene sent me this Q&A from Right answer for a completely wrong reason. Somebody’s been reading Richard Goldschmidt, who once stated in a public lecture that he believed the first creature that was recognizable as a bird hatched from an egg laid by a creature recognizable as a reptile.

My interview at TAM

When I spoke at TAM last July, I was interviewed (along with many other speakers) by the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science. Reader Lesley called my attention to the fact that they have just posted the video (part 1). For better or worse, here it is, but remember that at the time I […]

More Egnorance: IDers lie for Jesus again

Michael Egnor is a regular fixture at the Discovery Institute’s website, Evolution News and Views.  I usually ignore their many attacks on me because Egnor and his pals are a pack of lightweights devoted to promoting God by attacking evolution, and I don’t want to give creationist loons a platform.  But there are two posts […]

Dawkins responds to Dobbs

Read this and we’ll be done with Dobbs, unless he proffers another overhyped piece of science journalism. Over at Richard Dawkins’s own site, he’s responded to Dobbs’s misguided critique of the “gene-centered” view of evolution as described in The Selfish Gene.  Richard’s piece is called “Adversarial journalism and the selfish gene.”  He’s remarkably polite for a […]

David Dobbs mucks up evolution, part II

If you’ve been following this site, you’ll know that yesterday I wrote a long critique of David Dobbs’s recent article in Aeon magazine, an article called “Die, selfish gene, die” (the subtitle is “The selfish gene is one of the most successful science metaphors ever invented. Unfortunately, it’s wrong”). Actually, there were a fair number […]

David Dobbs mucks up evolution, part I

Although I haven’t read much by David Dobbs, I’m told he’s a good science writer. But you couldn’t prove that from his latest effort in Aeon magazine: “Die, selfish gene, die” (the subtitle is “The selfish gene is one of the most successful science metaphors ever invented. Unfortunately, it’s wrong.”) I was going to write […]

A passel of possums

Good morning! The possum family (15 plus mother) is on its way to church. Fun possum facts! The species name is Didephis virginiana, and it’s the only marsupial in North American north of Mexico. (Do you know which marsupials inhabit Mexico? Answer here.) It “plays possum.” As Wikipedia notes: The Virginia opossum is noted for […]

Stunning new research: cats recognize their owners’ voices—but don’t much care

This will hardly come as a surprise to cat owners, but I suppose it needed scientific documentation.  A new paper in Animal Cognition by Atsuko Saito and Kazutaka Shinozuka (from the University of Tokyo and the South Florida College of Medicine, respectively; reference at bottom and link here) shows that cats appear to recognize the voices […]

A paper on sexual selection is retracted

UPDATE:  Trivers and two co-authors have published a 99-page explication of the case, “The Anatomy of A Fraud: Symmetry and Dance”; you can get a free pdf here. __________ Curiously, Nature has just retracted a paper that’s about evolution, in particular, sexual selection. The retraction, here, is short and enigmatic, and I’ll post a screenshot: […]

Talks in Kentucky, a single origin of life, and other stuff

If you happen to live anywhere near Murray, Kentucky—and the chances of that are almost nil—I’ll be giving two lectures at Murray State University this Thursday and Friday. I leave tomorrow, flying to the Paducah, Kentucky airport (one flight a day from Chicago O’Hare) and will return Saturday, so posting may be light, though the […]


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