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Wanted: young creation “scientists”

Sevreal readers pointed me to an essay/ad by the Institute for Creation Research asking Christian youth to go into science. For your delectation: “Wanted: Young creation scientists” by Jake Hebert, Ph.D. (doctorate in physics from the University of Texas at Dallas). Pay special attention to the last two paragraphs. If you need a sign that […]

Reasonable science standards for Kentucky students called “fascistic” and “atheistic”

There are new science standards in Kentucky, which I believe are the ones outlined on this page.  They mandate understanding of evolution (as a fact! OMG!) and an acceptance that humans are causing global warming. I give a sample of each. Here are the standards for evolution in high school (grades 9-12), which include good […]

Muncie newspaper calls for full disclosure of Hedin investigation

Now, along with the Discovery Institute and the Freedom from Religion Foundation—strange bedfellows indeed—the Muncie Star-Press has called for the Ball State University committee investigating Eric Hedin to disclose their report, or at least a summary of it. Here’s yesterday’s editorial, “Findings in report should be made public“, in full: Did he or didn’t he? […]

Ball State University seals records of review panel on Eric Hedin (and bonus anti-ID letter)

A piece in today’s Muncie Star-Press reports that Ball State University (BSU) has turned down freedom-of-information requests to release the report of the professorial panel investigating Eric Hedin’s teaching of intelligent design (ID) and Christianity in his science class.  Here’s the official refusal of the Star-Press‘s request: I suspect the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) […]

Don Prothero guts Stephen Meyer’s new creationist book

The Lord hath delivered Meyer into Prothero’s hands. If you’re a regular here, you’ll know about paleontologist Don Prothero, who wrote one of my favorite “evidence-for-evolution-and-anticreationist” books, Evolution: What the Fossils Say And Why It Matters (read it!).  He’s a crack paleontologist and a superb science educator, as well as an inveterate debunker of creationism (he […]

In which Andrew Brown defends Heffernan’s preference for creationism and provokes me fearfully

“The interest I have in believing in something is not a proof that the something exists.” —Voltaire I will try very hard to avoid calling Andrew Brown names in this piece, despite his ad hominem remarks about me and his obtuseness, which in this case is even more outrageous than he’s ever evinced in the […]

Eric Hedin case descends to farce as Ball State professor compares Hedin to George Zimmerman

I’m starting to really have doubts about the academic quality of Ball State University.  First they allow Eric Hedin to teach a science course that is heavily larded with intelligent design (ID) and Christianity (he’s now under investigation), then they hire another prominent ID advocate, Guillermo Gonzalez, to teach astronomy.  Among all this kerfuffle it […]

Godonomic$: another Hovind scam

Hear all about it! God wants you to be rich, and we know it because the Bible, although not a science textbook, is really a manual for free-market enterprise! Mike Huckabee endorses it! Glenn Beck endorses it! With those imprimaturs, and God’s, how can you possibly go wrong? The huckster Chad Hovind is the son […]

Which of these things is not like the other?

Check out Dr. Eric Hedin’s research interests on his contact page at Ball State University: h/t: Chris

Ball State panel finishes investigation of Eric Hedin, refuses to divulge results

I am informed by the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) that the five-professor panel empowered to investigate Professor Eric Hedin’s proselytizing for Christianity and intelligent design creationism in one of his physics classes has finished its investigation. After the FFRF sent a letter to every member of the panel detailing the case about Hedin (including […]


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