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Kas Thomas melts down

I’m pretty much done with Kas Thomas and his dissing of modern evolutionary theory. All that’s left is to document the final stage in his loss of credibility: his siding with sympathetic creationists and his accusations that his critics are “bullies.” As Hitchens pointed out, playing the “tone” card is the last refuge of those […]

“Your Inner Fish” television series

My Chicago colleague Neil Shubin is about to host a three-part PBS series on his book Your Inner Fish and its explication of the evolutionary origin of the human body. As the new website notes: Have you ever wondered why the human body looks the way it does? Why our hands have five fingers instead […]

A big stink at The Big Think: the supposed shortcomings of “Darwinism” touted by a quasi-creationist “thinker”

I thought The Big Think site was devoted to innovative, cutting-edge ideas. But when I went over there, I was surprised by today’s Big Thought: What? It’s good at explaining losses (degeneration of useless structures via random mutation or selective elimination, etc.), but not gains of function? That’s an old creationist trope. What gives? So […]

We’re #1

This will be the last self-aggrandizing post of the week, but reader Diana “Your Toilet Paper is Backwards” MacPherson alerted me to something on Seth Andrews’ s(“The Thinking Atheist”) Facebook page. You can listen or download that podcast (but only if you haven’t read WEIT) here, and the whole panoply of Seth’s podcasts can be […]

The kids who drew on the manuscript of On The Origin of Species

by Matthew Cobb PhD student Benjamin Breen at the University of Texas at Austin has posted this treasure trove at The Appendix. Maybe you all know about it, but I didn’t, and neither did Professor Ceiling Cat. (It was originally published by The Daily Telegraph in 2009, to coincide with an exhibition at Cambridge University […]

Podcast with The Thinking Atheist

I much enjoyed my 1.25-hour interview with Seth Andrews, the “Thinking Atheist”. As you know, he used to be a dyed-in-the-wool Christian and broadcaster of Jesus stuff, but became an atheist. He now runs one of the best godless podcasts around. Last night we talked almost solely about evolution, with Seth throwing creationist objections at […]

My letter to Charles Darwin on his birthday

In 2009, shortly after WEIT came out, I was asked by the BBC to write a letter to Charles Darwin and read it on the air. The letter was supposed to convey my sentiments to the old chap and bring him up to date on what had happened to evolutionary biology since he became food […]

New remarkable “Burgess-Shale” fossils from Canada

Here’s an appropriate post for Darwin Day: a new discovery of some very old fossils. You remember the Burgess Shale fauna, right?  The whole story, although it’s since been revised, is given in Steve Gould’s excellent book Wonderful Life (1989).  Discovered by Charles Wolcott in the Canadian Rockies in 1909, the site’s shale-preserved fossils were […]

Interview with the Thinking Atheist

Tonight I’ll share an hour-long radio show with Seth Andrews, the host of the podcast “The Thinking Atheist”. The topic will be evolution and its creationist detractors, and you can hear it live here at 6 pm Central Time (US), or download it at some time later. After some discussion of the issues, there will […]

Darwin Day, 2014, events in Kenosha, Wisconsin

by Greg Mayer Darwin’s birthday, Feb. 12, is fast upon us, so, for those in the Chicago-Milwaukee corridor, I’d like to announce three upcoming events in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the approximate center of the megalopolis. First, on Darwin Day itself, Wednesday, February 12, Scott Thomson of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside will be speaking at 7 PM […]


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