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A comment from a friend

Another post that made it above the fold, but not to the comments. I love the closing: I think you are an evolution FANATIC or TERRORIST. Why is that you can never see anything good in the Creationists. Though,the Evolutionaryts(scientists?) Can learn a lot from the religionists,vice versa. You should continue with your evolution theories […]

Discovery Institute attacks Ball State’s prohibition on teaching intelligent design

I was going to write a longer analysis of the Discovery Institute’s outraged response to yesterday’s decision by BSU president Jo Ann M. Gora to disallow the teaching of intelligent design in science classes, but why bother? They lost (i.e., science won), and despite their rumblings and threats, the issue is basically settled. If you’re […]

BSU spokeswoman hints at what will happen to Hedin’s class

Today’s Muncie Star-Press has reprinted the letter from President Gora of Ball State University (see just below), and adds this statement: BSU spokeswoman Joan Todd told The Star Press this afternoon that the university is limited in what it can say because the review of the course is “a personnel matter.” Todd issued this statement: […]

Ball State University president unequivocally rejects intelligent design; not good news for Eric Hedin or the Discovery Institute

This email was sent today by Ball State University (BSU) president Jo Ann M. Gora to all her faculty and students.  It unequivocally rejects the teaching of intelligent design and religious ideas in BSU science classes (I’ve put the relevant parts in bold). It looks like Eric Hedin will no longer be able to push […]

Creationism once again threatens Texas schools

In May a Texas state bill that fostered creationism—by mandating that neither teachers nor students could be penalized for teaching or doing research on intelligent design or “alternate theories” (which could presumably include young-earth creationism)—died in committee. Here’s the relevant section of Texas HB00285: Sec.A51.979.A A PROHIBITION OF DISCRIMINATION BASED ON RESEARCH RELATED TO INTELLIGENT […]

Once again Larry Moran decries legal battles against creationism

Larry Moran of Sandwalk  has commented twice (here and here) on my post about Pennslvania’s problem with creationist science teachers, and on the results of a poll showing that showed that between 17% and 21% of high-school teachers in the U.S. actually introduce and favor creationism in the science classroom. Since Larry is a science […]

OMG: I’m a homie!

Crispian Jago, renowned illustrator of all things atheist, skeptic, and debunkable, has a new set of comics called “Creationist Zookeeper” on his website, The Reason Stick. And—OMG—the latest one: And now I must become one of those curmudgeons who say, “I don’t mean to nitpick, but. . . it’s Drosophila (with caps)!” On the other hand, the […]

Wanted: young creation “scientists”

Sevreal readers pointed me to an essay/ad by the Institute for Creation Research asking Christian youth to go into science. For your delectation: “Wanted: Young creation scientists” by Jake Hebert, Ph.D. (doctorate in physics from the University of Texas at Dallas). Pay special attention to the last two paragraphs. If you need a sign that […]

Reasonable science standards for Kentucky students called “fascistic” and “atheistic”

There are new science standards in Kentucky, which I believe are the ones outlined on this page.  They mandate understanding of evolution (as a fact! OMG!) and an acceptance that humans are causing global warming. I give a sample of each. Here are the standards for evolution in high school (grades 9-12), which include good […]

Muncie newspaper calls for full disclosure of Hedin investigation

Now, along with the Discovery Institute and the Freedom from Religion Foundation—strange bedfellows indeed—the Muncie Star-Press has called for the Ball State University committee investigating Eric Hedin to disclose their report, or at least a summary of it. Here’s yesterday’s editorial, “Findings in report should be made public“, in full: Did he or didn’t he? […]


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