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Get the popcorn: Sean Carroll goes at it hammer and tongs with William Lane Craig—livestreamed tonight!

I’m sure we’ll all be rooting for Official Website Physicist™ Sean Carroll as he begins his two-day series of debates and discussions with William “Kill the Canaanites” Craig this evening. And you can watch tonight’s debate live (see below). The topic is whether modern cosmology gives any evidence for God, and you can read all […]

Ham/Nye debate archived

Reader Verotchka informs me that, if you missed the live debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye last week, it’s been archived here in high-def, so you can watch in full screen and even download it. (You have to identify yourself as a human by typing in the code they give you, but that’s no […]

Debate postmortem III: BioLogos weighs in, but not helpfully

The people at BioLogos have weighed in with a group reaction to the Ham/Nye debate on evolution. “Ham on Nye: Our take,” which gives the separate reactions of six associates. BioLogos has always fascinated me because it’s an organization that has immense potential for cognitive dissonance. While dedicated to helping evangelical Christians accept evolution—an admirable […]

Debate postmortem II: Phil Plait goes all accommodationist

Taking the same conciliatory tone that characterized his notorious “Don’t be a dick” speech, Phil Plait has taken it upon himself to tell us how to solve the problem of creationism in America. The answer is in Plait’s analysis of the Ham/Nye debate that he just posted at Slate: “The creation of debate.” In short, […]

Debate postmortem I: Christian Science Monitor discusses creationist reaction

Today I’ll post four short postmortem analyses of the Nye/Ham debate on evolution vs. creationism, all from different venues. I talked several times to Sudeshna Chowdhury, a science writer at the Christian Science Monitor who produced a postmortem analysis of the Big Debate in her paper: “Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham: Who won?” While it quotes […]

NBC News reports on the debate, and bonus anti-Ham tw**ts

There’s no need for me to reprise this short but informative piece by NBC News‘s science editor Alan Boyle, so go read “Bill Nye wins over the science crowd at evolution debate.” Your host is quoted, but there are two more interesting parts of the piece. One is the tw**t below, reflecting something I’m sorry […]

New Republic publishes my debate analysis

FYI, The New Republic has published (with no alterations this time) my post mortem analysis of the Ham/Nye debate, which they’ve called “Bill Nye won last night’s creationism debate.” You may have already read it, but if you want the content here to keep being conveyed to a different audience over there, do give them […]

Ham on Nye: last-minute articles and video on tonight’s debate

Remember that tonight is the big debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye at the Creation Museum in Kentucky, which promises to be a lot more entertaining than the Super Bowl.  So make your nachos, crack a brewski, and watch the debate (livestreamed here) at 7 pm U.S. Eastern Standard Time (that’s midnight in England, 11 a.m. […]

An Open Letter to Bill Nye

Not from me, but from the Secular Coalition of Australia. It’s hilarious. After the letter there’s an explanation of why it was written. Gotta love those Aussies! (More on the Nye/Ham debate later.) An open letter to Bill Nye, the Science Guy Sunday 2nd Feb 2014 Dear Bill, We’re sorry. We’re really sorry. We know […]

Nye-Ham debate to be live-streamed FREE; Glenn Beck compares Nye to the Catholic Church’s silencing of Galileo

Reader Trey called my attention to the announcement, by Answers in Genesis, that the upcoming debate on evolution between Bill “The Science Guy” Nye and Ken “The Lyin’ Guy” Ham will be livestreamed, so you can all see it for free here. It is, of course, at the Creation Museum in Kentucky. Date and time:  […]


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