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Free ticket to the cats vs. dogs debate in NYC this Saturday

Sadly, one person for whom I’d earmarked a free ticket for the Cats vs. Dogs event is unable to use it, so I’m putting it up for grabs. It’s in Manhattan this Saturday, so you’ll have to live nearby. The event is this one:   I was going to offer it to the first person […]

First Nobel Prize of the year goes to three neuroscientists

Well, another year went by, and with sadness I must put my bottle of champagne back in the fridge (it’s well past its prime by now). According to CNN, the Karolinska Institut announced this morning that the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine went to three people: two Norwegians (a couple who works together) and an American working in England. […]

Caturday felids: videos and haikus (and maybe a contest)

Today we get both visual and literary art. First, reader Gravelinspector was nice enough to send not one, but four good cat videos. The indented captions are his. Fat cat in a pot. Maru syndrome, one step further. Fat cat escapes from the pot. One wonders how this cat developed this habit? A cat burrows in snow: Kitten, […]

Today’s footie, and the progress of our contest

There’s no footie today, of course. On Saturday, though, we’ll have the match for third place, with Brazil up against Netherlands. For some reason I’m not expecting much there. But on Sunday Argentina goes up against the mighty German team, and I’m expecting a good game. Several Argentine players are injured, and my heart and my […]

Today’s footie (and a mini-contest)

For the foreseeable future all the games seem to be starting no later than 3 p.m., which is a disaster for Professor Ceiling Cat.  There’s a couple of good games today, including Italy vs. Uruguay. . . Here’s today’s schedule. But let’s liven things up: guess the winners and the scores of all four games. Deadline is […]

World Cup contest: guess the final game and score

There seem to be a lot of football experts, self-styled or otherwise, on this site, so here’s the chance to show off your knowledge and get a prize. The contest: Guess the two teams who will play in the final World Cup match, the victor, and the score.  Deadline for entering:  Tomorrow, Monday June 16, […]

Caturday felid contest: answers

Yesterday’s Caturday Felid showed photos of a bunch of famous (but not immediately recognizable) people with their cats, and I asked readers to guess the owners. Most of you got some of them right; I’m not sure that anyone got them all right. At any rate, here are the answers by number: 1.  Robert Redford 2. […]

The winner: Cat Confession Contest!

The Cat Angels and I had a very tough job picking the winner of the Cat Confession Contest from the 7 finalists, and it was equally tough to pick those finalists from the forty-odd initial entries.  One cat, however, stood out above all others for his bad behavior: the aptly named Mayhem, owned by reader […]

Website business

Two quick items: 1. The winner of the Cat Confessions Contest (see the six finalists here, and all entries here) will be announced on Monday morning. Remember that the winner gets an autographed book, but there may be an extra surprise. If you own one of those miscreant moggies, be sure to pay attention to […]

Finalists: Cat confession contest

On the sidebar of this page, or at this link, you’ll find all of the many entries to the “Cat Confession Contest,” in which readers were invited to submit a photograph of their moggie and a written confession by the cat of some foul deed. If you haven’t looked at the entries, go see them […]


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