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Caturday felid contest: answers

Yesterday’s Caturday Felid showed photos of a bunch of famous (but not immediately recognizable) people with their cats, and I asked readers to guess the owners. Most of you got some of them right; I’m not sure that anyone got them all right. At any rate, here are the answers by number: 1.  Robert Redford 2. […]

The winner: Cat Confession Contest!

The Cat Angels and I had a very tough job picking the winner of the Cat Confession Contest from the 7 finalists, and it was equally tough to pick those finalists from the forty-odd initial entries.  One cat, however, stood out above all others for his bad behavior: the aptly named Mayhem, owned by reader […]

Website business

Two quick items: 1. The winner of the Cat Confessions Contest (see the six finalists here, and all entries here) will be announced on Monday morning. Remember that the winner gets an autographed book, but there may be an extra surprise. If you own one of those miscreant moggies, be sure to pay attention to […]

Finalists: Cat confession contest

On the sidebar of this page, or at this link, you’ll find all of the many entries to the “Cat Confession Contest,” in which readers were invited to submit a photograph of their moggie and a written confession by the cat of some foul deed. If you haven’t looked at the entries, go see them […]

Cat confession contest: all entries

Well, my “Cat Angels”—the secret celebrity panel of helpers and judges—have collated all the entries of the Cat Confessions contest, in which readers were asked to provide a photograph of their moggie as well as a TRUE written confession of that moggie’s misdeeds, along the lines of what was done to people during China’s Cultural […]

Didga the cat on a remote-controlled skateboard—and a cat contest reminder

Business first: remember that the Cat Confession Contest closes this Sunday (Jan. 26) at 5 p.m. Chicago time. Email your entries to me; and remember—the confession must be honest. We have several dozen entries already, and I have to say that nearly all of them are hilarious. Now for the pleasure: your end-of-the-week Felid Reward, […]

Second reminder: Cat Confession Contest

So you’re hanging around the house with your cat this weekend, and of course you have a camera. Along with a pen and a scrap of paper, that’s all you need to enter the “Cat Confession Contest,” which I announced here and added a reminder here. It ends a week from tomorrow, and there are […]

Cat confession contest

I want to remind readers of the Cat Confession Contest, which is easy and fun to enter. One winner will receive an autographed copy of WEIT, emblazoned with a drawing of their own personal cat, as well as the chance to have their cat’s picture appear on this website for the delectation of thousands (I’ll post […]

Caturday felid trifecta: cat confessions, cat sculpture, and charging your cat (plus contest)

Lucky you—you get three goodies today from Poland. First, here’s how to charge your cat.  Warning: be sure cat’s batteries are completely run down before you recharge. Illuminated indicator lights indicate fully charged battery: *** This item on eBay is the first time I’ve seen a sculpture actually made by a cat, and if you […]

Make your own atheist billboard

Several people have griped about the in-your-face and not-useful nature of the American Atheists billboard in Times Square (see below).  I agree that it’s not well done, though I think it’s better to have some public display of atheism than none.  But that one could have been much better. So, I suggest that you submit […]


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